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Warsaw Old Town

40 Best Things to Do in Warsaw: Ultimate 2023 Edition

Warsaw, Poland’s capital, is the Europe travel destination of the year for 2023. Already compared to when I visited last year, it is noticeable that more and more international tourists are coming to find out what Warsaw has to offer! I assume this also applies to you. However, maybe you are not sure what exactly…

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Wilanow Palace in Warsaw during Christmas time
Poland Travel Tips

5 Best Polish Christmas Traditions: Everything To Know & City Guide

If you are looking for a European country with good Christmas traditions and events, Poland might be a good choice for you. Polish Christmas traditions range from the commonplace in other countries across Europe and the world, to unique superstitions and events that you can only find in Poland. Some traditions are based in Catholicism,…

Steamed pierogie
Poland Travel Tips

12 Best Polish Foods for Christmas: It’s Very Delicious

As we near the Christmas season, and you consider a trip to Poland in the winter, you might wonder what the best Polish foods for Christmas are. Polish cuisine is all delicious and affordable, but only some of the special Polish dishes are specific for Christmas time. Also, there are some specific dishes specially made…