Ibis Hotel in Warsaw

The 18 Best Budget Hotels in Warsaw | 2023 Edition

Warsaw is a very budget-friendly destination. Unsurprisingly, there are a variety of low-cost hotels available to stay at in Warsaw. If you are not a fan of Airbnb, you will have nothing to worry about. In every place to stay on this list, you should be able to stay there for less than 75 euros per night in a basic room, if you do not book the night before! And in some cases, you can live like a king (well, at least close) for that amount or even less! 

Of course, when picking a hotel, you might be interested in the location, the price, the amenities, nearby attractions and food, and how to get there. Here I will supply all this information, and in some cases more. Additionally, I will organize the hotels into the different areas of the city they are found in. I tried to pick hotels that are not in the way outskirts of Warsaw, because while they are cheap, they are not worth the price when you can get a hotel for the same price much closer to where the action is.  

As far as transportation information, I will supply public transport instructions from three major destinations, those being Chopin Airport, Warsaw Centralna/Centrum, and Warszawa Gdańska train station. All three are major hubs of transportation in Warsaw, and if you are flying into Warsaw Modlin with a budget airline, the train will take you to either of the train stations listed. You can always take a taxi too, but the public transportation is good, and will help you save money

One tip before starting, that applies to many of the hotels on the list: Always book directly from the hotel’s website! You can oftentimes get a much better rate and avoid the booking fees of a third-party website. Additionally, many hotels offer a free loyalty program that you can sign up for right before booking and earn savings at once on your hotel! Even if you never book with them again, the savings are worth the 2 minutes to sign up. Also, some of the offerings on this list are hostels, which are typically 18+, so if you are travelling with kids, only book at places I have marked with a *, as these locations do allow kids.  

Best Hotels in the City Center

Looking for a hotel right in the heart of the busiest part of Poland’s capital? The following six hotels are for you! Be warned that most of them are hostels and tend to be rated at 1 or 2-star. But this is to be expected, as most hotels in the center are super fancy and expensive due to the prime location, so budget hotels are a bit harder to find. But they are available, and even in the hostels you can get a private room for a reasonable price, although you might have to sacrifice having your own bathroom. Read on to find out more! 

Ibis Warszawa Stare Miasto* 

Contact: +48 22 310 10 00 | Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/ENwpBw2ivykWSKru6  

Ibis Hotel in Warsaw
Ibis Hotel in Warsaw, taken by Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej.

This first hotel is part of a huge chain of budget hotels found worldwide. This one can be found in Muranów, a neighborhood located not far from the beautiful Old Town of Warsaw. PolandInsider’s founder and photographer Andrzej Tokarski got the chance to stay in this hotel when he visited Warsaw recently. He had this to say about it: 

“The room was quite affordable. The room and bed were big enough, it had a small closet but there was no safe. There was a good bathroom and shower. The bed was a bit uncomfortable if you cannot handle harder beds. The Wi-Fi was decent. There was a work, lounge, and bar area downstairs which were good and useful. Overall, a decent budget choice.” 

While that description is not going to make you think about the 7-star hotels of Dubai, for a budget hotel, you can do much worse. Prices typically range between 40 and 70 euros depending on the room. And its location is very convenient. You are a 15-minute walk from the Old Town, a 15-minute walk in the other direction to Arkadia Mall, Poland’s largest, and have solid access to public transportation. Thus, there are many places to eat all around you. 

Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej is relaxing in an Ibis room.
Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej is relaxing in an Ibis room.

Getting to Ibis Warszawa Stare Miasto is simple. From Centrum, take either Tram 15, 35, 36, or 78 to Muranowska 7 stop. If you are coming from Chopin Airport, take Bus 175 to the center, and switch the tram there. Finally, if coming from Warszawa Gdańska, it is a very short walk to the hotel from the station.  

Hostel Lwowska 11 

Contact: +48 51 078 80 06 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/hTzECtWW38hnvxf57  

This is the first hostel on the list, and certainly not the last, as hostels are great budget options, especially if you are a solo traveler. I had the chance to stay in this hostel on my first arrival to Poland last year, and while it certainly was not anything to write home about, it had its advantages, and it was super affordable.  

Hostel Lwowska 11 offers a wide variety of options all below the 75-euro cutoff for this article. They offer 4, 6, and 7-bed dormitories, a 3-person private room, and a 7-bed private apartment, which is dirt-cheap split 7 ways. There are also dormitories just for ladies if you prefer. Dorms can be as low as 15 euros, and the private ones will cost around 60 euros.  

