Warsaw Old Town at night

10 Best Things to Do in Warsaw at Night

Warsaw has a lot of interesting cultural sites to see during the day, but exploring Warsaw at Night is also a fun time. While Kraków is the most famous Polish city for Polish nightlife, and cities like Gdańsk and Wrocław might also have better nightlife in my opinion, Warsaw’s nightlife is still solidly above average if you are in town for a visit. There is a great assortment of bars and restaurants to choose from, and also some other unique activities to enjoy at night if you are visiting. 

In this article, you will find the 10 best locations or areas to visit in Warsaw at night. You will find activities good for those who like to party, for couples, and families with children. There is also a brief guide on safety at nighttime in Warsaw, and on what drinks you should try if you are looking to have some alcohol while in Warsaw. Read on to find more, and drink responsibly!

No Clubs on This List?

One thing to note is that you will notice that I do not include any clubs on this list. In my opinion, the clubs in Warsaw are quite bad. This is an ironic thing for me to say, considering I met my girlfriend at a club in Warsaw, but I stand by this statement. All the clubs are overcrowded, smell like cigarettes, have expensive drinks, and may not be particularly kind to foreigners. My friend has also been drugged at one of Warsaw’s clubs, which had not happened before in any other city, with an indifferent response from the club where it happened once it was reported.

In another club, as my friends and I were trying to leave, and grab our coats from the coat check, we discovered that the coat check workers had stopped trying to work. This, combined with many people trying to leave as it was getting late, meant too many people in a cramped hallway trying to get their jackets themselves, which was in actuality a very dangerous situation. (By the way, this club was Club Opera, definitely do not go, as based on recent reviews, this situation still happens now and again, and it also takes 60 minutes to get a drink sometimes). 

So, I have not had the best experience with clubs in Warsaw. If you want to go, a popular one that should be overall okay is Teatro Cubano, located not far from the Old Town. Be warned that it is popular, and the line to get in can be 30-60 minutes long, with nothing to protect you from the elements. And, as a foreigner, you are more likely to be charged a cover. And, try to avoid bringing a coat or bag if you can manage, it is a horror story trying to get your coat at the end of the night no matter which club you go to. 

1. Visit Nowy Świat


Description: Nowy Świat is easily the most popular place in the city to get a drink any night of the week in Warsaw. Nowy Świat is located close to many of the popular attractions, with its northern end at the Royal Route to the Old Town, and its southern end a short 10-minute walk from the city center. Thus, it is no surprise that this street is the sight of a lot of action. Even during the day, many people come here to enjoy the restaurants and cafes along the stretch and then continue to the nearby attractions. 

Nowy Swiat in Warsaw

But at night, Nowy Świat shines. There is no place with a greater concentration of bars than here. The most popular spot is at the intersection of Nowy Świat with ul. Chmielna and ul. Foksal. During a nice summer weekend, this intersection is packed with outdoor tables and people drinking. These are the spots most tourists end up at (although plenty of locals mix in). On a weekend, it can be hard to find a seat here. 

The most interesting place to end up is through a dirty corridor into an open bar area called Pawilony, where you will find a couple dozen bars in a few long buildings. Here is where you will find locals, although tourists also make their way in. Each bar is very similar, so just pick one that has fewer people, especially if you come on a weekend. A few personal favorites of mine are Komix Bar, which is decorated with comic characters while playing comic TV shows on the wall, and Shot Gun, which has a great selection of cocktails, shots, and beers, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic, and also great music. 

There are a few other places in the immediate area. Do Dna takes the spirit of the Polish basement bar to full effect, as the bar is crammed into a small basement, but has great service, choices, and prices. Pijana Wiśnia is a place where you can buy cherry liquor, which is great for visiting on a colder day of the year.

Finally, if you are hungry after a few drinks, head up ul. Chmielna and get some pizza at Pizza na Chmielnej, which has good-priced slices that hit the spot when you get that nighttime hunger. Do not worry if you see a line, it moves quickly. Make sure to add some garlic sauce on top for the tastiest experience. 

