Zapiecek, a restaurant with traditional Polish dishes, in Warsaw.

20 Best Restaurants I Love In Warsaw (Very Tasty)

Warsaw is an underrated destination for food lovers in Europe, and it is hard work to pick only a small number of the best restaurants in Warsaw. It would be a shame not to enjoy the diverse cuisine available on your visit to Warsaw. From delicious local cuisine to a wide variety of international cuisines available in this increasingly global city, Warsaw has something for everyone of all ages. Another highlight, and a personal favorite of mine, is the scrumptious breakfasts that can be found in many chic cafes across the city!

Not only is the food tasty, but it is also generally affordable. While Warsaw is a bit more expensive than other Polish cities, and prices have risen even since I got here just under 2 years ago, a meal in Warsaw is still cheaper than a majority of major European tourist destinations and capital cities. You can expect to feed yourself for around 50 PLN per person, which usually includes drinks. If you eat at lunch, you can also get lunch specials that drop that price to 35 PLN per person. 

So, this list contains 20 restaurants that I like. This includes 15 actual restaurants, and 5 food courts that offer a variety of cuisines that should not be skipped (eating in a Polish food court is a top experience in Warsaw in my opinion). You will find information about the food, the price, the atmosphere, and the location. Read on to learn more about the delicious food of the best restaurants in Warsaw!

Please note that the opening hours and prices for the best restaurants in Warsaw change quite frequently. You will find each restaurant’s website and social media linked to check for the most current opening hours and prices.

“Polish” Restaurants

Polish food is completely underrated in my opinion. From delicious pierogi (fried or boiled) to tasty kiełbasa, it is important not to skip the local cuisine while visiting Poland! While countless restaurants serve Polish food in Warsaw, the following 4 are my favorites. Note that all 4 do not serve Polish food in the traditional sense, but are still mostly Polish in flavor.

1. Restauracja Różana

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: The entrance to Restauracja Różana is the first sign of good things to come. This restaurant is located in an old house in a quiet neighborhood of Warsaw. You start by entering the ivy-covered gate into a peaceful and quiet courtyard, where you first see the house, surrounded by foliage and covered in ivy. Once inside, the charm remains. This is a classy restaurant, and you will be brought to your table by a well-dressed waiter or waitress. Depending on the day, there might be live piano music, or fresh sets of flowers throughout the restaurant. 

The food options are a mix of Polish classics and Polish-inspired dishes, with seasonal dishes featuring fresh vegetables. Special dishes include beef tartare, potato pancakes, and pierogi. You can also start with a classic Polish soup, such as rosół or zupa pomidorowa. Różana also usually offers daily lunch menus, featuring a starter and main dish, as well as a juice compote. Prices are higher than in most restaurants, but you can still usually eat for less than 70 PLN per person, and the atmosphere makes it worth it. 

In general, Restauracja Różana is a great place for a special occasion, as a more intimate location to try some local Polish cuisine. If you are in town for an anniversary, a birthday, or a holiday, make sure to make a reservation in advance to ensure your spot. This restaurant is popular for good reason and a great spot for a good Polish meal in Warsaw. 

Directions: Restauracja Różana is located at the northern end of the Mokotów district of Warsaw, and is also not far from the city center. If you are planning to visit Łazienki Park, the restaurant is also just uphill from here. Restauracja Różana can be reached easiest by tram, with Tram 4 coming directly from the Old Town, Tram 18 coming from the city center, and Tram 10 coming from near the central train station, and also from Wola. Get off at Rakowiecka. Parking is also limited to a few paid street spots, so public transport is best.

2. Elementy

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: Elementy advertises itself as Asian cuisine. However, in my opinion, this restaurant does a good job of balancing Asian flavors with local ingredients and touches, and to me is a perfect example of “Polish” fusion (a rare combination to find in Warsaw). Dishes at Elementy use mixes of local meats and Asian sauces and spices to create dishes such as baked sweet potatoes, kimchi sandwiches, Pad Thai, and fried rice. This restaurant also offers many vegan options, and other interesting combinations such as quesadillas, tacos, and ramen.

