Restaurants in Wroclaw

10 Best Restaurants in Wrocław: Our 2023 Recommendations 

Wrocław is a city full of beautiful architecture, bridges, and dwarf statues. These three features make Wrocław worth a visit, but Wrocław also has an amazing food scene. With many restaurants to choose from, it could be hard to find the best restaurants in Wrocław. There is every type of cuisine imaginable. In the Market Square you will find more touristy restaurants, some good and some bad, and American fast-food chains. As you branch out of the city center, you will find cheaper and less tourist-filled restaurants where you can get a taste of the food of Silesia, the region of Poland where Wrocław is found.  

So, well a look at Google or Yelp will help you pick out the best restaurants, I had the chance to personally visit some amazing restaurants when I visited Wrocław recently and will share my experiences here. While I did not visit all 10 restaurants on this list, I believe that all 10 are worth a visit. I just did not have enough meals to visit everyone, and a limited budget as a current university student. I valued quality, location, and food variety in creating this list. All restaurants are reasonably close to the city center, with some others farther away mentioned at the end of this article.  

With these criteria in mind, I was able to pick 10 restaurants. You will find a general description of each below, as well as information on opening hours, prices, and location. I will keep descriptions brief, and I encourage you to create your own perception as you pick your place to eat in Wrocław, and do not be afraid to branch off this list! As the Poles say before a meal, “Smacznego!” 

1. Restauracja Wrocławska 

Location | Website 

Description: Restauracja Wrocławska is a small restaurant found on a side street just north of the beautiful and well-visited Market Square of Wrocław. This restaurant aims to celebrate the cultural heritage of Wrocław, Silesia, and Poland through a diverse menu full of Polish specialties. The food follows old recipes of area specialties with modern twists, and this makes the restaurant one of the best restaurants in Wrocław. 

Food in Restauracja Wrocławska
Looks delicious – dinner inside Restauracja Wrocławska. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

The restaurant itself is in a fun setting. It is right next to one of Wrocław’s trams, and a tram will pass every 15 minutes as you enjoy your meal. Sitting on the outdoor patio is the best way to enjoy this setting. Sitting indoors is warm and cozy, with a good view outside still. If you have a large group, there is also a large dining hall in the basement for special occasions. Service was impeccable, and the food was delicious. For an introduction to the amazing food of Poland and Silesia, visit Restauracja Wrocławska. 

Opening Hours: Noon to 10 PM from Sunday to Thursday, and noon to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Reservations can be made by calling the phone number linked on the website, or through Google.  

Menu & Prices: Restauracja Wrocławska has many of the best Polish foods to try. Pierogi are a highlight, currently priced around 30 PLN for 5. I tried the “Silesian Heaven,” cooked pork loaded with spices and a variety of fruit, which was a heavenly mix of sweet and savory. Roulade is also popular and a regional specialty but was out when I arrived for dinner. The restaurant also offers an extensive wine list, and local beers on tap and bottled. All in all, a meal, with a drink, will range from 60-70 PLN per person.  

Location Info: Restauracja Wrocławska is found on ul. Szewska, only a short walk from the beautiful Bridge of the Penitents. If you are staying in or near the Old Town, or visiting like you will probably be, it is easy to get to, only about 2-3 minutes from the center of the Market Square. 

2. Stół na Szwedzkiej 

Location | Website 

Description: Stół na Szwedzkiej might be one of the most unique dining experiences in all of Poland, and one of the best restaurants in Wrocław. The idea of this restaurant is to create a custom dining experience with your favorite ingredients and flavors. Your meal will start with an interview with chef Grzegorz Firkowski, where you will tell him what you like. From there, the chef and his crew will create a meal reflecting your personal tastes and their flairs in the kitchen.  

Your meal is then served in the small restaurant designed in a modern style, and you get the appreciate the fruits of your customization in style. This was an experience I regret not being able to take part in due to the uniqueness of the situation. So, consider visiting for an awesome custom experience. The chef speaks English as well as Polish, so language will not be an issue as you create your menu. 