A final note is there are a few bars I do not personally recommend. However, you may have more positive experiences here than I did. One such bar is Coctail Bar Max & Dom Whisky. There is no set menu, which means you can get some cool customized drinks. But, on a weekend, it is almost impossible to get an order in. For differing reasons, I also do not recommend Hany Bany, which is just across the street. Here, you can certainly get an order in, but they so often do not have any glasses to serve you the drink that it is pointless to try to order.

Directions: Nowy Świat is served by the M2 metro line at its northern end, and by a major tram line directly from the center at its southern end. There are also a variety of bus lines that typically run along Nowy Świat until around midnight when the night bus service starts (which is a cheap and efficient way to get home without using a taxi). Parking is in short supply.

2. Visit the Warsaw Old Town


Description: The rebuilt Warsaw Old Town is certainly the most popular place to visit in Warsaw, and in Poland in general. Most people choose to come during the day to admire its brightly colored buildings, visit the Royal Castle or the Market Square, and enjoy some Polish food at one of the restaurants in the historic core. However, in my opinion, the best time to visit the Warsaw Old Town is at night. In most cases, the Old Town should first be less busy at night, which is a plus if you are visiting during the busier tourist season.

Warsaw Old Town at night
Beautiful Warsaw Old Town at night. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

The main reason to visit the Old Town at night is that the atmosphere is very pleasant. The restaurants are still open (although in the summer), and people may have shifted to enjoying a drink. In the winter, visiting at night is also a plus, as the Warsaw Christmas Market can be found here. While not the best Christmas market in Poland, it is still a charming place to visit at night, and the Christmas tree and light display are very nice, and the ice skating rink is also a fun activity for all ages. 

Coming to the Old Town at night is also great for kids if you want to go out at night. Here you will find some nice restaurants (although a bit expensive) where you can get a drink, while your kids can get something nice to eat, and the kids can enjoy exploring the Old Town walls as you walk around. But, the Old Town is great for everyone, so consider visiting it in Warsaw at night.

Directions: The Warsaw Old Town is super easy to reach from every part of the city. Taking a metro to either the Ratusz Arsenał or Uniwersytet/Nowy Świat stops will get you within 10 minutes of the Old Town. You can also take Bus 175 directly from the center. Parking is available in the area, but most of what is available is street parking which is expensive and in high demand. 

3. Hang Out Around the City Center Bars


Description: While Nowy Świat may be the main area for bars, near the city center you will find a second hub of bars to explore. While this area is admittedly close to Nowy Świat, this just means you can explore both in one night if you want to! The city center bars tend to be a bit more popular amongst tourists, although there are some bars more popular with locals mixed in. The reason for the popularity of this area is the high concentration of shot bars, where you can have a chance to try a variety of different flavors of Polish vodka, or whiskey. But, regular bars are also mixed in the area. 

Panorama Sky Bar in Warsaw
The Panorama Sky Bar in Warsaw right after sunset. Taken by Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej Tokarski.

A majority of these bars are centered around ul. Nowogrodzka, ul. Żurawia, and ul. Parkingowa. A good place to start is Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa (linked above), which serves a variety of vodka shots and beers, with also good food available in a rowdy environment popular amongst students and tourists alike. Zebra Shot Bar is also quite popular, with a line out the door not uncommon, as is Chicas & Gorillas Warsawa. For a craft experience, consider Kufle i Kapsle, or the Steam Bar. In general, there are lots of good choices, and you can have an entire night out here without having to go to Nowy Świat. 

Directions: All of the areas referenced are only a short walk from the Centrum metro station. Alternatively, many bus and tram lines run through here from all parts of the city, including most of which you as a tourist should be staying in. Parking is limited to random street parking and maybe a few garages. All of it is expensive. 

