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Top 8 Best Hotels with Pools in Wrocław | 2024 Edition

Wrocław is a charming city found in the southwest of Poland with lots of do. If you are looking to stay in style, consider staying in one of the best hotels with pools in Wrocław. Not only are these hotels usually stylish, but having a pool supplies an extra level of comfort when visiting Wrocław! During the warm summer nights, you can cool off with a dip in the pool, and on the many cold and dark winter days, you can warm up in the hot tub and sauna that these hotels provide. 

This blog holds the 8 best hotels with pools in Wrocław, based on reviews, location, and more. Each entry will include general information about the hotel, a list of amenities available, the best estimate of pricing, what attractions and activities are near the hotel, and how to get to and from the hotel. While I did not get to stay in each hotel, I did stay one night in the first entry on this list! I also got a good idea of the surrounding environment of as many of the hotels on this list as possible. Overall, I hope a good hotel for you is amongst the best hotels with pools in Wrocław. 

1. Hotel GEM

Location | Website 

Description: Hotel GEM is a quiet, business hotel, conference center, and recreation center all built into one. It is in a beautiful residential area, a short walk from the confluence of two of the canals of the Oder River in Wrocław. The entrance was a bit tricky to find, as the driving entrance is on a different street than the walking entrance. I had the chance to spend one night over a busy holiday weekend at this location. I had an overall pleasant experience while visiting. The staff was friendly and fluent in English, and check-in was quick. You can also pay on arrival and get an invoice if you are on a business trip. 

Entrance of Hotel GEM in Wrocław
Entrance of Hotel GEM in Wrocław. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

The room itself was nothing over the top, but still very comfortable and cozy. The room is a mix of modern touches, especially in the bathroom, and rustic appeal in the wooden furniture and comfortable armchairs. I was in a room on the ground floor next to the parking lot, but it was still very quiet and private, with curtains that mostly blocked the outside light. The TV has mostly Polish channels to choose from, but there are also radio stations for some music. 

Beyond the rooms, there is also a pool as part of the recreation center at the hotel. I did not have the time to use it, partially because entry still costs money even for guests, but what I did see looked relaxing. It is not a pool that you will find lots of children noisily splashing around in, but one where you can lazily swim back and forth. One thing to note is that the pool does require both goggles and a swimming cap, which you either must bring yourself or buy from the pool. If the pool is not your tempo, just take a walk outside along the river, with walking trails stretching for quite a distance. 

Hotel GEM room in Wrocław
My Hotel GEM room in Wrocław. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

The final experience I had with the hotel was the lovely breakfast buffet. Located in a bright room full of glass windows looking out into the green courtyard, a perfect place to enjoy the weather even on a cold winter’s day, you are treated to the typical breakfast you might find in Poland. There are eggs, sausages, pancakes, cereals, yogurts, and a variety of cold cheeses and meats. You can also get anything to drink that you wish, from coffee to tea, to hot chocolate, as well as juice. You can go back as many times as you want, and the service is so quick that by the time you get back, your first plate will be cleared. 

Breakfast at Hotel GEM
Breakfast at Hotel GEM. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

All in all, I recommend Hotel GEM fully. While I spent more time exploring the amazing city of Wrocław than relaxing in the hotel, the time I spent in the hotel was nothing short of relaxing and peaceful. This hotel would be a good one for a longer stay in Wrocław, with the chance to take advantage of the relaxing atmosphere.  

Amenities: Beyond the pool and buffet, the recreational center has a football pitch and indoor tennis courts, as well as a full fitness room that can be used for a fee. Within your room, you have a minibar with prices much more inexpensive than any other minibar I have seen (but still not cheap), laundry service, dry cleaning, and more. There is also free Wi-Fi. However, it is not the strongest Wi-Fi I have ever met, it worked better the closer to the hallway I was. 

