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18 Romantic Things to Do in Warsaw for Couples in 2023

Warsaw, Poland’s capital, is not often thought of as a great destination for couples. Warsaw, once called the “Paris of the East” due to its beautiful Italian-style architecture pre-WWII, Warsaw has rebuilt itself up yet again into a strong and stunning city. With its size, there is no shortage of activities for all ages, Warsaw, at least in the opinion of my former flatmate, “is a very romantic city.” I tend to agree (and I am definitely not biased because I met my girlfriend here). 

What Warsaw has to offer is diverse, so depending on your favorite activities as a couple, you should be able to find something in the safe confines of Poland’s capital. Warsaw offers some premier attractions to visit that are perfect to spend an afternoon at. Additionally, there are many dining opportunities to have a romantic meal (read on to learn about what I think the most romantic restaurant in Warsaw is!). Additionally, Warsaw, surprisingly to many, is a city full of parks and green spaces, meaning there is no shortage of opportunities to take a walk, bike, or boat ride, or have a peaceful picnic amongst local Varsovians. Finally, there are also some seasonal attractions that make both the winter and summer a lovely time to visit Warsaw. So read on and find the perfect romantic date spot. 

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Attractions for Couples in Warsaw

1. Visit Wilanów Palace 

Wilanow Palace in Warsaw, Poland
Wilanow Palace in Warsaw, Poland. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

In my opinion, Wilanów Palace is perhaps the most romantic place in all of Warsaw. Even if you are not a couple, this is one of the main reasons you should visit Warsaw. Wilanów is the Versailles of Poland, and this is due to its stunning architecture and beautiful manicured gardens. With your special someone, you can admire the beautiful art of the former residence of Polish kings, and afterwards, take a stroll around the gardens, admiring the fountains and statues littered throughout, as well as the carefully curated Rose Gardens. Then, you can take a stroll down to the canal, and walk amongst the broad-leafed trees in one of the most peaceful parts of Warsaw.  

If museums are not your thing, the gardens alone are worth it, and you can purchase a ticket for just the gardens from the ticket machines outside the entrance. In the wintertime, you can enter the gardens and enjoy a beautiful display of Christmas lights illuminating the yellow and white palace, and this activity has my girlfriend’s seal of approval. To purchase tickets, visit here

2. Visit Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie

In my opinion, this museum is one of the most underrated in all of Poland and is often missed by tourists. This museum hosts a wide collection of artwork and relics from across the world. And if you are concerned about the works being stolen, much of what is on display was purchased or given as gifts by foreign governments to Poles throughout history.  

The romantic part of the museum is certainly the rooms containing artwork from the 19th century. There are some famous works of Polish artists, but most are artists you likely have not heard of unless you study art history. However, I found the collection of art in this gallery to be stunning and thought-provoking, and it is fun to commentate on the artwork with your significant other. Even better, if you are a student couple like my girlfriend and I, admission is only 1 Złoty! Even if you aren’t, admission is certainly affordable, and this museum is worth a trip as a couple. For more information, visit here

3. Attend an Opera

The Opera House in Warsaw, Poland
The Opera House in Warsaw, Poland. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

The Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa in Poland is a majestic building located an easy 5-minute walk from the Old Town. Built in the neoclassical Italian style typical of Warsaw pre-WWII, its columns invite you in to watch a performance (but skip the worst club in Warsaw with the same name in its basement). This grand building is home to the Polish National Ballet, but also hosts many of the largest classical productions in Poland, whether operas, or concerts.  

If you are interested in the arts, attending an opera here is definitely a must do. My flatmates described it as the perfect place to enjoy an opera. While the operas may not be conducted in a language you speak, the emotion portrayed, and the stories told make it a lovely place to attend a somewhat pricier date with your significant other. The Opera House typically has performances every weekend, with some being free admission. For more information, visit here.  

4. Visit the Copernicus Science Museum

Nicolaus Copernicus is one of Poland’s most famous figures. It is fitting that the one of the best science centers in Europe is named after him. While this museum is certainly a hit amongst kids, it is also a fun place to go on a date. There are over 450 exhibits to interact with while learning about science, and it is not hard to spend a couple of hours here. While the large number of school groups may take away from the atmosphere, it is still a fun and engaging place to visit. 