Generally, the hostel does not have much to offer, but what it does offer it offers well. There is a nice common area with comfy chairs and loveseats, as well as a large table with lots of seating, which I found a great place to do work on my laptop. Additionally, there is a small kitchen that is fully stocked with utensils and dishes, and there is also free tea and coffee available. The rooms are small and can get bright early in the morning, as the curtains are see-through. And living with others is always a risk. But overall, this is a fine budget choice. 

The street outside of Hostel Lwowska
The street outside of Hostel Lwowska. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

Perhaps the best part about this hostel is its prime location. It is just a short 15-minute or less walk from the city center, and only about 6 minutes to the Politechnika Metro Station, making it well connected and a good place to use as a jumping off point to see all of Warsaw. I walked almost everywhere from here, so if you prefer that, you do not have to use public transportation if you do not want to. Other than that, there are multiple grocery stores within walking distance, and also a food hall called Hala Koszyki with lots of dining options for any palate. 

Getting to Hostel Lwowska 11 requires a 15-minute walk from Warszawa Centralna station. From Chopin Airport, take Bus 175 to the Politechnika metro station stop, and walk a short distance from there. From Warszawa Gdańska, take the M1 metro line to the Politechnika metro station, and walk from there. Overall, its location is very central, and easy to access.

Oki Doki Old Town Hostel Warsaw 

Contact: +48 22 635 07 63 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/aZE8ihDnAMnmRTb97  

This hostel is perhaps the best-rated, and best-located hostel in all of Warsaw. While I did not get the chance to stay in it when I traveled initially, as I booked as cheap as I could get, the slightly inflated price for this hostel looks more than worth it! Hostelword users love this hostel for everything it has to offer, including extensive luggage storage, a social room with a TV, a bar and café, a fully equipped kitchen, a backyard geared towards socializing, and much more! 

Each bed comes with individual sockets, USB plug-ins, a privacy curtain, lamp, and more! Overall, you should not have to worry about privacy, but this hostel is also one of the best to socialize and meet other people at! The hostel offers a large variety of rooms, from singles with bathrooms to 8-bed mixed and female-only dorms. A bed in the 8-bed dorm will start from around 25 euros, and a private will set you back at least 50 euros. So, the price is a bit higher than most, but you will get appropriately more to do with your money to make it worthwhile.  

Oki Doki Hostel
Oki Doki Hostel in Warsaw. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

The location of this hostel has lots to offer. It is in the center of so much to do. However, with that comes the fact that during the busy months there will be large groups of tourists and school trips walking in front of the hostel. But that is a small price to pay. You are steps from where the Warsaw Ghetto used to be, and there is a monument for it, right by the Supreme Court of Poland and Krasiński Garden, one of my favorite places to relax between classes.

You can also see the Barbican from the patio seating, meaning you are only steps from the Old Town (although this should be the case given the name, but not all names are exact, more on that later). Thus, there are lots of restaurants and grocery stores nearby where you can get every type of food imaginable.  

To get to Oki Doki Hostel from Centrum, take the Metro M1 to Ratusz Arsenał, and then walk about 10 minutes to the hostel. For those arriving at Chopin Airport, you can take Bus 175 all the way to the end and walk about 15 minutes, or switch to the metro line and do the same as mentioned. Finally, if you are arriving at Warsaw Gdańska, take the M1 south one stop, or any number of tram lines, to Ratusz Arsenał and walk from there. 

Safestay Warsaw Old Town 

Contact: +48 22 419 48 48 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/QU235ciRRX95hMjN6  

Safestay is another hostel in a prime location. It is tucked away next door to the famous pierogi restaurant Zapiecek, and I’ve missed its entrance the hundreds of times I’ve walked by its location. Thus, despite its location, you will not feel crowded all the time. However, noise is to be expected, but the offerings of this hostel will make up for that. Its location will give you prime access to the Old Town, as you can see the Royal Castle and Castle Square from the entrance and the Royal Route.  