Opening Hours: 2 PM to 7:30 PM from Tuesday to Friday, and noon to 7:30 PM on Saturdays, closed on Sundays and Mondays. Traditional dining times are more popular. You will need a reservation no matter when you want to eat, but more in advance if you want to eat at dinnertime.  

Menu & Prices: As mentioned, there is no set menu, the menu is based on what ingredients are available and your personal tastes. Thus, this unique experience is a little bit more expensive. One meal will cost between 250 and 400 PLN per person depending on what ingredients are used and how many dishes are served. However, the top-notch ingredients and unique experience make it worth it. But, if you are like me, on more of a budget, this restaurant may be out of your budget. 

There is, however, a menu for wines. You can buy a glass, or an entire bottle of top-notch wine. The chef and team will help you pair with what is being custom made for you as well. This adds to the experience and expense, with glasses starting at 30 PLN and bottles around 150 PLN. For the highest expense, you can buy the VIP menu for 600 PLN per person, which will be a diverse menu full of the most premium products.  

Location Info: The restaurant is a little bit off the beaten path. From the middle of Wrocław, it is about a 25-minute journey using public transportation to get to the restaurant. There are options both by tram and bus from the Rynek tram and bus stop just west of the Old Town center. There is also some limited parking in front of the building the restaurant is in. 

3. SZAMAni Food House

Location | Website 

Description: While Polish food is super delicious, it is unlikely you will want to eat it for every meal. Most Poles eat at all sorts of international foods. SZAMAni might be one of the better international food choices in Wrocław and is certainly one of the best restaurants in Wrocław. SZAMAni is located on a quiet side street in the Old Town. SZAMAni serves a wide variety of buns loaded with delicious toppings, that will fill up anyone of any level of appetite. 

I unfortunately did not get to eat here, even though I really wanted to. But the meal I had planned to eat here was one where I was still full of my lunchtime meal, so I passed. But the restaurant is cozy and usually busy with some people and delivery drivers, indicating its popularity amongst locals. This should indicate to you that this restaurant is worth your time, to enjoy some delicious international food brought to you by Poles.  

Opening Hours: Sunday to Wednesday from noon to 11 PM, Thursday to Saturday from noon to midnight. SZAMAni is more popular for deliveries, so you should be able to get a seat anytime. 

Menu & Prices: The menu contains a wide variety of rolls (which are pretty much hamburgers) that run between 25 and 50 PLN, with the more expensive rolls being extremely large, and maybe enough to feed 2 people depending on your appetite. You can also get boxes that include fries and other sides for 50 PLN, with the roll included being some of the more basic ones. There are also separate boxes full of seasoned meats and chicken to enjoy. Also, make sure to get some of the custom sauces, for 2 PLN per sauce.  

Location Info: SZAMAni is located in the Old Town, south of the Market Square. It is located on a less-crowded side street that most tourists seem to avoid, so you can get a quieter dining experience with tasty food. The closest tram stop is only a few steps away, at Świdnicka

4. Chinkalnia

Location | Website 

Description: If you want to try the delicious food of another culture outside of Poland, why not visit Chinkalnia? Chinkalnia is a small chain of restaurants that are common in places of tourism throughout Poland. They introduce outsiders to the absolute joy that the culinary tradition of the country of Georgia is. While you will not find barbeque or peaches here, what you will find is some of the tastiest food I have ever had, and this makes a visit to Chinkalnia a must as you search for the best restaurants in Wrocław.  

Chinkalnia Georgian food
Delicious Georgian food at Chinkalnia. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

While located in the Market Square, Chinkalnia is located down an alleyway amongst the buildings clustered in the middle of the Square and is thus missed by tourists who get attracted to the restaurants along the outside of the Square. But that would be a mistake. The service is highly pleasant, and they make sure you do not commit a cultural faux pau by eating the food the wrong way (more on that in a bit). Sitting outside allows you to admire the beautiful buildings in a quiet atmosphere. All in all, I have nothing but good things to say about Chinkalnia, and you should visit it when you are in Wrocław.  