Additionally, with a ticket to the museum, you also get access to the view from the rooftop. Up here, you have lovely views of the Palace of Culture and Science, the Vistula River, and the PGE Narodowy stadium. So, you can get in your Instagram flicks, and take a breather from the learning. The gardens themselves are very interesting, with a maze of paths winding its way through a patchwork of colorful plots of land and stone structures. To buy tickets online, which I highly recommend because the museum often sells out in advance, visit here.  

Dining for Couples in Warsaw

5. Eat at one of Warsaw’s many romantic restaurants

Portretowa restaurant in Warsaw
Portretowa restaurant in Warsaw – perfect for a romantic evening. Taken by Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej.

Polish food is some of the best out there. And Warsaw has this cuisine and more to offer. From pierogi to coffee shops, there are many nice places to sit and enjoy a meal at a romantic restaurant or coffee shop. During all seasons, the Old Town of Warsaw is a great place to catch a meal (although it will be slightly pricier). Here you can admire the colorful buildings while enjoying a delicious meal, and once the sun sets, you can enjoy the relative peace and quiet compared to the hustle and bustle during the day. Another good place to eat or drink during the day is Nowy Świat. There are many places that act as coffee shops and restaurants during the day, and bars at night, and the environment on the street makes it an entertaining place. However, I do not recommend visiting here at night unless you want to party, as the vibe changes from romantic to drunken debauchery. 

My personal favorite romantic restaurant in Warsaw, which also has my girlfriend’s stamp of approval, is Restauracja Polska Różana. This restaurant offers a rotating menu with traditional Polish dishes in a high-class environment. The waiting staff is dressed fancily, and you are greeted by huge bouquets of fresh flowers. There is also a pianist playing relaxing piano music. It is an amazing place to spend a romantic evening while eating delicious food. Visit here to see the current menu and for reservation information. 

6. Visit a rooftop bar

Warsaw’s skyline is on the most underrated parts of visiting. There are many tall buildings, including the tallest in the European Union. While you can go up the Palace of Culture and Science to get a view, a more romantic way to get a panoramic view of the skyline is from a rooftop bar. The most popular is perhaps Panorama Sky Bar. While not on the roof proper, it boasts a panoramic view of the entire Warsaw skyline, with perhaps the best view of the center. You will pay the price, with the cheapest cocktail running around 60 Złoty. But the view is one of the best, so it is certainly worth it if you are looking for a fancy date.  

Panorama Sky Bar in Warsaw
The Panorama Sky Bar in Warsaw right after sunset. Taken by Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej Tokarski.

Other bars worth visiting include Loreta, located right in the town center, with a lower, but open-air, view of the town center. The Roof Sky Bar is located on the 21st floor of Crowne Plaza Warsaw, and has both delectable food and drink to offer. Finally, for an especially luxurious experience, visit Belle Epoque Champagne Bar, located in the 5-star Bristol Hotel. While this place is one of the most expensive in Warsaw, you will get the experience that you pay for, and a stunning view of the Old Town, Royal Route, and city skyline. For all of these bars, make sure to reserve a spot ahead of time. 

7. Visit a Food Hall

For a less expensive food outing in Warsaw, you should consider visiting one of the Food Halls dotted throughout the city. A Food Hall is essentially akin to a food court in a mall, except with a variety of international food and sit-down dining, as well as a bar or two, and typically no shops. So, this is a perfect place if you have a significant other who cannot decide what they want to eat, as they will then have a variety to choose from all in the same place. The buildings these restaurants are in are usually designed in a unique industrial style with soft lighting, making it a fun place to hang out. 