4. Admire the Warsaw Skyline


Description: Warsaw is one of the most modern and impressive in all of Warsaw. Tourists are especially drawn to the landmark Palace of Culture and Science, but many modern buildings, such as the Varso Tower, the EU’s tallest, also make for an impressive skyline. Thus, one activity to consider is to find a great place to sit down and enjoy the modern skyline of Warsaw while it is lit up with its nighttime lights. Below are three choices for seeing the skyline of Warsaw at night. 

Palace of Culture and Science at night in Warsaw
Palace of Culture and Science at night in Warsaw. Taken from a sky bar by Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej Tokarski.
  • Palace of Culture and Science View Tower: The view tower at the top of Warsaw’s most famous building is oftentimes open late enough that it is nighttime, especially during the winter months when the sun sets before 4 PM. While you cannot see the building itself, you can see all the other great buildings, and as the viewing tower is open until 8 PM daily, you can visit when it is dark for most of the fall and winter. Just only visit when the weather is calm! I visited at night during a blizzard and the storm was so powerful it wasn’t that dark out. 
  • Panorama Sky Bar (linked above): The Panorama Sky Bar is located in one of the many skyscrapers of the Warsaw skyline. A cocktail here is pricey (starting around 60 PLN), but you will be treated to a panoramic view of the rest of the Warsaw skyline, including the Palace of Culture and Science. Make sure to make a reservation in advance for this spot, which is perfect for a romantic night out
  • New Bridge to Praga: This pedestrian bridge has a variety of names, but no matter what it is called, it offers a very good view of the Warsaw skyline. This bridge was opened in March 2024, and it crosses the Vistula River from near the Old Town over to the Praga neighborhood of Warsaw. As you cross, make sure to turn around and take a look at the skyline. At night, the bridge is less busy, and with benches in the middle of the bridge, you can take a seat and enjoy the skyline from here.

Please note that in the same vicinity of the Pedestrian Bridge is a popular spot for younger people, especially university students, to drink on nice nights and weekends. Be aware that this is technically illegal. The local police do not tend to care, but as a foreigner, they might care more. So, I advise keeping your drinking to bars, clubs, and restaurants. 

Directions: Directions depend on where you want to view the Warsaw Skyline. You can reach the new pedestrian bridge with a short walk from the Old Town. Of course, if you want to be in the city center yourself, most trams and each Metro line reach this area eventually. The Panorama Sky Bar is steps from the central train station, so any bus or tram to the center will do, as well as the nearby M1 metro line.

5. Enjoy a Vibrant Food Hall

Various Locations Linked Below

Description: One of my favorite trends in Warsaw is turning old industrial buildings into places for entertainment, food, and drink. Such places are trendy places to have a nice meal out and have a few drinks. They tend to be a bit pricier than other nightlife spots but are well worth a visit. There are four in particular worth visiting, all within a short distance of the city center.

  • Hala Koszyki: Hala Koszyki used to be an old market square for many years, before being partially destroyed during WWII. Parts of the original art-nouveau exterior and interior metal frames have been repurposed as a trendy food hall right in the heart of Warsaw. There is a mix of shopping, inexpensive international cuisine and expensive haute cuisine, and bars with office space. The best place to sit is on the second level with a view over the whole complex. 
  • The Browary: At this sight was a former brewery, giving this food hall its name. Today, it is a mix of an international food court, meeting spots, apartments, and shops. The food court is the star of the show, with open seating, and a variety of international cuisine to choose from, such as sushi, pizza, Georgian cuisine (which I highly recommend trying), and traditional Polish cuisine. There are other restaurants outside the food court as well, with the usually colorful stairs to the upper level serving as a nice photo spot.
  • Elektrownia Powiśle: Elektrownia Powiśle is both a favorite of mine and a favorite of people I take to Warsaw. For many years, this was the site of a power plant alongside the Vistula River. Today, it is a trendy mix of food court and mall with luxury brands. The food court is where you should spend your time. Its open plan is great for socializing, and there are multiple bars with good-priced drinks to choose from. The food is also good, and I have enjoyed Georgian, Mexican, and American food here. 
  • Fabryka Norblina: For over 100 years, this location was a metal factory producing for all of Poland. After the factory was closed, due to its location right in the heart of downtown, it was recently transitioned into a fancy food hall and mall. This is a common socializing spot for business people after finishing work in the nearby skyscrapers. So if you are looking for a tall, blue-eyed, financial worker, this might be the place to go.