Opening Hours: Noon to 10 PM from Sunday to Wednesday, and noon to 11 PM from Thursday to Saturday. A reservation is not necessary, but if you want outdoor seating consider one. Or eat a little bit earlier or later to get that coveted outdoor seating. 

Menu & Prices: Chinkalni, the namesake of the restaurant, are the specialty of the restaurant. They are a type of dumpling filled with broth and meat or cheese. There is a specific way to eat them explained on handouts on all tables. The other tasty treat is khachapuri, bread formed into a dish ship and filled with cheese, and topped with a raw egg which you mix with the cheese. 

There are many other delicious dishes to try, mostly based on savory sauces covering meat, and bread dishes. This is the perfect place to buy a few of the specialties and split them amongst your group. Or you can buy chinkalni and one other dish and be full for the rest of the day. An entrée will cost between 30 and 40 PLN, and 3 of the chinkalni will cost around 20 PLN. Chinkalnia also has many delicious drinks to try, including Georgian Lemonade, and some amazing Georgian wines.  

Location Info: The location of Chinkalnia could not be any more convenient. It is right in the middle of the alleyways of the Market Square, specifically ul. Sukiennice. The exact location can be viewed using the location link at the beginning of this entry on our list. So, if you are looking for a restaurant in the Market Square, do not forget about Chinkalnia! 

5. Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant

Location | Website 

Description: Are you looking for a little slice of 1920s and 30s New York City in the middle of Poland? Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant offers that. While the main feature of this club may not be the food and restaurant part, the experience still makes for one of the best restaurants in Wrocław. Opening late in the evening and staying open until late at night, here you can relax, enjoy a drink, and appreciate jazz music performed by talented local artists and bands. The club is not a concert hall, so you can still talk and socialize, or leave for a quick smoke, without being reprimanded. 

Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant
Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

Of course, this means this is not a child-friendly environment, as kids are only allowed in for the first hour and may be a bit too loud for a romantic date, but if you like jazz music, this is certainly the place for you! The food options, while limited, are still tasty, and are perfect for snacking on as you enjoy the concerts. Just be warned that special performances require an entry fee on top of what you pay for food and drinks, but I think that it is worth it for the experience! 

Opening Hours: From 6 PM to midnight Sunday to Thursday and 6 PM to 2 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. It is most common to visit here for the late-night shows and for a drink, so arriving earlier will guarantee you a seat.  

Reservations are available from 6 PM to 9 PM from Sunday to Thursday, and from only 6 PM to 8 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. This is due to the constant shows, for which you must buy a ticket, and then you buy food and drink once you are inside. View this restaurant as more of a concert experience to explain the cost. Also, reservations cost 10 PLN per person. 

Menu & Prices: Let’s be honest, you are coming to Vertigo for the killer music, but they also have good food at good prices, as well as many cocktails to sip all the way until the late hour closing times. The menu is made up of classics, such as salads, cheeseburgers, steak, and more. An entrée will cost you usually from 40 to 60 PLN, with the steak of course being closer to 100 PLN. There are also many snacks available if you are not super hungry, such as nachos or fries, with these running more in the 20-30 PLN range. 

Pretty much any form of alcohol is available to enjoy while listening to the jazz music of the club. Cocktails will run between 30 and 40 PLN. This includes a bunch of seasonal custom cocktails made by the club. There is also beer on tap or in bottles for between 15 and 20 PLN. Finally, there is also an extensive wine list, and you have the chance to buy glasses for between 20 and 30 PLN or buy the whole bottle for over 100 PLN. Whichever way you look at it, Vertigo has a drink for you. There are of course non-alcoholic cocktails too for those of you like me who do not drink. 

Location Info: Vertigo is only a short walk from the Market Square and is also very close to the main central shopping mall and the accompanying tram station Galeria Dominikanska. So, it is easily accessible if you are in the city center.  