Some of the best Food Halls in Warsaw include Hala Koszyki, located walking distance from the town center. It can get quite busy, but it is a great place to grab a drink or eat at a fancy restaurant. Also cool is Elektrownia Powiśle, located near the riverfront and Copernicus Science Museum. This food hall offers a wide range of international cuisine, and a lovely patio to enjoy a drink on. Finally, visiting the Browary is also an entertaining time. Located in a recently renovated business hub just north of the town center, you will find every type of international food you can think of, from Sushi to Georgian cuisine, as well as a central bar. All these places are fun and will guarantee a good meal and atmosphere. 

The Outdoors for Couples

8. Have a picnic in a city park

Warsaw is a city of green spaces. So why not enjoy a picnic in the park? There are city parks on seemingly every corner, so it is not hard to find one to enjoy a store-bought or home-made lunch, and maybe even a clandestine bottle of wine (reminder that openly drinking is illegal in public spaces). During the spring, you can enjoy the beautiful green colors everywhere, as well as dogs playing with each other as their owner’s watch. In the autumn, you can enjoy the stunning phenomenon of the “golden Polish autumn” and admire the beautiful fall colors.   

Jeremy having a picnic in a park in Warsaw
PolandInsiders writer is having a picnic in a park in Warsaw. Taken by his girlfriend.

Perhaps my favorite park in Warsaw for such activities is Park Moczydło. This park is located about a 20-minute bus ride west from the Old Town, and features a duck pond, swinging benches, hammocks, and an artificial hill with a distant view of the skyline. This hill is the perfect place to plop down and enjoy a meal as the sun sets on a warm spring or summer day. As of my last visit, there is also ice cream available, as well as some food trucks featuring various international cuisine including Korean BBQ. So, do not miss out on the most romantic of evenings in a beautiful park of Warsaw. 

9. Visit the Palace on the Isle

This location is in the largest and most popular park in Warsaw, Łazienki Królewskie. While this might not be the ideal place for a picnic, it is to enjoy the beautiful architecture of the Palace on the Isle, as well as the nearby amphitheater. The Palace on the Isle, built initially as a bathhouse, transitioned into a museum displaying some of the best artwork owned by Poles. It can still be entered as a museum today. 

The Palace on the Isle in Lazenski Park
The Palace on the Isle in Lazenski Park, Warsaw. Taken by Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej.

What makes this spot especially romantic is that it is the sight of many a wedding and wedding photoshoot, so odds are you during the warm months you will see such an event happening. It makes sense, as its location amongst the leafy trees of the park, with a pond full of ducks and swans surrounding it, is serene. For an extra special experience, you can rent a traditional boat and take a leisurely ride around the pond, admiring the park as you do. Even if you do not do that, you certainly do not want to miss the beauty of this location.  

10. Watch a sunset

Watching a sunset with the one you love is up there on my list of romantic things to do. Luckily, Warsaw offers a few locations that are great for watching the sun set over the horizon. One is Poniatówka Beach, one of Poland’s best beaches to visit. Located on the east bank of the Vistula River, it is a quick trip on a tram or the Metro to reach the sandy reaches of the beach. It is also an amazing place for a barbeque or outdoor party, but the cherry on top is the sunset, which sets directly behind a panoramic view of the city skyline. 

For a less crowded destination, consider visiting Kopa Cwila, found not far from Ursynów Metro in the southern reaches of Warsaw. This artificial hill supplies a stellar view of the surrounding neighborhoods of Ursynów and Mokotów. It also has the benefit of being much more peaceful, as typically only locals nearby come here to enjoy the sunset. You can also get a view of the planes landing at the nearby Chopin Airport if that is your thing. All in all, this location includes a peaceful walk and an amazing sunset, and I thus highly recommend taking a visit if you are nearby.  

11. Visit the BUW Rooftop Gardens

The University of Warsaw Library is one of the most unique buildings in all of Warsaw. Located just downhill from the beautiful main campus, right along the banks of the Vistula and steps from the Copernicus Science Center, the library houses a free set of gardens on top of its roof. You start by entering through the gate, and appreciating the ponds, water features, and many benches to relax on. You will also find many students here on a sunny day enjoying the beauty. 

