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Poland in June: Weather Info & 5 Best Things to Do in 2024

Considering an early summer trip to Poland? Visiting Poland in June is a great time to do so! The weather is wonderful, the days are long, there are lots of activities, and everything else Poland normally has to offer is still available to enjoy! But even more is unlocked during the summer months. The warmer weather means that the amazing nature and beaches of Poland can be appreciated in full. Cities like Zakopane, or the beaches of the Baltic Sea are some of the best places to go in Poland in June.  

This article has 5 broad activities that you should consider doing in Poland in June. Some are possible in every city, whereas others involve travel to a specific city or region or Poland. Regardless of which activities you choose to do, taking part in the normal activities of the many amazing Polish cities is a must! These added activities make visiting Poland in June even better.  

Additionally, this article has brief travel information about Poland in June. This includes weather, how busy Poland will be, Polish prices in June, and other useful information. Read on to learn more! 

Weather in Poland in June

Poland in June has some of the best weather you can find in Europe. Long gone are the cold and gray days that dominate Poland from November until March. Poland in the summer is a glorious atmosphere. The sun is up what seems like all day, with anywhere from 16 to 17 hours of daylight each day throughout the month. The sun rises at 4 AM, perfect for early birds, but still sets close to 9 PM for those who want to stay out later. Even during the night, it never gets too dark, and Poland stays active all night throughout June.  

In general, the temperature throughout Poland will average around 22 C (72 F), with overnight lows around 10 C (50 F) on average, although by the end of the month, temperatures will get warmer. Temperatures can get as high as 30 (86 F) on occasion but should never be much warmer. Do note that June is one of the wettest months of the year in Poland, but the amount of rain usually amounts to only a few days of the month as part of summer thunderstorms. Full weather details for some Polish cities are in the table below.  

City Average High Average Low Days of Rain 
Warsaw 22 C / 72 F 11 C / 52 F 7 days 
Kraków 22 C / 72 F 11 C / 52 F 9 days 
Zakopane 19 C / 66 F 9 C / 48 F 10 days 
Wrocław 23 C / 73 F 11 C / 52 F 7 days 
Gdańsk 19 C/ 66 F 13 C / 55 F 12 days 
Weather in Poland in June

5 Best Things to Do and Places to Go

1. Go outside! Explore a green area or national park in Poland

When people think of Poland, most people are not aware of the amazing nature that Poland holds. Cities like Warsaw are made up of 25% parks and green spaces! National parks and reserves are abundant outside of cities spread throughout the country. Thus, if you decide to take a trip to Poland in June, enjoying the great outdoors is a must! 

If you are going to a city, you should be able to find a large city park within a 10–15-minute walk of where you are staying. Some examples can be found below. 

  • Łazienki Królewskie: Found in Warsaw, this park is perhaps Poland’s most famous. It houses a formal royal Polish summer residence, many trees and lawns, a beautiful pond that you can ride a boat on, and many more activities! 
  • Planty: Everyone who visits Kraków will take a walk through this amazing park. It surrounds the Old Town of Kraków and visiting it in June will feature leafy green trees overhead, providing a good source of shade on a warmer day.  
  •  Oliwa Park: Found in Gdańsk, this park houses beautiful Japanese gardens, an old cathedral, and other beautiful nature and buildings. Due to its location outside the city center, it is also a quieter park than the ones above.  
  • Szczytnicki Park: Found in Wrocław, this park, the city’s largest, houses many trails for walking, playgrounds for kids, and peace away from the busy city center.  
Inside Oliwski Park
Inside Oliwski Park. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

Alternatively, you can visit a natural park or natural area outside of the cities! There are many fantastic ones to choose from. Some are listed below.  

