Warsaw Old Town

Welcome to PolandInsiders.com! We are a team of writers and photographers who absolutely love this beautiful country. In this blog, we share with you our experiences and advice on traveling through Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow and other cities of Poland.

Poland is a hidden gem in Europe that deserves to be explored and appreciated. It is more exciting than your typical holiday destination. From the inspiring city life in Warsaw, to the picturesque streets of Gdansk, there is something for everyone here.

We have explored the most exciting cities of Poland, talked to locals, and discovered hidden places that most tourists overlook. We know all the best places to eat pierogies and can tell you which museums are worth visiting. And we know all the Instagram spots!

If possible, we like to accompany our writing with amazing photos. Our founder and photographer Andrzej Tokarski has spend countless hours waiting for the perfect sunset behind the Palace of Culture and Science. And gained a couple of pounds because he had to take photos of (and eat) Polish potato pancakes, pierogies, and baked goods.

Andrzej Tokarski, founder of Poland Insiders
Poland Insiders founder Andrzej Tokarski is taking photos in Warsaw

Our goal with this blog is to inspire others to explore Poland and fall in love with it just as we have. We want to share our experiences and knowledge with you, and help you plan your own unforgettable trip to this amazing country.

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