Rooftop gardens in Warsaw, Poland.
Rooftop gardens in Warsaw, Poland. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

Once you haul yourself up the stairs to the roof, you are greeted by a 360-degree view of Warsaw, the Old Town and town center prominent in the view. There are various places perfect for a photo shoot with your loved one, or to just relax and take it all in. Perhaps the most romantic feature are the trellises covered in ivy that one must walk through to get from one side of the roof to the other. You can also take a quick peek at the students studying hard for their exams below. All in all, this free experience is certainly “worth” it.  

12. Hire a boat on the Vistula

While the Vistula River, Poland’s longest and most influential, might not be at its prettiest in Warsaw, its plodding pace supports a relaxing experience as you explore Warsaw from the water. And, as you leave the city limits, you are treated to groves of forests and sandy beaches, as well as the occasional spotting of wildlife. If you like nature and relaxing, taking a boat on the Vistula is the perfect way to achieve all these goals! 

Perhaps one of the most popular options for this is taking one of the daily cruises with Po Wiśle boats. They offer private tours in the offseason, but during the summer you can be on enjoy a one hour sightseeing cruise. For the relatively low cost of 64 Złoty, you can see all the sights of Warsaw from the river. And, if you want to see the way the city and other architecture lights up at night, for the price of 58 Złoty you can do that too. So, consider this, as it is a memorable experience that supplies a unique and romantic perspective of Warsaw! 

13. Visit the Saxon Gardens

The Saxon Gardens are conveniently centrally found steps from the Royal Route and many other main attractions of Warsaw. Thus, millions of people walk through these gardens every year, some on their way to their final destination, and some to admire what the gardens have to offer. These gardens suddenly bloom into all shades of green during the spring, making it a lovely place to sit and have a snack or a drink of coffee from one of the bike coffee shops. There are also some well-placed flowers and ponds throughout the park; this year’s display is rows of colorful tulips. 

Saxon Gardens in Warsaw, Poland
Saxon Gardens in Warsaw, Poland. Taken by PolandInsiders photographer Jeremy.

During the fall, the park turns all shades of the autumn palette, from gold to orange to brown. And when all the leaves fall, it is a perfect relaxing, and romantic atmosphere. Additionally, as the Polish government works on rebuilding the former Saxon Palace, this will only add to the romantic atmosphere of the park. For a more poignant moment, spend a moment at Poland’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, forever guarded by two soldiers, commemorating everyone lost to the wars of Polish past, who were not able to come back to their loved ones. 

14. Visit the UW Botanical Gardens

These gardens are distinct from the rooftop gardens, do not let the name fool you! Located near to the Palace on the Isle, the University of Warsaw Botanical Gardens are run by the university and feature a variety of local and international flowers and plants. Because it is not free, you are able to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of next-door neighbor Łazienki Królewskie Park. The season will decide what is available to see. All year round, you can sit on benches, take a break, or walk up and down the aisles and enjoy the plants. You can also find a little chapel hidden in the mazes of the garden. 

During the spring, you will be treated to avenue upon avenue of magnolias and tulips, while the summer will bring roses. Winter is also a great time to visit the gardens! They offer greenhouses to take a break from the frigid temperatures of Polish winters, where you can see all kinds of cool plants. Additionally, the gardens put on a light display that is an amazing place to take a romantic afternoon or evening trip to during the cold winter months. For more information on tickets and opening hours, visit here

Bonus: Seasonal Activities for Couples

15. Visit the Old Town during the Christmas season

If you read other articles on this topic, you will find the Old Town of Warsaw at the top of the list. And don’t get me wrong, the Old Town can be very romantic. However, the time of year and time of day greatly determine this. During the day, the Old Town gets extremely crowded with school groups and tour groups, as well as the constant push of donation scammers and other tourist traps trying to get your attention. While the buildings are beautiful, it is hard to appreciate their beauty with your significant other when there is so much hustle and bustle. So, in my opinion, winter is the best time to visit the Old Town. 

A Christmas tree in Old Town Warsaw
A Christmas tree in romantic Old Town Warsaw. Taken by PolandInsiders photographer Jeremy.