6. Burger Ltd

Location | Website 

Description: Sometimes, you just need a burger to fill yourself up after a long day of walking around and exploring a city. I know I do. And the best place to do this in Wrocław is probably Burger Ltd. Located in an unassuming building on the outer edge of the city center and Old Town, it is easy to walk directly by this building. But this would be a mistake. This place bustles with delivery drivers and locals looking to sink their teeth into the juiciest and most delicious burgers in Wrocław. 

Burger Ltd in Wrocław
Burger Ltd in Wrocław. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

If you sit on the patio, you can watch the hustle and bustle of Wrocław go by on one of the main rows and admire some beautiful architecture. This is good, because the service can be a little slow, but the wait is worth it as soon as you get your mouth-watering burger. And do not worry, there is a vegetarian burger too for your vegetarians and vegans out there. Overall, going to Burger Ltd should be satisfying; it is one of the best restaurants in Wrocław.  

Opening Hours: 11 AM to 10 PM Monday to Friday, and noon to 10 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. A reservation should not be needed.  

Menu & Prices: The menu is full of many sorts of burgers with all sorts of toppings. There are classic burgers like bacon and cheeseburgers, but special burgers are the star of the show. You can get a Polish burger, Italian burger, Hawaiian burger, and more. Burgers run between 30 and 45 PLN. Some delicious Belgian Fries cost 14 PLN. Drinks are also a more regular price than other places in the city. So, a full meal might cost you around 50 PLN, but you will be so full! 

Location Info: Burger Ltd is found on the ring of roads that surround the Old Town, meaning it is only a short walk from many of the main attractions of Wrocław. Burger Ltd is also directly across the street from the Rynek tram stop, and there is also a bus directly from the train station if you want to make this your first meal.  

7. Manufaktura Pizzy i Chleba

Location | Website 

Description: Pizza is now an international food, so naturally Poland has its fair share of pizza restaurants everywhere you go. When I was craving pizza, I visited Manukfaktura Pizzy i Chleba, and left very satisfied! The restaurant is on an island along the banks of the Oder River. Sitting on the patio supplies a stunning view of the river, and the beautiful old buildings nearby. The service is friendly, quick, and helpful, and available in English. 

Pizza at Manukfaktura Pizzy i Chleba
Pizza at Manukfaktura Pizzy i Chleba. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

I was ultimately surprised about how unbusy Manufaktura was. Maybe it is because of its hidden location away from the busiest parts of Wrocław, but I certainly left thinking I had just eaten at one of the best restaurants in Wrocław, and some of the best pizza I have had in Poland. The pizzas are delicious and come with all sorts of toppings and filled me up for the rest of the day. And the outdoor environment was amazing, without inflated prices. So, visit Manufaktura for a delicious pizza in an amazing environment.  

Opening Hours: Noon to 9 PM from Monday to Thursday, noon to 10 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, and noon to 8 PM on Sundays. Reservations should not be needed; I was one of only a few in this delicious restaurant at lunchtime.  

Menu & Prices: Manukfaktura specializes fully in pizzas. There are also a few salads, antipastos, and pastas available, but the menu is almost entirely pizza. Luckily, there are lots of good options, such as Nduja, a spicy Italian sausage, or the classic Margherita. Pizzas run between 30 and 45 PLN depending on how fancy they are. There are also vegan pizzas available at the upper end of the price range. The past dishes available when I visited were spaghetti Bolognese and ravioli, both for 39 PLN.  

Location Info: Manukfaktura is found on one of the islands in the Oder River just north of the Old Town, not far from historic Ostrów Tumski. It is about a 15-minute walk from the Market Square. Or you can take a tram to the nearest tram station, pl. Bema. 

8. Vivere Italiano

Location | Website 

Description: This is the lowest rated restaurant by Google reviews on this list. Why then is it included? Most of the low reviews are related to orders or issues with reservations, which should be considered. But this restaurant offers great Italian food in a convenient location and is one of the few places where you can easily get gluten-free options, at a reasonable extra 6-8 PLN per dish. There is even gluten-free beer!  