Located in a remodeled old-fashioned building, you will enjoy the modern touches this hostel provides, such as a convenient workstation if you are a digital nomad or other. There is also a bar and café, a spacious luggage room, and a kitchen, laundry area, and comfortable common area. Room wise, each bed is rated as comfy by users, with a large private lockable drawer. This hostel offers single privates with ensuite bathrooms, family rooms, and 4, 6, and 8 bed dormitories, with 6-bed female only dormitories. Prices are extremely affordable given its location, with dorms running as low as 13 euros and privates running as low as 33 euros.  

Getting to Safestay is super easy. As with many of the hostels in the Old Town, taking Bus 175 to Plac Zamkowy will drop you right in front of the hostel’s entrance. Take Bus 175 from either Chopin Airport or Centrum. From Warsaw Gdańska, take the M1 to Ratusz Arsenał, and then switch to any tram heading east, for one stop to the Old Town stop. Then walk about 5 minutes up some stairs (although I recently discovered there are also escalators on the north side of the road if you have lots of luggage!). 

Chillout Hostel 

Contact: +48 22 409 98 81 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/rLABrWqKSHJLW7Bk6  

Chillout Hostel is another cheap hostel possibility found in a prime location in town. In fact, this hostel is found right up the block from Hostel Lwowska 11. It is in a restored tenement house and holds a furnished common area, kitchen, and dining room. They also offer laundry services. The location overall is quiet and is a 15-minute walk from Centrum. Dorms run about 15 euros, and privates around 50 euros.  

Chillout Hostel
Chillout Hostel in Warsaw. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

What differentiates it from Hostel Lwowska is that they offer a wider variety of privates. So, if you want a private and Hostel Lwowska 11 is already sold out, Chillout Hostel will come in clutch. Additionally, there are smaller 4-bed female dorms with ensuites included, and some of the other dorms also have ensuites! So, Chillout Hostel also offers some added privacy and convenience. 

As far as what is nearby and how to get there, please review what is written for Hostel Lwowska 11, as everything there applies here too. 

Kapsula Hostel 

Contact: +48 60 508 23 35 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/5BvsqUko8ejWf9y38 

As is in the name, Kapsula Hotel supplies one of the most unique stays in all of Warsaw, akin to the capsule hotels made famous by Japan. While this is not the cheapest choice for staying in Warsaw, and maybe not the most sociable or comfortable, it is a unique experience. Additionally, the location is in a very quiet courtyard of a side street, which is, however, very close to the Royal Route. For the price of around 20 euros per night, you can get this unique experience checked off your bucket list. 

Kapsula Hostel
Kapsula Hostel on a cloud-free day. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

Essentially, you are given a small box to sleep in that is completely private. The capsule comes with a security roller blind, air-conditioning, and a plug socket. It is not necessarily noise-canceling, something to consider. Additionally, there is also a lounge room available if you want to hang out at the hostel without being crammed into your box. Because each capsule is for one person only, this might not be the best choice for couples or families, but for large groups it might be a good possibility! 

Kapsula could not be more conveniently found. There are a few small cafes in the courtyard itself, but groceries and many other restaurants are only a short walk away from bustling Świętokrzyska. Also, you are within walking distance of most of Warsaw’s most important sights and the beautiful University of Warsaw campus. Getting there is also simple. Take Bus 175 from the airport or the center to the University of Warsaw stop and walk for about 5 minutes. From Warsaw Gdańska, get off at Metro Świętokrzyska and walk about 10 minutes, or switch to the M2 to Nowy Świat and walk about 3 minutes. 

Best Hotels In East Warsaw

Are you looking for a hotel close to the center, but do not want to pay the price to stay at the center? Staying just out of the center will get you access to both hostels and budget hotels that are cheaper than staying at the city center, without sacrificing quickness and easiness to get to important tourist areas. The next three lodging options will be found east of the center of Warsaw, but still on the west side of the Vistula River. Read on to learn more! 

Tatamka Hostel 

Contact: +48 22 247 28 79 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/G5xnDCEs2a9mwF3g9  

Tatamka Hostel is a small hostel found near the Museum of Fryderyk Chopin, a quiet little neighborhood except for when the music students practice all at once during the day. Considering that it is found not far from the beginning of the Royal Route, it is amazing how less crowded this area is. However, the hostel still fancies itself a social spot, with the highlight being an interior summer garden with a BBQ area and lounge chairs that is perfect to socialize with other guests. Also, Tatamka supplies almost all the amenities you might look for, including indoor entertainment, a large kitchen, and FREE laundry, which is a huge rarity.  