Not only are the food options great, the location is perfect. Elementy is found in the basement of the ornate Academy of Fine Arts. The beautiful orange building on a quiet side street of the city center is peaceful and hidden. During the warmer season, you can sit above ground on the terrace appreciating the surrounding buildings, but otherwise, you can enjoy some time in the cellar. Overall, this restaurant is perfect for the average audience and has great prices to boot. Make sure to check it out if you are in the area!

Directions: Elementy is found steps from Krakowskie Przedmieście and the University of Warsaw main campus, so it is a perfect stop for lunch or dinner if you are visiting the Old Town and the Royal Route. Many buses stop at the University bus stop from all over town, such as Bus 175 from the city center (PLEASE NOTE that if you are visiting in the summer of 2024 these buses are diverted due to road re-construction). Parking is available on the street but is usually taken by 10 or 11 in the morning, so make this restaurant a part of your Old Town trip.

3. Słoik

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: For a more typical Polish restaurant experience, Słoik (the Polish word for jar) provides this. This two-story restaurant provides a variety of cozy indoor seating, and beautiful outdoor seating for the summer, as well as room for large groups, and bar seating. It is usually busy, but not so much that you cannot get a seat if you want it. The wait staff is kind, and the service is quick and efficient. As you start with your drinks, you will be served in chic jars, just as the name of the restaurant. 

But, the food is the star of the show. The menu has many great affordable options. You can get Polish classics such as pierogi, and the sour soup żurek, but also classics such as kotlet schabowy. For me, I prefer to have their delicious burgers. Try the burger wołowy po góralsku, which features a healthy slice of the amazing Highlander cheese oscypek that you can only find in the beautiful mountain region near Zakopane. Słoik also offers many great vegetarian options and a huge cocktail list. In general, it is a perfect place for all budgets to try some good food.

Directions: Słoik is found in the busy restaurant and shopping area just east of Plac Defilad and the Palace of Culture and Science. It is easy to get to if you are coming from anywhere in the city, with trams, both metros and dozens of buses stopping in the area. Parking is extremely limited, but there is a paid underground lot underneath Plac Defilad that you could use if you wanted while hitting the city center at the same time.

4. Zapiecek

Location | Website & Social Media

Description: Visiting a Zapiecek is perhaps the safest way to try Polish food when visiting Warsaw. Advertised as just like eating at home (this is up for debate), Zapiecek is found in the tourist center of the city, and its target market is tourism. While some would advise avoiding such touristy restaurants, I believe that Zapiecek holds up well in the scheme of things. The prices are not so much more than a typical restaurant, and the food is top-notch. Every visitor to Poland I have taken to a Zapiecek has enjoyed the food, and thus I think you will too. 

Zapiecek offers everything you want in terms of Polish food. You can get almost every type of pierogi, such as the classic Ruthenian, or with mushrooms and barley. The kiełbasa is by far my favorite, and other great meat dishes such as goulash and pork knuckle are also offered. You can try every classic soup, from rosół to barszcz, and finish off with some delicious szarlotka with ice cream, Poland’s apple pie. There is also an extensive drink menu with both Polish beers and vodka to try. 

Sausages with bread and mustard at Zapiecek.
Sausages with bread and mustard at Zapiecek. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

This place is also super friendly to all visitors. It has English-speaking staff and menus, clean and huge facilities, and plenty of places to choose from for any group size. The only downside in my experience is that the service can be quite slow, and you will almost always have to get the attention of your waiter to get more food or drink, or the bill at the end of the day. But, this does not stop Zapiecek from being a solid place to enjoy some Polish food in Warsaw, and one of the best restaurants in Warsaw. 

Directions: There are 7 Zapiecek locations to be found in Warsaw, stretching from just north of the Old Town to the very southern part of Nowy Świat. All offer a similar experience. The one linked above is my preferred one to take visitors to, as during the nice part of the year it is possible to sit outside with a great view of the Warsaw Royal Castle. In general, it is easy to visit a Zapiecek location when you are touring the Old Town and the Royal Route, with all forms of transport possible to use, although parking is limited near any Zapiecek.


