Fried and boiled pierogies in Warsaw.

The 7 Best Pierogies in Warsaw: Our 2023 Restaurant Guide

You want to try pierogies, the Polish dumplings? In this guide I’ll share with you where to eat the seven best pierogies in Warsaw.

Welcome to the capital of Poland, here you’ll get a chance to discover one of the most heroic cities in Europe and feel the real Polish atmosphere with the multicultural diversity of people from all over the world. Besides its burgeoning fashion scene, stylish shopping malls, and fancy art installations, you will have tastier treats here- the excellent Polish cuisine. 

Based on my observations, the cuisine here is just like the city itself: diverse.

However, when it comes to the most traditional taste, it is, surely, Polish dumplings – pierogi. Polish dumplings are extremely popular in Warsaw; it is a kind of comfort food that your grandma probably would make for you.

I’ve seen them in all sorts of shapes, forms, and different fillings, but most traditional ones are often served with a mix of potato, cheese, cabbage, or meat. Basically, they can be made by pretty much anything. Even you can taste sweet dumplings with fruits inside like blueberries here in Warsaw!

Now, I’d like to share some of the local places where you can try the most delicious dumplings.

The Best Pierogies in Warsaw

Here you can find a list of places that offers the best service and atmosphere. In a city like Warsaw, it can be a little difficult to choose the right one, since there are a large number of great restaurants. So I have listed them for you.

Zapiecek – Delicious Traditional Pierogies with a Modern Flavor Twist!

Fried pierogies at Zapiecek
Fried pierogies at Zapiecek. Taken by Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej Tokarski.

If you want to stop walking all around the city and take a little breath, here you have got a chance to do it while enjoying the amazing Polish food. Zapiecek has several locations in Warsaw, so you won’t need to search for long to find a place to eat something. All these restaurants have something in common: the food is perfect.

Here you can choose from hundreds of flavors and mix and match as much as you want since there are tons of selections of ingredients just to please your taste. It is even possible to find gluten-free dishes in this restaurant. And pierogies here are homemade!

The atmosphere of the restaurant is also very nice with lots of books and tables to relax at. It is a small but very cozy restaurant where you can find English-speaking staff and the menu is in English. On Google Maps, you can check the location and available hours for one in the Old Town.

Gosciniec Polskie Pierogi – Delicious, Authentic Polish Cuisine

Fried pierogies with bacon at Gościniec.
Fried pierogies with bacon at Gościniec. Taken and eaten by Poland Insiders founder Andrzej Tokarski.

If you don’t want to waste your time by choosing a restaurant, want to have a quick bite, and go back to explore the city, Gosciniec Polskie Pierogi is just for you. It is a small restaurant serving some of the best dumplings in town and offers a great beverage selection as well. You can find also non-alcoholic warming beverages made with hibiscus and various homemade tea drinks that are a must-try.

And for pierogies, I strongly recommend you to taste the one with strawberries. The restaurant also offers fantastic customer service and a great traditional Polish vibe inside.

Gosciniec Polskie Pierogi has seats inside and outside, and it is located directly in the Old Town area, however, you won’t see noisy crowds here. You can check this one out on Google Maps that is located in the heart of the city. 

Portretowa – Hidden Gem in the Old Town

Portretowa restaurant in Warsaw
Portretowa restaurant in Warsaw. Taken by Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej.

The restaurant is located near the Old Town Square, at the Barbican, next to the statue of Jan Kiliński. It is located within the walls of the Old Town, yet away from the crowded tourist attractions.

The restaurant is very cozy inside, but you can also take a table on the promenade terrace under the large umbrellas surrounded by beautiful flowers. I think it is a great alternative to big, soulless, and noisy restaurants.

If you are visiting with your children, it offers a children’s playground for children which is perfectly supervisable from the terrace.

The menu is trilingual (English, Polish, Russian) and it is very varied, so I recommend you to start with the outstanding pierogies (dumplings) as an appetizer, and then try other fabulous pieces of Polish cuisine like zurek, bigos, gołąbki, etc. The menu also includes vegetarian and gluten-free options.

In this restaurant, you will get very generous portions at reasonable prices. We recommend making a reservation since there are many people who want to take sit here!

Specjały Regionalne – A Story of Pierogi

It is located in the very center of the capital. Here you can taste traditional cuisine from various corners of Poland, and all ingredients are organic and regional products. For those who want to start the day with a good breakfast, there is a Specjały Regionalne Cafe Store in Żoliborz that offers great breakfast options.

You can also order through the restaurant’s online store.

This restaurant is best for families, there is an excellent selection of local food and a reasonable price list, and it’s located very close to the Old Town, which can not be better.

Specjały Regionalne sometimes organizes workshops teaching how to make traditional dumplings, so if you are lucky enough, you can even take a chance to make your own pierogi!

Stary Dom – For Magical and Authentic Evening

Stary Dom is one of the gourmet restaurants in Warsaw, which offers the highest-quality service. The history of Stary Dom dates back to the 1950s. It was a popular meeting place for jockeys and horse racing fans of Warsaw City in the 20th century. You can feel it from the design of the restaurant reflecting the old Warsaw atmosphere which never fails to amaze its guests.

Here chefs are preparing meals based on old recipes and sometimes serve some of these dishes directly in front of the guests. Prices are relatively higher than the average Polish restaurant, but still affordable. However, I can assure you, it’ll be worth it if you want to experience high-class service and get some 19th-century charm.

If you want to feel a luxurious and cozy atmosphere at the same time, Stary Dom will be the best option for you. Here you can have dinner with your business partners but also have fun with your children.

And if you are looking for vegan food, you’ll find a wide variety of options in almost every category. The vegan option of Cepeliny-traditional dumplings is highly recommended! 

The restaurant is a little far from the center, but it takes only 15 minutes by taxi. And what you can be sure- it’ll be one of the top highlights of your Warsaw trip.

Restauracja Polska Różana – Excellent dumplings- Save Room for Dessert!

This is the restaurant where locals (and also some famous people) love to spend some time. You can spot a photo of young Angela Merkel on the wall.

Różana is an elegant, warm, and casual place, located in an old, rambling villa. Here, the guests of the restaurant are getting surprised with new specialties every day. Fresh flowers, tables covered with embroidered tablecloths, soft lighting, and discreet live music from the piano…

These are only a few parts of the things that make the ambiance so special for its customers. The uniqueness of this place is completed by an enchanting garden. Here you can hear birds singing, the sound of water from the fountain, and the sounds of guitars. After sunset, this atmosphere is complemented by the sight of burning candles and torches.

At Różana, traditional Polish dishes including dumplings and homemade noodles dominate the menu. The food is always seasonal and fresh here. Dumplings are great, but I highly recommend you taste the desserts since it is what Różana specializes in. Prices are comparably high, but they are fair enough for the overall experience!

Vege Miasto – Perfect Gem for Vegans

If you are looking for plant-based cuisine, but also want to taste some traditional Polish dishes, Vege Miasto is one of the best options in Warsaw. It is a Polish restaurant that offers 100% eco-friendly service and vegan cuisine, but also a wide range of gluten-free options.

The menu is very generous here, you’ll get 5 different options for only dumplings and all are plant-based. The restaurant also offers sugar-free cakes and desserts which are completely made by the restaurant’s chefs.

I know, it is sometimes difficult to find high-quality vegan food in big cities, but if you are visiting Warsaw, Vege Miasto will be a life-saver option for you with very excellent prices.

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