Room-wise, this hostel is slightly more expensive, especially for privates. But the hostel does have cost-effective options, such as the 8-bed mixed dormitories which can run as low as 20 euros. Privates will probably run you around 70 euros per night, which is on the upper end of the limits of this article, but still a practical choice if you so desire. And, with the money you will save on laundry, this might be a fantastic hostel if you plan to stay in Warsaw a bit longer! 

With the quiet neighborhood comes a few things to do. For food, there is a convenience store directly across the street. If you walk uphill, you will arrive at the Royal Route and the museum, and a nice little park. Walking downhill will get you quickly to the Copernicus Museum, a perfect place to take kids, or since hostels do not allow kids, your significant other.  

Because of Tatamka’s location, it is slightly trickier to get to. The trick is getting to the bus stop Królewska 03, found across the street from the Saxon Gardens. From there, you take Bus 106 directly there. To get to the first bus stop, you can take Bus 175 directly from Chopin Airport or Centrum, and from Warsaw Gdańska take the M1 South to Świętokrzyska, get out at the northern exit, and walk a few minutes.  

New World Street Hostel  

Contact: +48 53 000 06 28 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/xE3ATnuLPZMXiAAt7  

If you want to be at the heart of the party, staying at New World Street Hostel might be the best choice. New World Street is the direct translation of Nowy Świat, which is the most popular drinking spot in Warsaw. Thus, with this hostel’s location being right on the street, it gets quite rowdy at night, as people of all ages descend on the street and drink until they drop. But it is not a big deal if you also want to take part! But I would not recommend this hostel if you are looking for a quieter stay. 

Naturally, this hostel, found on the top floor of a historic building which supplies a nice free view of the city, offers a pub crawl through its name-sake street. You also get Internet and lockers in the limited number of rooms they have to offer named after popular tourist destinations such as Amsterdam and New York, the most crowded room at 10 beds. But, staying in New York will set you back 20 euros, and staying in a private room will set you back 60 euros.  

Activity-wise, with Nowy Świat at your doorstep, there are lots of bars, restaurants, and cafes, as well as little corner shops to buy food at (but be warned that they get extremely busy at night!). You are also a short walk from the Royal Route and Old Town. Getting there is also extremely easy. From any main arrival point, take the proper transit to Centrum, and take any tram heading east towards the river, such as Tram 7, 9, 22, 24, or 25, and get off at the Muzuem Narodowe stop, and the hostel is a short walk from there. 

Ibis Budget Warszawa Centrum* 

Contact: +48 22 745 36 60 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/4D7sEF3tm3bfCyrLA  

This hotel, while cheap, loses points for its name. Like Ryanair flying to the “Munich Airport” 2 hours away from Munich, this hotel is found closer to the river than Centrum, but the affordability makes up for it. For an American comparison, this is the Motel 6 of Polish hotels, you will pay for privacy and quiet, but not for location or fancy amenities. You will be close to the Vistula River, but the jury is still out whether you will get a river view or not. But you will get a continental breakfast, Wi-Fi, and air-con, but not much else. But a room will only set you back around 50 euros

This hotel is not far from the Vistula River, so it is a nice place to take walks. You are also near the stadium of Legia Warszawa, home to one of the most raucous football environments in all of Europe. And there are a few low budget shopping options nearby, but restaurants are far and few in between. Getting there requires you to first arrive at Centrum and take Bus 171 or Bus 109 from Centrum 15 bus station, and ride for about 10 minutes. From Chopin Airport, you can directly take Bus 188 and walk about 5 minutes from your stop. 

Best Hotels In West Warsaw

Looking for a cheaper stay in a bustling neighborhood of Warsaw? West of downtown are located Ochota and Wola, huge residential areas that house hundreds of thousands of locals. Within these areas there are a small number of good budget hotel options mixed in with some of the skyscrapers common in these neighborhoods. Also, each hotel is well connected to public transportation and long-haul transportation. Read on to learn more! 

Ibis Budget Warszawa Reduta* 

Contact: +48 22 572 25 00 |Location: https://goo.gl/maps/dAgJCKkEbqXzVgaa6 

What is this you say? Another Ibis budget hotel? Considering Ibis is one of the largest budget brands in the world, it makes sense that there are multiple on this list. The neighborhood you would like to stay in will decide which one to pick. Like other Ibis hotels on this list, the rooms are small, but private and cheap, and there is continental breakfast for an extra fee, and Wi-Fi and air-con available for your comfort. Additionally, some of the rooms have a nice view of the city center. And a room will only set you back around 45 euros.  