Eating breakfast out in Warsaw is a personal favorite of mine, and I recommend you have at least one breakfast or brunch out while visiting. A traditional Polish breakfast at a cafe in Warsaw will usually include eggs and kiełbasa, with fresh fruit and vegetables on the side. But, you can also find all your favorite breakfasts in Warsaw, including waffles and pancakes, as well as many vegetarian options. These next 4 places are my personal favorites.

5. Bułkę przez Bibułkę

Description: Bułkę przez Bibułkę offers the most traditional Polish breakfast in a chic atmosphere. Here, you can get delicious and affordable coffees and teas, eggs in a variety of styles with baskets of fresh Polish bread, tasty sandwiches with bacon, cheeses, and even tuna, and delicious bagels, which are the star of the show in my opinion. Not only is the food good, but the prices are absolutely fantastic! A typical meal with coffee or tea will only cost around 40 PLN per person, which is a steal for such a nice breakfast restaurant. So, you should definitely visit Bułkę przez Bibułkę when you are in Warsaw.

Bułkę przez Bibułkę offers the most traditional Polish breakfast in a chic atmosphere.
Bułkę przez Bibułkę offers the most traditional Polish breakfast in a chic atmosphere. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

Directions: Bułkę przez Bibułkę offers three locations to choose from, two near the city center, and one in Mokotów. The one linked is close to the city center and Nowy Świat and has the best atmosphere and location in my opinion. The ones near the city center can be reached with a short walk from either metro line, as well as many buses and trams. The one in Mokotów can be reached by the same trams that get you to Restauracja Różana (Tram 4 and Tram 18). Parking is better at the Mokotów location, and for the city center locations you would need to park under Plac Defilad and walk from there.

6. Być Może

Location | Website & Social Media

Description: Być Może might be the most popular brunch spot in town. A bustling location on a major town square means lots of traffic. But, Być Może’s charm is the amazing food. If you are in a hurry, you can just pick up some fresh bread or pastries from the bakery. But, you should make sure to sit down. The French toast is definitely the thing to try, decadently layered with buttercream and fresh fruit. The omelet with salmon is also good. In general, this place is a classic example of a good breakfast in Poland. You may have to wait a bit for a table, but it is worth it. 

Directions: Być Może has two locations. The linked location is a short 5-minute walk from Łazienki Park, with the other a short 10-minute walk south of the city center. The linked location is my recommendation. If you are visiting Warsaw on a weekend, you can have a nice breakfast in the morning, and then walk to the park to attend a free Chopin concert that starts at noon. Alternatively, you can have a later brunch and attend the concert at 4 PM. For the linked location, trams stop at Pl. Unii Lubelskiej from the city center (Trams 4 and 18). For the other location, walk either from Metro Politechnika or from the city center. Parking is limited in both locations.

7. Francuska Robota

Location | Website & Social Media

Description: Francuska Robota is a favorite of my girlfriend, and based on my visit, always quite popular, so expect to wait for a seat! But it is worth it. The main special of Francuska Robota is the many different types of affordable crepes of all varieties, with many vegetarian options, and special options such as crepes with chili con carne or guacamole. They also offer delicious burgers, with a recommended burger being the one topped with cranberry sauce and camembert. All in all, I see why it is popular: the food is simple but delicious. 

Directions: Francuska Robota is found in the Wola neighborhood of Warsaw. For transport purposes, it is about a 10-minute walk from Rondo ONZ, which is served by the M2 metro, multiple trams, and buses. Tram 10 also leaves from the center and stops at Norblin, which is a shorter walk to the restaurant. Finally, if you are arriving from near the Old Town, you can catch Bus 106 by the university and get off right across the street from the restaurant.