Directions: The food halls are spread throughout the city, although most are found within 15 minutes of the city center. Hala Koszyki is a short walk from Politechnika metro station, and also very close to bus and tram stops with city-wide connections. The Browary is served by buses out front, but also only a short walk from a tram line that connects to the center via Tram 22. Elektrownia Powiśle is a short walk from the Copernicus metro station, which connects to the city center. Farbryka Norblin has its own tram stop, and is close to Rondo ONZ. Parking is in limited supply for all but Elektrownia Powiśle, which has parking available at the Copernicus Science Center. 

6. Have a Fun Night at Zagrywki


Description: Zagrywki was a pleasant surprise I discovered by accident one day. While walking with a friend, I noticed this vibrant glass building that advertised mini golf inside! But, Zagrywki has other things to offer as well. There are pinball machines, beer pong, shuffleboard, and two levels of bars to choose from. The atmosphere is very friendly for international students, visitors, and locals alike. The mini golf courses are certainly the star of the show, with two courses that each have unique holes that are fun to play, and you can take a drink (or a pitcher) along with you and your friends. 

In Zagrywki you can play mini golf and other games.
In Zagrywki you can play mini golf and other games. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

But, Zagrywki is also located in a great part of Warsaw for nightlife. It is both close to Nowy Świat, and the area of bars near the city center, making it an easy destination from either place. Furthermore, the area right next to Zagrywki also has many great bars that are distinct from other bar areas in Warsaw. A popular bar and club is Rakieta, which has a great ambiance and is a popular party spot on the weekends. But, there are also many other unique bars located in the large building just next to Zagrywki, and a large interior courtyard where people like to mingle.

If you want to visit Zagrywki, make sure to make a reservation in advance for the activities, even Beer Pong. The slots available usually sell out in advance. You can make a reservation at their website, which does require you to pay in advance. Zagrywki is usually open quite late, until either 1 or 3 AM, and usually opens at 4 PM, but opens up at noon on the weekends. Ultimately, this is not a place for children, as it is 18+ after 6 PM, but you can visit earlier on the weekends to enjoy the mini golf with your kids as well!

Directions: Zagrywki is not far from the Muzeum Narodowe tram stop, which is connected by a short tram to the Centrum metro station, or a 10-minute walk. Multiple buses also stop right outside this bar and arcade, but most come from more obscure neighborhoods of Warsaw that you would likely not stay in. Parking in the area is extremely limited, so using public transport is better. 

7. See the Multimedia Fountain


Description: Visiting the Multimedia Fountain in Warsaw is perhaps the most child-friendly nighttime activity in all of Warsaw, and it is free! The Multimedia Fountain is a large fountain found just downhill from the Old Town. This large fountain is the site of seasonal light and music shows that take place periodically throughout the late spring, summer, and early fall. This fountain, one of the largest in all of Poland, is capable of displaying scenes from movies, and music videos, with loud music and impressive light shows. With lots of space nearby to sit, including a large hill, this is the place to be on summer Fridays and Saturdays. 

The Multimedia Fountain in Warsaw at night.
The Multimedia Fountain in Warsaw at night. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

Shows take place from May until September each year, starting at 9:30 PM from May to July, 9 PM in August, and 8:30 PM in September. Make sure to get there early to get a good spot. For 2024, the main light show is dedicated to ABBA and their music, but the show differs each year. In 2023, it was Disney-based, and next year it will be something entirely different. Either way, it should be entertaining.