This location is found near quite a few things to do. You are not far from the twin malls of Blue City, with its distinctive domed roof, and Atrium Reduta. You are also near Five Sisters Park, a nice green spot next to the train tracks. Other than that, Ochota, the neighborhood this hotel is in, is just a nice place to walk around an explore a true Polish neighborhood, seeing the looming block apartments and walking down leafy boulevards.  

There are many places to shop nearby as well, and some restaurants. You are also near the Warsaw Zachodnia train station, currently under construction. But this station is where FlixBus has its stops in Warsaw, so if you are taking an early morning FlixBus to another destination, this hotel might be a good place to stay. 

Getting to the hotel is also easy, but a bit out of the way from the hustle and bustle of the center. From Chopin Airport, take Bus 175 or 188, and switch to Bus 136 at the Medical University. This takes about 30 minutes. From Centrum, take Bus 127, 158, ot 517 to Warsaw Zachodnia and walk 9 minutes. From Warsaw Gdańska, take the 157 to Rokosowska 02 and walk 7 minutes. 

Campanile Varsovie/Warszawa* 

Contact: +48 22 307 23 37| Location: https://goo.gl/maps/v3SL35PT3Q2eCGaU6  

The Campanile Hotel is located at a bustling intersection right next to Warsaw Ochota train station (a less busy hub for Warsaw regional trains). The building itself is quite large and looks slightly fancy for a budget hotel. But perhaps the lower price is because of the trains going underneath the hotel at all hours of the day. Campanile offers a nice restaurant and bar that appears quite fancy-looking. But the breakfast is evidently a bit pricey and not the best, so maybe skip and have a delicious Polish breakfast at any number of coffee shops.

Camponile in Warsaw. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

All typical services are available, and they accept pets with payment and discounts for families. Overall, this hotel will set you back around 65 euros. The location is not far from the Center, thus there are lots of places to shop nearby. And it only requires a quick tram trip to get to Centrum and enjoy the dining and shopping there and find a fancy restaurant to eat at to make up for the not as fancy hotel. However, there are no attractions nearby, the closest being the Warsaw Uprising Museum a 15-minute walk away.

Getting to the hotel is convenient though, as it is found by two major tram lines. From the airport, you can take Bus 175 directly there. From Centrum, you can take any tram line west, such as Tram 7, 9, 22, or 24 to get directly there. From Warsaw Gdańska, you can take Tram 1 directly there in about 15 minutes.  

A&O Warsaw Wola* 

Contact: +48 80 070 72 44 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/JfiJVi8LFgUy9hJh6  

This hostel, found west of the center in Wola, is labeled as a low-budget hostel. So, realize that this is exactly what you are going to get! There are 608 beds available in this large hostel, hence why costs stay low. They offer some dorms, and a lot of privates. Wi-Fi is free, and there is a guest kitchen and laundry, although they can get quite busy with so many beds. There are also tabletop games, and parking available at the low cost of 8 euros with reservation needed.  

A dorm room bed costs 14 euros, and a room costs 50 euros. However, be warned that there are lots of extra surcharges, such as for linens and towels, so unless you plan to bring your own everything, you will pay for anything beyond the bedframe and Wi-Fi. This hostel is a bit removed from attractions directly. And because the tram line that usually serves it is closed for new construction, it is a bit hard to get to. But you are not far from the Uprising Museum, and there are plenty of convenience stores, and the Browary Food Hall is not far away for good international food.  

The view nearby A&O Warsaw Wola Hotel
The view nearby A&O Warsaw Wola Hotel. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

Getting there is a bit challenging. From the Airport, you take Bus 175 to Plac Zawiszy 03, and then switch to Tram 1, 11, 22, or 24 to Rondo Daszyńskiego, and walk 10 minutes from there. From Centrum or Warsaw Gdańska, get to Metro Świętokrzyska and take the M2 to Rondo Daszyńskiego and walk from there. 

Best Budget Hotels In South Warsaw

Want to stay in another residential area that is a bit quieter, and closer to Chopin Airport? I recommend staying in Mokotów, south of the downtown area of Warsaw. Mokotów is Warsaw’s most populated district, and what it lacks in tourist destinations, it makes up for in restaurants, shopping, and parks! I have lived in Mokotów since arriving in September and cannot speak enough of how great of an area it is to live. Additionally, hotels are much cheaper than the center, and closer to the airport. Read on to learn more! 