  • Kampinos National Park: If you are in Warsaw, this fantastic national park is reachable by city bus within an hour! This park covers a massive area west of the city and is home to forests, wetlands, and parts of the Vistula River. There is also the chance to see wildlife such as moose! There are hundreds of hiking trails spread throughout the park, and many great places to stop to rest or for a picnic. There are also monuments to Polish WWII resistance fighters, who used the park as a base. Entry is free, and I highly recommend it! 
  • The Sudetes: This subrange of the Carpathian Mountains makes up most of the border between Poland and the Czech Republic. Reachable from Cities like Wrocław, there are tons of mountains to summit, lakes to visit, and other natural wonders to explore! Some highlights include Karkonosze National Park, the Bear Cave, and Zalew Grzędy, a lake that featured in the most recent Hunger Games movie.  
  • Białowieski National Park: This national park is one of the most impressive ones to be found in Poland and is one of Europe’s last remaining old-growth forests. It is also famous for hosting the largest world population of European bison. There is a reason it is called the last untouched wilderness of Europe. You can visit this park by traveling to the Polish city of Białystok.  
  • Ojcowski National Park: For a park that is an easy day trip from Kraków, Ojcowski National Park features stunning rock formations, challenging hikes, and beautiful old castles perched on the tops of rocks. This park is especially popular in the early summer when the dense green forest is at its greenest.  
  • Świętokrzyski National Park: Found in central Poland, this park has the tallest mountains found outside of the Carpathians in Poland. Some of the unique features of this national park include massive fields of loose stone, and old trees, 674 of which are specifically protected as outstanding trees. You can reach this park just outside of the Polish city of Kielce.  

Overall, you should make sure to spend some time in nature when visiting Poland in June! 

2. Visit a fantastic Polish beach

Anyone who looks at Poland on a map would notice that the northern border of Poland touches a large body of water. This body of water would be the Baltic Sea. Every Polish person has their favorite city and beach to visit with their family, and many tourists, especially from Germany, also make their way to the sandy expanses of the Baltic. For Poland in June, the beaches make a perfect place for sun tanning! The water is cold year-round but is close to its warmest by the end of the month if you prefer swimming. 

No matter which city you pick to visit, every beach town will have its necessities. You will find changing rooms, beach-front restaurants, and amenities such as spas. There are also usually boat cruises and other water sports activities available. Thus, it is extremely easy to make a trip to the beach in Poland for the entirety of your trip to Poland in June! Alternatively, you can take a trip to the Masuria region of Poland, home to over 2000 lakes! Each lake also has beaches that are especially popular in the summer, and towns there provide a lot to do as well.  

For more information about the best beaches and best lakes in Poland, click the linked articles. For some specific beach towns worth visiting, read on. 

  • Sopot: Anyone who makes the trip to Gdańsk will also likely make a trip to Sopot. Sopot is Poland’s premier beach destination, with some of the best beaches, the wonderful Sopot pier, and many spas to choose from. Be warned that it is especially popular in the summer but is certainly worth a visit on its own.  
  • Ustka: Ustka is my favorite beach town in Poland. Located directly on the Baltic about 2 hours from Gdańsk, this small town has everything. The beaches stretch for many kilometers, and are sandy and scenic, with some cliffs offering great views of both the sunrise and the sunset. The town itself also has everything, and I spent some of the most enjoyable days of my past year in this town.  
  • Kołobrzeg: Popular especially amongst Germans, Kołobrzeg is a larger beach town found closer to the far northwest of Poland, about 8 hours from Warsaw by train. This city has everything, from the famous spas to the iconic lighthouse.  
  • Hel: Take the ferry to Hel! This peninsula is found close to Gdańsk, and features double the beaches, some facing the sea, and some protected by the spit Hel lies on. Thus, you can have two different beach experiences in one trip! 
  • Ełk: For a good Masurian beach trip, visit Ełk. Its central location in Masuria, and its status as the historic capital of the region, make it a great place to visit the many lakes of the region. But it also has a lake, Lake Ełk, with a beautiful promenade and many nice places to swim along the way.    

3. Attend an outdoor festival or concert

With the start of the summer come many different unique festivals and concerts to attend in Poland! Thus, a visit to Poland in June might mean visiting one of these amazing events. No matter where you choose to travel, each city is likely to have a bustling events calendar with lots to do. But, if you are looking for some specific inspiration, consider the following five events.  