Directions: The Multimedia Fountain is just downhill from the Old Town. Otherwise, it is quite isolated from the rest of Warsaw via public transport. Your best bet is to take one of the many trams to the Old Town (which you can catch at Ratusz Arsenał metro station) and walk about 5 minutes from there. There is Bus 185 which follows the river, which you can catch from the Copernicus Metro Station. The closest parking would be anything offered in the Old Town.

8. Visit the Nocny Market


Description: The Nocny Market is an attempt to capture the spirit of popular night markets around the world. Located at the site of an old train station, the Nocny Market is a collective of food trucks and outdoor bars that is a popular spot to hang out throughout the summer months. The food options are a wide array of delicious international options, with classics like Pizza, gyros, and pasta, with other popular options the variety of Asian cuisines available (such as Chinese and Indian), and even a chance to get the American corn dog, which can even be fried in ramen noodles! 

Located at the site of an old train station, the Nocny Market is a collective of food trucks and outdoor bars that is a popular spot to hang out throughout the summer months.
Located at the site of an old train station, the Nocny Market is a collective of food trucks and outdoor bars that is a popular spot to hang out throughout the summer months. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

But, people also come here to drink. The bars have typical cocktails and good spots. Once the night gets rolling, there is also often live music to accompany your drinks and a unique atmosphere. The sounds of trains nearby, and views of the Warsaw skyline, while being surrounded by derelict warehouses is one of the most unique atmospheres in Warsaw. This place is also generally friendly for kids, although later at night, it can get more boozy. In general, this is a great spot to get some good food, listen to some bumping music, and get the party started. 

Unlike other bar areas, the Nocny Market is only open from Thursday to Sunday. It is open from 5 PM to midnight on Thursdays, 5 PM to 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, and 4 PM to 11 PM on Sundays. Thus, the Nocny Market can serve as a great place to start your night, with convenient tram lines within a 10-minute walk to get you to the other nightlife parts of the city.

Directions: The Nocny Market is about a 10-minute walk from the central rail station. Alternatively, take any bus or tram to Plac Zawiszy, and from there, it is less than 5 minutes to the entrance of the market. Bus 175 from the Old Town is especially convenient, and there are trams from the M1 metro via Centrum every few minutes, or from the M2 at Rondo Daszyńskiego. Parking in the area is very limited, so using public transport is better.

9. Attend and Opera


Description: If you enjoy art, the best way to enjoy it in Warsaw is by attending an opera at the Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa. According to my opera-loving friends (I do not count myself as an opera-lover), the performances here are very good and worth the time and money. Operas run here throughout the year, and the building is also the home to the Polish National Ballet, providing another option for a visit. 

While there are other art options in Warsaw, such as attending a play at Teatr Kwadrat, the advantage of the Opera is that the language barrier does not matter as much as it would for a play (although Teatr Kwadrat also has other events that are worth visiting). Visit the Opera website to learn more about what is going on when you are in town. 

Directions: The National Opera House is only about a 5-minute walk from the Old Town, and is also only about 20 minutes on foot from the city center. Alternatively, it is less than 10 minutes from Ratusz Arsenał metro station, and Bus 175 from the center also stops near the Opera House. There is also a direct bus service to the Opera House from Krakowskie Przedmieście via Bus 111 or Bus 222. There is also a limited amount of paid parking out front.

10. Attend the Night of the Museums

Dozens of Museums Participate

Description: The Night of the Museums allows you to pretend to be Ben Stiller, and interact with the many amazing museums spread throughout Warsaw! The Night of the Museums is a special night that only happens one weekend per year in which over 300 different museums and attractions in Warsaw have late-night hours to attend! If you want to walk inside a Royal Castle late at night or walk amongst beautiful paintings after the twilight hour, this event gives you the chance to. You can visit parks, botanical gardens, viewpoints, art museums, science centers, and more on these nights!

Painting inside the National Museum in Warsaw
A visitor in front of an impressive painting inside the National Museum in Warsaw. Taken by Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej.