Hotel Reytan* 

Contact: +48 22 201 64 00 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/954CwjghzeLikCLe7  

Hotel Reytan is located in an interesting part of Mokotów, home to a lot of students. This part of Mokotów is generally pretty quiet, although there is some tram construction going on that may cause some noise. The rooms in general are spacious, and full of sun. The hotel’s restaurant offers delicious breakfast, and a patio to dine on during the summer. Additionally, you can bring your pets to enjoy the comforts of this hotel. With the small luxuries this hotel provides, it is a pricier budget choice, with a room setting you back 65 euros per night. 

There is much to do nearby, and the hotel can set up a guided tour for you. But, if you want to do your own exploring, nearby are a bunch of parks, including Park Morskie Oko, and just downhill is Łazienki Park, a necessary attraction for any length of stay in Warsaw. Dining wise, you can eat at the cool alternative spot Ada Puławska, and get some vegan eats, or the romantic Restauracja Polska Różana. There is not much shopping around, so take advantage of the meals offered by the hotel’s restaurant. 

Getting to Hotel Reytan is quick from most places. From Warsaw Gdańska or Centrum, take the M1 to Pole Mokotowskie, and then either Bus 119 or 167 to Rakowiecka 03. From Chopin Airport, take Bus 175 or 188 to Pomnik Lotnika 03, and then transfer to bus 167 to the same stop mentioned before. 

OSiR Polna* 

Contact: +48 22 825 38 60 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/UbgzLPj4pHjW535x7  

OSiR Polna is found at the very north edge of Mokotów, so it is close to the city center without having city center prices. Located on a busy street across from Pole Mokotowskie, this hotel is unique in that it is owned by a sports complex, which uses its top floor as lodging. But this hotel still comes with all the hotel things you expect, including breakfast served, and even parking for 10 euros.  

Additionally, due to its location, you get access to the swimming pool and sauna as part of the price! However, there will be extra noise from the sports hall during the day, but at night you should be safe to sleep soundly. A room in this unique hotel costs around 70 euros per night, but it is one of the cheapest options that includes access to a pool. 

Located near the Politechnika Metro station means that OSiR Polna is well found, and there are lots of good restaurants in the nearby vicinity. I recommend Pełną Parą na Nowo for good Asian fusion food, and Mr. Pancake for crazy pancakes, burgers, and pizzas. You are only a 20 minute from the city center, so it is easy to see the city. It is also easy to get to the hotel. From the airport, take Bus 175 to Politechnika metro, and from either Centrum or Warsaw Gdańska, take the M1 to the same stop, and walk a few short minutes to your destination.

Centrum Barnabitow* 

Contact: +48 22 543 20 01 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/amPxdr6EgnqENxmC6  

Centrum Barnabitow is located in a very quiet neighborhood that is well-connected to transport. I know this because it is found close to where I live, and the neighborhood I live in is a lovely little place. You will find the hotel on an empty side street amongst the tall colorful block buildings of Soviet Polish past. The hotel offers a variety of comfortable rooms, a restaurant with a dedicated chef, and a dining room that includes outdoor gazebos to dine in. There are also nice gardens where the gazebos are, and an outdoor mini-fitness area.  

Centrul Barnabitow
Centrul Barnabitow in Warsaw. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

Overall, for a three-star hotel, you can stay without breaking the bank, at approximately 75 euros per night. The neighborhood is quiet, but there are a few things to do. You are found not far from Galeria Mokotów for dining and shopping. You are also near Służewiec Creek, a nice place to take a walk, which you can take to Kopa Cwila in Ursynów to watch the sunset. The best immediate food shopping choice is a Biedronka.  

Getting to Centrum Barnabitow take a bit of time from the Center, but not as much from the airport. From Chopin Airport, take the 175 or 188 to Sanaski 02, and then switch to the 189 or 401 to Bełdan, and walk 7 minutes. From Centrum or Warsaw Gdańska, take Bus 174 almost directly there in about 20 minutes.  