8. Waffle Bar

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: Waffle Bar offers classic American breakfast fares at affordable prices in delicious forms. Here, you will be able to get a variety of delicious waffles. From waffles with Korean barbecue chicken to delicious bagels topped with eggs and bacon, or a full American-style breakfast with pancakes, eggs, and bacon, there are so many good combinations to try. Everything I have eaten here is extremely tasty. Just be warned that the location is a bit small, so you may have to wait. But, the service is friendly and quick, and the food really is better than most places in Warsaw.

Delicious food at Waffle Bar.
Delicious food at Waffle Bar. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

Directions: Waffle Bar is located in Ochota, on Plac. Narutowicza. It is a bit farther away than other places on this list, so only go if you really like the look of the food. Alternatively, if you are visiting Park Szczęśliwicki, this makes a perfect stop on the way. Trams arrive from the city center, such as Tram 7, 9, or 15, with Tram 35 arriving from closer to the Old Town. Parking is very limited, so public transport is best.

International Cuisine

Warsaw is also a great place for international cuisine! While popular European cuisine such as Italian and Greek is everywhere, there are also communities of immigrants that have brought their food with them. Chinese, Indian, Turkish, and Georgian food are all available, as well as food from many other countries. You will find in the following section 7 international restaurants I especially love in Warsaw.

9. Pełną Parą na Nowo

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: Of all the restaurants on my list, Pełną Parą na Nowo is probably my favorite by far. Unlike Elementy which still retains a distinct Polish flavor, Pełną Parą is much more Asian and offers many great dishes to try. Here, instead of pierogi, you get gyoza of many delicious flavors, with vegetarian, spinach, turkey, chicken, and more flavors to choose from. Other classics include sashimi, tartare, satay chicken, and edamame to start, beef udon, crispy duck, and a variety of curries and bao buns for the main course. There are also many great drinks to choose from. 

If you are visiting and do not know what to choose, the #SharingIsCaring menu can be a good choice. It is supposed to feed two people, but can probably feed three if you eat smaller portions. This option includes a little bit of everything, and all of it is very good. This costs as of writing 139 PLN. For an inexpensive option, visit during lunch from noon to 4 PM to get the lunch menu. The lunch menu will include a soup and main course, with either dim sum, a mix of dishes, or a vegetable dish, plus a free lemonade, all for the steal of a price of around 35 PLN per person. 

The atmosphere and service are also great. At the location linked, you can sit in swinging chairs, or sit by the window for a great view of the passing trains. During the summer, sit outside to watch the city of Warsaw go by. Every time I have visited, the service has also been extremely friendly, and are very appreciative of attempts to order in Polish if you know some words. All in all, this makes for my favorite restaurant in Warsaw, so definitely visit if you like good Asian food like me!

Directions: Pełną Parą has 4 locations throughout Warsaw, but the one linked is my favorite one, and the one I recommend visiting, as it has the best location and atmosphere. Getting there is extremely easy. The entrance to Metro Politechnika is steps away from the location, and multiple trams stop right across the street, with Tram 15 and 35 arriving from the city center and close to the Old Town. Tram 4 directly from the Old Town also stops a short walk away at Plac Zbawiciela. Parking is sparse, so use public transportation.

10. Thai Me Up

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: I may be biased, but I had to include at least one more good Asian restaurant on this list. Warsaw has a surprisingly large amount of decent to stellar Asian cuisine, from Chinese to sushi, to Thai and Indian. This Thai restaurant is probably my favorite in Warsaw. It offers all the Thai classics, from the most popular Pad Thai to all the delicious soups, meat dishes, and vegetarian dishes you would expect at a Thai restaurant. Beyond that, it offers a great lunch menu, a good location with friendly staff, and is overall a positive experience. Consider Thai Me Up if you are in the area.

Directions: Thai Me Up is found on ul. Foksal, just off of Nowy Świat. Thus, it is very easy to visit for dinner before a planned night out for some drinks, or if you are walking the Royal Route. It is also close to the city center, and the National Museum if you are visiting. Many buses stop right near the restaurant, stopping at Foksal 02. This includes Bus 175 from the city center. Many buses also stop directly from the Old Town (PLEASE note that during Summer 2024 these buses will be rerouted because of construction).