The downside of course is that it only happens one weekend per year. It usually takes place near the end of May, so if you are planning to visit Warsaw in May 2025 or further in the future, make sure to Google “Warsaw Night of the Museums” to see if you are in town at the right time! I wouldn’t plan your entire trip based on this, but if you don’t know which weekend in the spring to pick, this can provide some unique motivation to visit Warsaw, especially if you have kids!

Directions: As mentioned, it is not a matter of which museum takes part in this special event, but where the closest or least busiest one is! With so many options to choose from, I would recommend picking a museum or site that seems the most interesting to you to visit at night and go to this one. Be aware that some museums require tickets in advance, as they are super popular to visit on this night, such as the Royal Castle and the National Museum of Poland. If you are lucky, you can visit multiple places in one night, as long as they are close together.

Safety and Rules to Follow When Visiting Warsaw at Night

Once you have picked your favorite place or places to go from this list, there are a few things to know about participating in Warsaw nightlife. In my opinion, the number one rule is to be respectful. Polish cities like Kraków have seen an influx of tourists coming solely for a weekend away drinking, taking advantage of the great nightlife Kraków has to offer. Warsaw can also serve this purpose. However, in recent times, such tourist groups have become viewed as a nuisance rather than a benefit to the economy. If you plan to come just to drink, stick to the drinking area, and be responsible

Another incentive for drinking responsibly is that being a drunk foreign tourist is more dangerous than being a drunk local. You are more likely to get targeted by bar and club promoters, who will rip you off. But in addition, if you are a nuisance while drunk, the local police (who are stationed in great numbers near bars) are much more likely to give you a fine or arrest you, than a local. The same goes if you get in a fight with a local. Finally, do not drink in public! This is against the law in Poland, and as a foreigner, you will again be the first target if the police decide to care. 

If you plan to come to Warsaw for other reasons and want a few drinks here and there, or want to participate in other nightlife, you should have no problems. The nightlife in Warsaw is fun, and an overall safe experience.

What Should I Drink When Visiting Warsaw at Night?

Of course, the main thing to drink when coming to Warsaw is vodka. Poland is known for its vodka, and claims to have invented vodka (which is technically true, but the original vodka was more like today’s brandy). There are many different vodka brands to choose from. You can start by sampling some at vodka-tasting tours, which are available throughout the city. Or, you can sample them from a local convenience store. Soplica is a good start, with dozens of flavors to choose from, and a lower alcohol percentage. Be a true local and knock back an entire small bottle in one go!

Something very popular in Warsaw bars is shots. There are many bars dedicated just to shots. Just do not expect these shots to be pure alcohol. Usually, they will be vodka-based, with a mix of other liqueurs, fruit juices, and other flavoring. Each shot bar has its own unique flavors to sell, but ultimately they will all taste the same from shot bar to shot bar (some just have much more creative, and sometimes sexual names). 

Beyond vodka, do not skip the whisky and beer. Whisky is very popular in Poland, and you will find many different places that offer you glasses of whisky, or whisky cocktails, especially whisky sours. Beer is also widely drunk in Poland, and some Poles do not even consider it an alcohol. Classic brands are Tyskie, Żywiec, and Lech are a good start. Craft brewing has also grown in popularity in recent years, and some bars carry these beers. 

Finally, if you do not drink like me, Poland might be one of the best countries in all of Poland for non-alcoholic drinks. Every bar has at least one bottle of alcoholic beer in their fridge, and most can whip up a delicious mocktail as well if they don’t already have 4-5 on their menu. The previously mentioned Kupsle i Kapsle, with a location in the city center and on Nowy Świat, has the widest array of non-alcoholic beers I have ever seen. 

Conclusions about the Best Things to Do in Warsaw at Night

While Warsaw’s nightlife may not be the crown jewel of Poland, there are still many good things to do in Warsaw at night. From enjoying a drink at the various bar areas of Poland, having a good meal AND drink at a food hall, to child-friendly activities such as visiting the Old Town or walking across the new Praga bridge, there is something for everyone. Make sure to drink responsibly, and NOT drink on the street. Safe travels as you make your way to Warsaw soon!

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