Entrance to the pool at GEM Hotel. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.
Entrance to the pool at GEM Hotel. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

Pricing: For one night in the hotel, including breakfast, I paid 376 PLN. This was the cost for just one person. It would have been a little bit less without breakfast (by 55 PLN). Without breakfast, the cost for 2 people would be about the same. Other than that, keep an eye on the price, but you should pay between 300-600 PLN per night depending on the number of people and which room you are given. You can also pay a flexible rate that allows for cancellation, which in my case was only about 25 PLN more.  

Extra costs include parking, which costs 30 PLN per day, breakfast is 55 PLN for all 10 and older, 25 PLN for those between 3 and 9, and free otherwise. The pet fee is also 70 PLN per night. Using the pool and recreation center will cost you an added uncertain fee (I could not find the price listed anywhere on the premises or website, but I imagine it is around 15-25 PLN extra).  

Poland Insiders writer Jeremy inside the bathroom of his room at Hotel GEM
Poland Insiders writer Jeremy inside the bathroom of his room at Hotel GEM

Location: Hotel GEM is located in the quiet residential neighborhood of Zacisze, which is north of the main branch of the Oder River, and about 15-20 minutes from the center of the city by bus. The area has ample walking trails along the canals and offers a great place to watch a sunset on a clear day. The neighborhood is also a nice place for a walk, as a chance to see a more modern-style residential neighborhood, free of apartment buildings and entirely made up of houses. Other than that, the closest main Wrocław attraction is Szczytnicki Park and the famous Polish landmark Centennial Hall, which was featured in the most recent Hunger Games movie.  

Transport: The easiest way to get around from Hotel GEM is by car, with the good-sized paid parking lot available. However, like me, you can also use public transportation! The closest transport stop is Zacisze. From here, there are many buses to Plac Grunwaldzki, which supplies connections to trams and buses that go anywhere in Wrocław. If you want a direct route to the city center, Bus D stops outside Galeria Dominikanska, which is only a short walk from the beautiful Wrocław Market Square.  

2. AC Hotel by Marriott Wrocław

Location | Website 

Description: AC Hotel by Marriott Wrocław is a fancy hotel with modern touches, found in a classic building near to all the activity in Wrocław. This is certainly not a hotel for budget travelers but compared to a typical hotel of this caliber in Europe or the rest of the world, you can enjoy the luxurious experience without straining your wallet quite as much. All rooms are suite-style, with either two twins or one king bed, touchscreen climate control, a desk and ergonomic chair, and a stylish bathroom, as well as a coffee machine and minibar.  

The pool is in a well-lit room, which offers peace and relaxation. You can chill on the side of the pool, or casually wade or swim through the pool. The pool is also heated for your comfort, with a lifeguard on duty for safety. Of the pools I have seen in Poland whilst staying at hotels, this one looks like one of the nicer ones. It is simple, but still relaxing. And, unlike Hotel GEM, it is complimentary for all guests (but it better be at the price point for this hotel).  

AC Hotel by Marriott Wroclaw
Outside of the AC Hotel by Marriott Wroclaw. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

Overall, this hotel is well-refined and will provide a relaxing and luxurious stay, in a great central location, with lots of great amenities. You could certainly do much worse when booking hotels with a pool in Wrocław.  

Amenities: Beyond the pool, there is also within the pool area a hot tub, a spa, and a 24-hour fitness center, all typical of a fancier hotel like this one. The restaurant also offers a restaurant, entitled Fuego, which offers upscale dining and a variety of craft cocktails. The servings are not huge, but if you want a fancy meal (either at the restaurant or via room service), this is not a bad choice. Or you can get some simpler food at the AC Lounge. Breakfast is served at both.  

Pricing: The best estimate of the price is anywhere between 600-900 PLN per night, depending on the number of people, whether you choose to join the royalty program, whether you add breakfast, and which season you choose to visit. Expensive times will be in July and August and in December when the amazing Christmas Market in Wrocław is happening. Adding a pet is 100 PLN per night per pet.  