11. Barn Burger

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: Barn Burger is the restaurant on this list I have visited most, and it held up to the test. Barn Burger has a diverse array of burgers to try, with burgers and a few tacos the only options on the menu. The most famous (or maybe infamous) burger on the menu, features almost a pound (400 grams to be exact) of beef, double cheese, double bacon, and the fixings. This burger comes with a challenge attached: if you can complete it in under 10 minutes, you get a free burger on a second trip! If you are the fastest after a certain period, you can also win a larger prize (but be warned the record is under 2 minutes!)

A burger at Barn Burger.
A burger at Barn Burger. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

If you prefer normal eats, there are many other good burgers on the menu. My choice was the Gender Burger, which featured a normal beef patty, barbecue pulled pork and bacon. There are other choices with oscypek, eggs, vegetables, and more. Each burger is served with their homemade barbecue sauce. It is also recommended to purchase some of their thick-cut fries to go with the burger. The prices are reasonable for the amount of food you get, and the atmosphere is also cool (with a variety of Americana from license plates to road signs on the wall). Definitely give Barn Burger a chance if you are in Warsaw and like burgers!

Directions: Barn Burger has a convenient location close to the center, right around the corner from the previously mentioned Słoik. Given this, you can walk here from Nowy Świat, the city center, and even the Royal Route if you desire (in about 15 minutes). For public transport, the northern exit of the Centrum metro station will drop you steps from the restaurant. Getting off a tram or the M2 metro at Świętokrzyska also leaves you a short 5-minute walk from the restaurant. As mentioned with previous restaurants on this list, you can park underground at Plac Defilad.

12. Rico Tex Mex

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: As a lover of Mexican food, I am always on the lookout for good Mexican food in Europe. Warsaw actually offers quite a few Mexican restaurants throughout the city, but in my opinion, Rico Tex Mex is the best. Rico’s cuisine is typical of an American-style Mexican restaurant, with tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and even sizzling fajitas, all at affordable prices. They also offer a great lunch menu, which includes one of the main menu items and a tasty lemonade. For the picky eaters, there are also burgers and sandwiches available, and fresh-cut french fries. Overall, this is solid Mexican cuisine in a nice location that is worth a try if you are in the area. 

Directions: Rico Tex Mex is a bit far away from the main tourist area of the city. However, it is located close to the POLIN Museum, and many other sights of the old Jewish quarter and sight of the Warsaw Ghetto if you are touring the area. From the Old Town, you can take Bus 180 to Anielewicza and cross the street. From near the university, you can take Bus 111 to the same stop. Two trams also run in the area, Tram 17 and 33, with both trams stopping at the central station, and Rondo ONZ. There is no obvious parking in the area unless you choose to park at POLIN and walk for lunch.

13. Pizza na Chmielnej

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: Pizza na Chmielnej is by far the smallest restaurant on this list. In fact, it is more so a walk-up window than a restaurant. Located on a bustling pedestrian street in the city center, this pizza place is a classic and popular spot amongst both locals and tourists. You can buy entire pizzas, but this is rather a place to grab one or two slices of pizza for a light lunch, or a snack. My personal favorites are the salami, hot, and four cheese pizzas, but they also offer Margherita and vegetarian options. Just make sure to put the tasty garlic sauce on top. Then, enjoy your slice as you watch thousands of people walk by you.

Directions: Pizza na Chmielnej is found on ul. Chmielna and only a short 2-minute walk from the main part of Nowy Świat, or a 10-minute walk from the city center. It is thus very convenient as a snack spot if you are hungry during a night out. For transport instructions, follow previous guidance for instructions to Thai Me Up (but in general, there are bus stops close by, and the metro lines are both 10-minute walks away).

14. Le Cedre 61

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: The first thing that is striking about Le Cedre 61 is the interior decoration. Here, you will find colorfully designed tables, with decadent lamps, blankets, and more, creating an experience like the interior of a Lebanese house. This is amplified by the friendly service, and the occasional traditional music performances and belly dancing. In my opinion, Le Cedre has one of the top atmospheres of any restaurant I have been to in Warsaw.