In the winter, the Market Square hosts an ice-skating ring around the symbolic mermaid. If you have your own skates, it is free, but skate rentals are available at a reasonable cost. Also worth a visit is the Christmas Market. While not the best Europe, or even Poland, has to offer, you can still enjoy some mulled wine, hot chocolate, or delicious Polish eats, or buy a souvenir. There are also photo booths to take pictures with your significant other. Finally, the big attraction is the massive Christmas tree in Castle Square, and the lights that work their way down the Royal Route. So, come to the Old Town during the winter, you will not regret it.  

16. Visit the Multimedia Fountain

The Multimedia Fountain is found steps from the Old Town and is an amazing place to go for a big show! From May until September, there are shows to watch after the sun sets, with lasers, lights, and water cascading into the air, as well as music to go with it. The fountain’s convenient location makes it a very popular destination, so make sure to get there a bit early to snag a seat. Then, enjoy the free light show with your significant other. The beautiful fountain and music are sure to be a fantastic experience worth going to.  

Shows take place every Friday and Saturday throughout the busy months. In May, June, and July, shows take place at 9:30 PM. In August they take place at 9 PM, and in September they take place at 8:30 PM. For more information on what shows are taking place, visit here

17. Attend a free Chopin concert

Along with Copernicus, Fryderyk Chopin is also one of Poland’s most famous sons. Thus, his music is revered and held in the highest regard in Poland, but it also has received world acclaim. Chopin music is ubiquitous in Warsaw, where Chopin lived and worked during the first years of his creative output, before moving to France. His heart is even buried in a Warsaw church on the Royal Route. Thus, it is no surprise that you can find various performances of Chopin in bars, clubs, and music venues. However, you can certainly hear his music performed for free as well. 

The best place to hear Chopin’s masterpieces is in the previously mentioned, and popular destination, Łazienki Królewskie Park. On the west side of the park sits a monument to Chopin, surrounded by benches, gardens, and a fountain. Here, piano virtuosos from around the world come to perform his music, two every Sunday afternoon. The best part is that these performances are free. But space can get tight, so make sure to get there early so you can get a prime piece of the lawn surrounding the monument. Then, enjoy the beautiful romantic-era music of Chopin, and fall in love even further with your significant other.  

A statue of Chopin in Warsaw
A statue of Chopin in Warsaw. Taken by PolandInsiders photographer Jeremy.

18. Ride on the historic Piaseczno Train

This final activity requires a bit of a trip outside of Warsaw proper. The Piaseczno Narrow-Gauge Train offers a stunning tour of the Polish countryside very close to Warsaw. You start in the Warsaw suburb of Piaseczno and work your way to the countryside town of Tarczyn, passing through forest, meadows, and through quaint villages. This train was in operation from the late 19th century from Warsaw and played a key part in carrying the materials that helped rebuild Warsaw after World War II. This 4-hour trip will introduce you to the beautiful Polish countryside, and a little bit of history. It is certainly worth a trip. 

Getting to Piaseczno from Warsaw is not super difficult. The R8 Train takes you to Piaseczno central station, which is a short walk from the historic terminal for the train you will take. Additionally, you can take either Bus 707 or Bus 727 from Metro Wilanowska, which can be reached by a quick ride on the M1 Metro Line. Remember to buy a Zone 2 ticket for the buses. To buy tickets in advance (which is essentially necessary due to the trains’ popularity), visit here. With these tickets, you can also buy a ticket that includes a special bus from Centrum to the train station directly. Note that the train runs from May 1 to September 23 each year, only on Saturdays, leaving at 2:00 PM sharp. 

Warsaw For Couples: Conclusions

Warsaw is a perfect place for lovers. There are romantic parks, beautiful art to see in museums, fun activities to do, rivers to cruise, and seasonal light shows and Christmas festivities. No matter what you are interested in, you should be able to find something to entertain yourself as a couple. Even if that just means enjoying all the food Warsaw has to offer, Warsaw can do this for you. Overall, Warsaw proves itself to be romantic, and I personally have had a good time exploring its romantic corners with my girlfriend. So happy traveling and enjoy your time with that special someone! 

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