Location: AC Hotel is in a prime location of Wrocław, right across the street from the Wrocław Music Forum, and Plac Wolnosci. It is also only around 5 minutes by foot to the heart of the Old Town, via Plac Solny. Also nearby is one of many fantastic museums in Wrocław, the City Museum of Wrocław. In general, staying at AC Hotel will put you within striking distance of every major attraction in Wrocław, other than those near Centennial Hall.  

Transport: The major east-west tram line in Wrocław, stopping nearby at both Zamkowa and Rynek, will take you to any attraction not found directly in the center, and will give you access to the central train station. If you come by car, there is some limited parking out front, but you can also park in the large underground lot below Plac Wolnosci. In general, the AC Hotel is in a great location for getting around.  

3. DoubleTree by Hilton Wrocław

Location | Website 

Description: DoubleTree by Hilton in Wrocław, a 5-star experience, is one of the nicest hotels in the city. It is in a modern building found on a prominent street corner of the city, steps away from shopping and restaurants, as well as museums and attractions. Most reviews rave about the friendly staff, even mentioning their dedication to teaching some guests about the local culture a bit (through teaching Polish words). Rooms are elegant, in either double twin or king formation (unless you really want to splurge), with comfortable beds, panoramic views, a small TV, and small touches like a bathrobe and slippers. 

DoubleTree by Hilton Wroclaw
Outside DoubleTree by Hilton Wroclaw. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

The pool is like many Hiltons across Poland, attached to a Holmes Place fitness center. Access is complimentary for guests, you just must show your room key and give your room key to the attendant at the front, who should speak enough English for this interaction. Once inside, the pool is lit casually and is not meant for play. Instead, enjoy doing some laps, or just sitting in the heated water.  

Overall, expect a similar amount of style as a stay at the AC Hotel, and a stay here, while a bit expensive, should be worth every Polish groszy.  

Amenities: Beyond the pool, there is also a spa and fitness center attached. For pets under the allowable weight of 34 kg (75 pounds), there is also a pet-inclusive experience available at the hotel.  

Pricing: The lowest night price I could find is around 420 PLN per night for the basic double twin room, but the prices can get as high as 1000 PLN per night depending on whether you get breakfast, how many guests you have, and how flexible you are on bookings. Prices only go up as you move upwards to a king room, or some of the executive rooms, which can cost upwards of 1000 PLN per night.  Parking costs 110 PLN per night. Pets cost 100 PLN per night. Breakfast will add around 70 PLN per night.  

Location: The DoubleTree is also in a prime city center location. It is only about 10 minutes from the center of the Old Town and is even closer to both the National Museum in Wrocław and the stunning Panorama Racławicka. You would also only be a short walk from green spaces, nice for walking and playing, as well as the Oder River. All in all, staying at the DoubleTree places you well in the city for seeing as much as possible without having to travel too much.  

Transport: The DoubleTree’s location means you certainly do not need a car if you are staying, although parking is available. A tram to and from the train station is a short walk away, at the nearby Galeria Dominikanska. You can also find trams to the west and east of the city, including in the direction of Centennial Hall. Otherwise, the location makes for a great place to walk to every main attraction in the city.  

4. Hotel Monopol Wrocław

Location | Website 

Description: Hotel Monopol is another luxurious 5-star hotel right in the heart of everything going on in Wrocław. Steps away from the Old Town, not only will you be able to enjoy the city easily, but whenever you need a break, you can take it in style. Even the classic double rooms are stylish, with great views of the city. You will find a mix of brick, wood, and stone in your room, with a comfortable and clean king bed (or two queens), a satellite TV, and a cozy stone bathroom. 

Outside Hotel Monopol Wroclaw
Outside Hotel Monopol Wroclaw. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

The pool is another sleek choice, found underground, lined in marble, and with warm waters to relax in. While this is not another pool for frolicking around in, if you do bring your children with you, the hotel offers licensed swim instruction for an extra fee. While a hotel may seem an odd place to give your kids swimming lessons, you certainly could not do it in a more stylish pool! 