Jeremy at Le Cedre 61 In Warsaw
PolandInsiders writer Jeremy at Le Cedre 61 in Warsaw.

And, the food is also top-notch. Lebanese food in general is good, and Le Cedre is a great example of good Lebanese food. If you are coming with a group, your strategy should be to order a variety of dishes to share with each other. Get a variety of delicious dips and hummuses, pita bread, meat dishes, and more to share with your group, and finish off with some baklava. The food is all delicious, and affordable. So, if you find yourself on this side of the Vistula River, check out Le Cedre 61. 

Directions: Le Cedre 61 is one of two Le Cedre locations (the other being Le Cedre 84). Le Cedre 61 is only a short walk from the Warsaw Zoo, and also the Praga neighborhood of Warsaw. It thus makes a good destination if you are on this side of the river. You can also travel there by crossing the new footbridge across the Vistula River. Alternatively, trams stop at Park Praski directly from the Old Town, with Tram 4 going all the way from the city center. The M2 metro also stops nearby at Dw. Wileński. Parking is very limited in the area.

15. SHUK Mezze Bar

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: SHUK Mezze Bar is another great example of good Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food in Warsaw. This one also has a cool atmosphere like Le Cedre 61, with fancy wooden tables and chairs, and colorful wallpaper. The service was extremely friendly, and the exterior seating provided a cool view of a small square with a fountain, and the rumbling trams nearby. Foodwise, all the classics are offered, from hummus to halloumi, to kebab. All in all, this is a great place to try if you are in the area. 

SHUK Mezze Bar is another great example of good Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food in Warsaw.
SHUK Mezze Bar is another great example of good Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food in Warsaw. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

Directions: SHUK Mezze Bar is found in Ochota. Like the previously-mentioned Waffle Bar, it is a bit out of the way, but worth a visit if you are visiting the many attractions in Park Szczęśliwicki, with the restaurant a short 10-minute walk from the park. It is also right next to the tram stop Dickensa, with 3 different trams (Tram 7, 9, and 15) arriving from the Old Town pretty consistently throughout the day. There is also some limited street parking in the area.

Food Halls

A very cool experience to enjoy in Warsaw is visiting a food hall. These food halls have appeared in former industrial sites, creating a new purpose and revitalizing the surrounding areas. The typical food hall in Warsaw contains a large array of restaurants with local and international cuisine, drinks, and occasional concerts and events. Visiting a food hall is high on my list of things to do in Warsaw, so make sure to visit one of the 5 listed below.

16. Hala Koszyki

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: Hala Koszyki is a cool food hall found near the city center. Historically, it was an old indoor market hall in the same vein as the nearby still-running Hala Mirowska. It was partially destroyed during World War II, but the art-nouveau exterior has been repurposed as a vibrant food hall full of restaurants, bars, and shops. There is every type of cuisine here, but a cool place to grab a bite is Jeff’s American, which offers decent American cuisine in a cool atmosphere. Otherwise, take your food to the second level for a cool view over the whole interior and the beautiful green support beams.

Hala Koszyki is a food hall near the city center of Warsaw
Hala Koszyki is a food hall near the city center of Warsaw. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

Directions: Hala Koszyki is located near the Polytechnic University of Warsaw, and only a 10-minute walk from the city center. You can also take a tram to Plac Konstytucji and walk from there. Many trams from the center serve this tram stop, as well as trams from Praga, Wola, and Mokotów. Alternatively, you can take a tram to Pl. Politechniki and walk from there. For parking, there is an underground garage on the west side of Hala Kosyzki, that is a bit expensive but can be used.

17. Elektrownia Powiśle

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: Elektrownia Powiśle is a very popular food hall and mall that is perhaps my favorite in the city. It is located in the former site of a power plant, and its revitalization has created a booming food court with many good food options. The food court is open with high ceilings, multiple bars, and open and social seating. There are many good food options to choose from. I have tried the burgers, the Mexican food, and the Georgian food, with all of it being very good. All in all, this is a vibrant place to hang out and get a good bite to eat.