  • Orange Warsaw Festival: This large music festival takes place every year in Warsaw at the beginning of June. It usually features many artists of high popularity in Poland, and popular around the world. For 2024, there is also a mystery artist for the opening day. 2024’s edition takes place on June 7th and June 8th and features artists like Nicki Minaj, Troye Sivan, Skepta, and more. The festival takes place in southern Warsaw, at the Tor Wyścigów Konnych Służewiec.  
  • Ephemera Festival: For a more underground festival in Warsaw, consider attending Ephemera. It is a festival shrouded in mystery for now but usually hosts concerts of underground and independent artists, as well as other artists of visual forms. The festival is inspired by the Slavic traditions of the summer solstice. The event will be hosted this year in 2024 from June 5th to 9th, but tickets and details have not yet appeared on their website.  
  • Mystic Festival: Taking place in Gdańsk at the beginning of June, this festival is for lovers of rock and metal music. For the past 25 years, it has featured the premier musicians of rock, including acts such as Judas Priest, Slayer, and Slipknot. It is hosted in a unique venue, this being the famous Gdańsk Shipyard, where the beginning of the historical Solidarity movement rebelled against the Soviet-influenced government. In the spirit of rebellion, you can attend this festival from June 5th to June 8th 
  • Electrum Up-to-Date Festival: For one of the best electronic music festivals in Poland, head to Białystok for the Electrum Up-to-Date Festival. The best DJs in Poland, and Europe, come to Białystok to provide head-banging beats for listeners to enjoy. The venue changes each year to showcase a new part of the often-ignored city of Białystok. In 2024, the festival takes place partially in May and partially in June, from May 30th to June 2nd 
  • 33rd Jewish Culture Festival: Kraków has a long history as a city where Jewish people lived and thrived. Thus, the city celebrates this cultural heritage each year. The event includes cultural events, dances, concerts, parties, and more. This takes place from June 23rd to June 30th in the historic district of Kazimierz.  

4. Make your way to Zakopane before the crowds

Zakopane is truly one of the premier destinations of Poland. While it is more popular as a winter destination due to activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling, it is also an amazing summer destination. And, visiting it in June might just be the best time to visit. Zakopane is still popular in the summer, due to it being a top hiking destination, with hikes such as Poland’s most popular hike in proximity. However, the crowds pick up by the end of June, so if you visit earlier, you can get to enjoy Zakopane at its best without as large of crowds! 

Crowds at Morskie Oko
The crowds at the start of the hike, many who took a minibus with me from Zakopane. Photo: Jeremy.

The weather in Zakopane (as detailed later) is ideal for hiking, not too cold, and not too cold, with many sunny days, and some rain. But you can also enjoy some of the more local hiking nearby to Zakopane, some of the local indigenous cuisine, and the many spas dotted around the valley. In general, Zakopane in June is a great idea, to the point that Zakopane’s official tourist website advertises June as “quiet.”  

For more details on what the best activities in Zakopane are, especially for a visit in June, visit here. Zakopane is worth the trip when you visit Poland in June, so make sure to make some time! 

5. Party until the sun comes up at some great bars or clubs

Poland in June has very long days! The sun rises at 4 AM and sometimes sets at 9 PM. Poland also has very good nightlife, especially in the largest cities of Poland. Thus, a possibility on your trip to Poland in June is to hit up some of the many great bars and clubs in Polish cities, and party all night! With such long daytime hours and late club hours, it is easy to party from sunset to sunrise in Poland in June! For the best cities to do this in Poland, read on! 

  • Warsaw: Warsaw, as the capital city, unsurprisingly has lots of great bars to choose from. The club scene is also popular, although some clubs can be a bit underwhelming in my opinion. But, if you want to party all night, my recommended place to do so is Nowy Świat. This is the place to be in Warsaw during the summer, with dozens of bars to choose from, and clubs within walking distance once you are done drinking. 
  • Kraków: Kraków is well known for its many bars in the historic Old Town. People, especially from the UK, come here to get drunk for cheap. But, if you just want to enjoy a few drinks and stay up late, there are many great bars to choose from. Just avoid the strip clubs! 
  • Wrocław: Wrocław is another great party city. The historic Old Town Market Square comes alive at night, with many bars to choose from. The Four Domes District also has many bars and restaurants to choose from. For an underrated destination, look for the bars underneath the city’s railroad tracks.  
  • Gdańsk: Gdańsk is famous for its basement bars in the stunning Old Town. There are also many great bars along the Gdańsk Canal. Some highlights of a night in Gdańsk include a fairy-tale-themed bar with signature cocktails and drinking cherry liquor with views of the historic St. Mary’s Church.   
  • Poznań: Poznań is a sleeper city for nightlife. Poznań has many students, and thus the nightlife in the currently under-construction town center is very good. If you are a student like me, this city is a good one to choose.  