Vivere Italiano
Vivere Italiano restaurant. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

Beyond the accommodations for differing diets, the restaurant is an Italian sit-down restaurant with a café feel on a beautiful side street in the Wrocław Old Town. Food is overall fresh with premium Italian products, and it is overall considered as authentic as is possible for an Italian restaurant outside of Italy. While it may not be the top restaurant in all of Wrocław, it is still one of the best restaurants in Wrocław.

Opening Hours: Noon to 11 PM every day except Monday, on Mondays from 4 PM to 11 PM. A reservation might be a good idea.  

Menu & Prices: Pizzas are the typical 33 cm size, and cost between 27 and 50 PLN depending on how fancy they are. Vivere also offers soups, salads, and pastas, with these dishes costing between 25 and 60 PLN, again depending on how fancy the dish is. Generally, seafood dishes are the most expensive at this restaurant, but also some of the best ones. The priciest items at Vivere are the drinks, but even then, they are still only a bit above average for the restaurants in the area.  

Location Info: Vivere is located a short walk from the city center and Town Hall and is actually only a few stores away from our earlier entry on the list SZAMAni. However, it is on the corner with one of the main pedestrian walkways, so it is more visible to the public, and a bit more visible. But, from wherever in Wrocław you are, it is easy to get to.  

9. Tequilarnia

Location | Website 

Description: Tequilarnia is a classic example of a tourist restaurant. Located on the Market Square, it is right in the middle of everything going on in Wrocław. While I usually avoid tourist restaurants, I visited because my preferred Mexican food destination (read on for more details) was not open when I was in the area. So, I visited Tequilarnia because I was craving some good quality Mexican food. And it did not disappoint. So, even as a tourist restaurant, Tequilarnia is still one of the best restaurants in Wrocław.  

Mexican food at Tequilarnia
Mexican food at Tequilarnia. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

The atmosphere is festive, with banners and ribbons of skulls and other Mexican imagery decorating the beautiful patio with views of the colorful buildings of the Old Town. The inside is also beautiful, with a wooden bar and good views of the outdoors during the winter, when the patio is less popular due to cold temperatures. The service is very friendly, and a free small appetizer is even included with every meal. All in all, while no Mexican food in Europe is going to satisfy my tastebuds compared to what I am used to back home (I am spoiled, I know), Tequilarnia gets close and is worth a visit. 

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 1 PM to midnight, Fridays and Saturdays from 1 PM to 2 AM, on Sundays from 1 PM to midnight. The restaurant is more popular as a bar at night. It was not super busy when I visited, but I had an early dinner. But a reservation should not be busy, it is not as popular as its neighboring restaurants because Polish people and Mexican food do not typically mix. 

Menu & Prices: Tacos are between 30 and 40 PLN for 3 to 4 good-sized tacos that will fill you up. Other entrees run between 35 PLN and 130 PLN, depending on how fancy you want to go. The fanciest options are steaks and other large servings of grilled meat. Sides are available for 20 PLN, and I recommend adding one to your tacos. There are also sharing platters and a kid’s menu. 

The star of the restaurant for those of you who drink alcohol is definitely the cocktail menu. If you want to drink a cocktail out of a skull glass, these drinks start at 30 PLN. Extra-large ones can cost as much as 100 PLN, but they contain enough alcohol to destroy your liver for life. They also have regular cocktails too, at a regular Poland tourist price between 30 and 40 PLN.  

Location Info: Visit the Market Square, and you will find Tequilarnia. It is located on the southern side of this area, with great views of the Town Hall.  

10. Papi Chulo

Location | Website 

Description: Papi Chulo is the Mexican restaurant I really wanted to try. Located in a location that looks like it would actually host shady dealings rather than a top-notch restaurant, do not be fooled by the warehouse appearance of this cantina. The vibrant banners on the outdoor patio are an indicator of the delicious flavors you will get inside. You will also be greeted with top-notch friendly service. 

Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo is serving the most authentic Mexican food in Poland. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

Papi Chulo is dedicated to creating the most authentic Mexican food in Poland, with menu items you will not see in other Mexican restaurants in Poland. Mexican ingredients are used, and Mexican cooking traditions are utilized to create the most authentic experience possible. And it seems they have succeeded better than most, as reviewers comment on how close to authentic it is compared to most European restaurants. Unfortunately, it is only open for dinner, so do not make the same mistake I did and plan to have dinner at Papi Chulo, one of the best restaurants in Wrocław. 