Contact: +48 22 207 70 00 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/2qRWEE2Dehgo7SEH6  

O3Hotel is in the more modern Sadyba neighborhood of Mokotów. Thus, also your hotel will feel more modern. With bright rooms and new furniture, this newly renovated hotel is a nice place to stay, and it is geared towards younger people evidently. People love the hotel’s restaurant, which also has a bar. There is a small exercise room as well. Pets are allowed, family rooms are affordable, and you can even charge your electric car here, a rarity at budget hotels in Poland.  

In general, all rooms are affordable here, with a room setting you back around 55 euros per night. While a little out from the main attractions of Warsaw, you are a short distance from Wilanów Palace, one of the top destinations in Warsaw. You are also a short bus ride from the beautiful Łazienki Park Łazienki Park. Food wise, every grocery store imaginable is nearby, but restaurants are sparse except for pizza and the restaurant in the Best Western Hotel across the courtyard.   

Getting to O3Hotel takes some time, with it being about a 40 minute ride on Bus 148 from Chopin Airport. From Centrum, take either Bus 501, 519, or 522 for about 25 minutes. From Warsaw Gdańska, take Bus 116 directly there in about 35 minutes.  

Best Budget Hotels Near Chopin Airport

Finally, are you looking for a brief stay at a hotel near Chopin Airport, because your flight leaves at 6 in the morning and you do not want to pay too much for a taxi? There are a couple of decent hotels right near the airport that work well for this mission, or if you are only using Warsaw as a quick stopping off point from other travel in Poland or Europe. You could also choose to stay longer at these hotels, but they are quite far away from everything, and I would not recommend this. Read on to learn more! 

Luxhostel24 Warsaw* 

Contact: +48 57 398 14 08 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/ushxGfXZZh9B4W4M6  

Luxhostel24 is meant for a quick overnight stay if you need to go to the airport early in the morning. The rooms are described as a non-nonsense and low-key place, and this seems to fit. All rooms do come with a fridge and kettle at the minimum. You are not guaranteed a TV or private bathroom, so be warned! There is Wi-Fi and the possibility of breakfast. Of course, being found right at the end of a runway means there will also be lots of airport noise, so be warned here too! A private room with bathroom runs about 40 euros but you can stay for even less in a dormitory.  

There isn’t much to do around, hence why you shouldn’t stay here if you want to see the city more easily. But there does appear to be an Asian marketplace not super far away that has lots of Asian food options if that floats your boat. To and from the airport, the fastest way will be a taxi, especially in the morning. But you can take Bus 175 or 188 from the Airport to Komitet Obrony Robotników, and then switch to either Bus 154 or 317 to Ogród Działkowy im. Warneńczyka 02.  

Hotel Gordon* 

Contact: +48 22 868 46 50 | Location: https://goo.gl/maps/SazSAPedjm4Gm1UCA  

If you need a cheap stay near the airport, this is one of the best options. And you get to stay in Italy! Well, at least the neighborhood that is the Polish word for Italy. As with the other airport hotel, there will be lots of noise, as this is found just west of the runway. But the hotel is certainly cheap. Hotel Gordon offers cheap double rooms, and a cheap family room for up to 4 adults. They also offer budget rooms if the already low price is still too high. The rooms overall seem large, clean, and well-served, and only cost around 50 euros per night.  

As far as stuff to do, there is a Ford dealership next door if that is your thing. But seriously, there is nothing to do here! You can enjoy the hotel’s restaurant with sidewalk terrace, but all activities are very far away. Getting to and from the airport requires the same first steps as for Luxhostel24, except you should take Bus 154 or 317 from Komitet Obrony Robotników to Instytut Lotnictwa 02

Conclusions about Budget Hotels

Overall, Warsaw offers many budget hotels and hostels in many different cool neighborhoods, with almost every amenity imaginable, including a pool! Your decision depends on your personal preferences for what you want to do while visiting the city, or how many people you are bringing and for how long. I hope this list will provide you with a good starting spot. But I narrowed down a list of over 100 hotels that were cheaper than 75 euros per night, so if none of this sounds good, do not worry, as there are many more to choose from! 

As a final reminder, make sure that you do not book a hostel if you have children, as they are not allowed to stay in almost every hostel in existence. In fact, some hostels have upper age limits as well. All hotels will take children though. And always book through the hotel’s website if you can save money and join any rewards program they have even if you never stay in a hotel of that brand again. Overall, do not be afraid to contact the hotel if you have more questions, as hotels in Warsaw are staffed with people who can speak both English and Polish at the minimum. Safe travels and enjoy Warsaw! 

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