Elektrownia Powiśle is the favorite food hall and mall from PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.
Elektrownia Powiśle is the favorite food hall and mall from PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

Directions: Elektrownia Powiśle is found steps from the Vistula River, and right across the street from the fabulous and kid-friendly Copernicus Museum. It is also a short walk from the rooftop gardens of the university library and a 15-minute walk downhill from the Old Town. You can also take the M2 to the Centrum Nauki Kopernik metro station and walk shortly from there. Bus 127 also stops nearby from the city center. Parking is available for a fee along the street, or in the paid parking lot that is a part of the science center.

18. Nocny Market

Location | Website & Social Media

Description: I recently visited the Nocny Market for the first time, and was impressed. Even on a rainy day, hanging out in this old train station is nice. Open only during the summer on weekends, you can visit here to try a variety of different cuisines from food trucks. I had some good Greek food and custom-made corn dogs while here, but there is also good Asian cuisine and drinks to be had. During the weekend, there is often music, and with many places to sit and hang out, this is perhaps one of the best social spots for the summer. And, the prices aren’t bad either.

Located at the site of an old train station, the Nocny Market is a collective of food trucks and outdoor bars that is a popular spot to hang out throughout the summer months.
Located at the site of an old train station, the Nocny Market is a collective of food trucks and outdoor bars that is a popular spot to hang out throughout the summer months. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

Directions: The Nocny Market is located a short walk from Pl. Zawisy or from Rondo Daszyńskiego, with both locations having tram and bus connections, and the latter having connection via the M2 metro. You can also take a longer walk there from the city center and the Palace of Culture and Science in about 15 minutes. Parking is in short supply in the, although theoretically, you might be able to park in the long lot by the warehouses next to the Nocny Market (but I am not sure if this is allowed).

19. Browary Warszawskie

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: This bustling business district and food hall is at the sight of a former brewery that served all of Poland. The food court provides an eclectic mix of international cuisine to try, such as pizza, sushi, Mexican, and more. In my opinion, you should get some Georgian cuisine while visiting here. The small country has some of the best country cuisines I have tried. The highlights include khachapuri, a bread with cheese and egg in the middle, and khinkali, dumplings with meat and spicy broth inside in which you first suck the broth out. But in general, Browary Warszawskie has good vibes and good food.

Directions: Browary Warszawskie is located amongst the skyscrapers of the Wola district in Warsaw. It is about 10 minutes from Rondo ONZ, with tram, metro, and bus connections there. In general, it is very close to the previously mentioned Francuska Robota, so any directions there apply to coming here. Browary Warszawskie also has paid parking available for customers below the location.

20. Fabryka Norblina

Location | Website | Social Media

Description: Fabryka Norblina has a reputation as a fancy business location for meals. But, this food hall and mall, at the site of a former metal factory, is a great place to try some great food from all over the world, and especially enjoy a drink. Some of the more interesting choices are Caribbean food, tapas, and Ukrainian food. This place is usually bustling any given night, so consider taking a visit if you are looking for a good atmosphere as well.

Fabryka Norblina is a great place to try some great food from all over the world
Fabryka Norblina is a great place to try some great food from all over the world. Taken by PolandInsiders writer Jeremy.

Directions: Fabryka Norblina is a short distance from both the Nocny Market and Browary Warszawskie, and can be reached within 15 minutes from the city center. It is also served by its own tram stop, Norblin, with tram service from the central train station. Alternatively, you can take the metro to Rondo ONZ, and walk from there. Fabryka Norblina also has its own paid parking available below ground, with ample parking spaces available (and potential parking discounts if you download their app).

Conclusions about the Best Restaurants in Warsaw

While there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from, these are the 20 I consider the best restaurants in Warsaw. From good local cuisine to international cuisine, there is something for everyone. So, remember to have good etiquette, and do not skip out on the delicious and diverse food options of Warsaw!

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