Opening Hours: From 3 PM to 9:30 PM Monday to Thursday, from 3 PM to 10:30 PM Friday, from 1 PM to 10:30 PM Saturday, and from 1 to 8 PM Sunday. Reservations should not be needed.  

Menu & Prices: There are so many dishes to choose from! Because this restaurant is authentic, it is a little bit pricy. Appetizers run from 20-30 PLN, and include guacamole, frijoles, and other classic Mexican dishes. Main courses include Mexican seafood, the classic tacos, including the amazing tacos de pastor, and meat dishes. Tacos will run around 40 PLN. Other main dishes will run from 40-70 PLN, depending on how fancy it is.  

If you are feeling really hungry, or extra fancy, you can indulge in the Tasting Menu. For the price of 160 PLN, with a minimum of 2 people, you will be handed dish after dish of authentic Mexican cuisine. It can be a real eye-opening experience, and if you have the money and appetite, this will be the best option to introduce you to Mexican cuisine fully and completely. 

Location Info: Papi Chulo is located away from the city center. It is located closer to many of the other best attractions in Wrocław, such as Centennial Hall and the zoo. Thus, this makes a good dinner stop after a longer day in this important part of Wrocław. The Bujwida tram stop has trams to and from the center consistently throughout the day, and Papi Chulo is right at the tram stop. 

Conclusions about Best Restaurants in Wrocław 

Wrocław has so many different restaurants to try beyond these 10. There are many different places to try delicious Polish food, and all kinds of international food if you need a break from eating only Polish food. If you are looking for a few extras beyond what is provided in this list, or are willing to travel farther away from the center than most of these restaurants, consider the following restaurants, which are also some of the best restaurants in Wrocław: 

  • Soup Culture: Soup Culture is an interesting pop-up south of the Old Town. There are not many choices, but what you do get is delicious. You will receive a small cup full of a hearty soup, with the cup being edible and made of bread, so there is zero waste! There are lots of vegetarian and vegan options too. The employees speak English too and will help you choose the best soup, or pierogi, for you. 
  • Grape Restaurant Wrocław: Found in a quiet residential neighborhood near Szczytnicki Park, Grape Restaurant is part of an elegant hotel, and thus is a higher-class dining experience. Here you will try a lot of different classic European dishes from all over Europe in tasty settings, usually as part of tasting meals. So, if you are coming to Wrocław for a special occasion, consider making a reservation here. The meal will be expensive, but tasty and a memorable experience. 
  • Tutti Santi: This chain has restaurants in major cities throughout Poland, but usually away from the crowded city centers and Old Towns of Poland. Here you can have delicious Italian cuisine, including a wide range of pizzas and pastas. The food can take a while to be ready, but that just gives you more time to relax while sipping a glass of wine. If you are staying near the SkyTower, come try some food here. 
  • Bar Trzy Stoliki: One of the highest rated restaurants in Wrocław is Bar Trzy Stoliki. This restaurant serves typical Polish food of Silesia in a small quaint setting. The portions are good, and the food is cheap and tasty. If you are staying in the far west of Wrocław, definitely give this under-the-radar spot a try.  
  • Kasprowicza24: Immigrants from the Middle East and Turkey to Poland have brought their delicious food with them as they have started new lives. Kasprowicza24 is your best choice for a sit-down Middle Eastern meal full of hummus, kebab, and other classic dishes of the area. While there are other kebab places close to the center, this one has higher quality dishes, but you must travel a little farther from the center to appreciate the quality. 

There are countless other good restaurants in Wrocław. Depending on where you choose to stay in the city, check Google or other review websites to see what good restaurants you might be around! There should be no reason to ever eat at any major chain restaurant if you do not want to. I had so much delicious food in Wrocław, and I hope you will also enjoy some amazing food at some of the best restaurants in Wrocław.

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