What else is on in Poland in June?

Another great thing about visiting Poland in June is that special summer attractions will start opening! This includes outdoor swimming pools, waterparks, and other similar attractions. Additionally, the hours of many museums and attractions will be at their longest, so you have the largest amount of time to visit as many places as possible in your Polish city of choice. Many amusement parks, such as Energylandia near Katowice, will also be open and in full swing.  

Additionally, if you are a fan of musicians popular worldwide, June begins the summer tour season! Many popular artists make their way to Poland starting in June, usually stopping in either Warsaw, Kraków, or both. So, if you want to attend a concert with your favorite artist in a new country, the Polish concert experience may be worth it for you!  

Holidays in Poland in June

Unlike in other months, Poland in June does not have any big holidays. However, in most years, there is one day of the month when everything shuts down. This would be Corpus Christi, which takes place every year on the 9th Thursday after Easter. While in 2024, this falls at the end of May, in most years it is in June. On this day, most things in Poland are shut, including all retail stores and grocery stores, and many schools and businesses as well. However, most restaurants and many museums and attractions stay open, just with shorter hours. Attraction websites should detail their opening hours on holidays, in my experience.  

Other holidays in Poland include Children’s Day on June 1st, which usually just entails more children out and about doing activities with their families. The summer solstice also happens, and this can mean big parties and festivals throughout the country. Otherwise, do not worry about large groups of Poles traveling more than normal, such as during the famous Majówka holiday at the beginning of May.  

Cost of Poland in June

Is Poland in June more expensive than normal? The short answer is yes, but it is important to note that as a budget travel destination, Poland will still be cheaper than other popular European destinations (for now). But, especially by the end of the month, prices for things like hotels and transportation will slowly start rising. You should estimate a hotel will cost around 400 PLN per night, a nicer hotel will cost around 600 PLN per night, and a hostel bed or small room will cost anywhere from 80-150 PLN per night depending on the city. Other expensive things in the summer will include longer-distance bus and train transportation, as well as flights to and from most Polish airports.  

However, museums and attractions stay the same price. Even during the summer popular museums such as Wawel Royal Castle in Kraków or the National Museum in Warsaw still have their free days. But they are more popular, and getting to these attractions early on the free days is advised. Privately-run attractions may be more expensive, such as the Zakopane cable cars, a ship tour on the Baltic Sea, or a visit to an amusement park.  

In general food and drinks should also stay the same price, compared to whatever inflation has happened in recent months. The only places that may raise their prices are touristy restaurants, and you should avoid those anywhere. There are so many great places to eat to try the delicious Polish cuisine, you should never pay more than 50 PLN for a meal and a drink at an average place. A fresh Polish beer should also cost around 15 PLN, so if a restaurant or bar charges more, avoid it! 

Finally, the most expensive cities to visit in June will most certainly be Warsaw, Kraków, and Zakopane. Warsaw and Kraków, as the two busiest cities, have high demand for places to stay and other tourist activities, so you should expect prices to be a bit higher. Zakopane is usually more expensive than other places, but as the hikers come to start their mountain treks, prices will jump quite a bit.  

How Busy is Poland in June?

Poland has become a much more popular place to visit in recent years, due to its reputation as a budget destination in Europe with lots to do. Thus, by the time the summer has truly started, you can expect there to be more international tourists than usual. But, if you visit in June towards the beginning of the month, before school is out, popular summer destinations such as Zakopane and the Baltic Beaches should be slightly less busy. So, if you want to come to Poland in June, the earlier the better! 

Conclusions about Poland in June

Visiting Poland in June is a great decision. In my opinion, it is one of the nicest months to come to Poland, as the sunny weather allows for the greatest range of what Poland offers. From the typical attractions to getting outside, Poland in June has a lot to offer. Just expect a few more tourists than in other months, and by the end of the month, expect a holiday-level of people. Prices may also be a bit higher, but still lower than other European cities. So, plan your next trip to Poland in June! Safe travel! 

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