All in all, a stay at Hotel Monopol will be one in style, with lots of top-notch amenities, great service, and a great location. This offer, in my opinion, is interchangeable with the earlier two entries on this list. I would pick between the three based on the best price you can get! 

Amenities: With the pool, there is a wellness center with a spa, sauna, gym, steam bath, and salt cave. You can get special 70 or 100-minute massages from a trained massage therapist, that includes a complimentary glass of wine. The hotel also offers two restaurants. The Monopol Restaurant serves Polish cuisine in a different way than most restaurants (in other words, more fancy). The best restaurant is perhaps the Acquario Restaurant, found on the upper floor, offering an outdoor terrace with great views of the city. 

Pricing: A night should typically range between 600-1000 PLN per night, depending on the room package you get, as well as when you are staying. Adding breakfast will add a hefty 100 PLN per person. Prices increase the nicer the room is, getting into the range of over 1000 PLN, with the VIP package, including the nicest room, service, and access to everything in the hotel for free, costing around 4000 PLN! 

Location: Hotel Monopol is another central hotel in Wrocław. The location is right across the street from the Opera House and Plac Wolnosci, and right next to the beginning of the pedestrian promenade that will lead you to the Market Square in around 5 minutes. You are also close to the city canal and the lovely Copernicus Park, a nice place for a stroll. In general, as with the AC and the DoubleTree, you will have no trouble accessing everything you want.  

Transport: As with the AC Marriott, you can park beneath Plac Wolnosci, or on the streets nearby if you would like to drive. Otherwise, you are on a close journey to both the Swidnica and Opera tram stops, with the former having service to the east and the west, including the train station, and the latter to the north and south, including near Ostrow Tumski.  

5. Qubus Hotel Wrocław

Location | Website 

Description: Found in the heart of the Old Town, the Qubus Hotel in Wrocław is a small step down from the earlier entries on this list. Here you will not find ridiculous rooms of brick and stone, with 200 PLN drinks. Rather, you will find an elegant, but simple, hotel, with great touches. Rooms are a bit more old-fashioned looking, but the rooms themselves are still spacious, with comfortable beds and furniture. The hotel’s age does mean there could be some problems with temperature control, and if you prefer more modern touches, this may not be the hotel for you. 

Outside Qubus Hotel Wroclaw
Outside Qubus Hotel Wroclaw. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

The pool, with a jacuzzi and sauna, is found below ground. This is perhaps the most modern part of the hotel. The pool is not large, but there is ample room to enjoy time in the pool, and it is more child-friendly than other pools on this list. The pool is also only available to hotel guests, while some other pools on this list are open to outside users. The water is warm, and the pool is open for long hours. It is one of the nicer pools on this list.  

Overall, I think this hotel is a great choice if you want to be close to everything, are not too picky about modern touches, and are looking for a pool that is more kid-friendly than other hotels with pools in Wrocław.  

Amenities: Not only is there a pool and sauna, but you can also access a small fitness room right next to the pool, with consistent access throughout the day if you want to exercise even more than you already will around the city. Beyond that, an expansive and delicious breakfast buffet is available for all guests, and if you are in a hurry, you can also get a to-go breakfast to take with you.  

Pricing: Prices in the off-season can get as low as 250 PLN but will probably range between 500-700 PLN per night, as always depending on your desired package. Parking in the underground lot costs 105 PLN per night, although there is cheaper parking around if you prefer that.  

Location: Qubus Hotel is found within the Old Town itself, right across from the church that holds the famous Bridge of the Penitents, which offers a stunning view of the Old Town, and the city of Wrocław as a whole. Being within the Old Town, you are also only steps from the Market Square and many other main attractions of Wrocław. You are also a short walk from the Panorama and the Oder River. This is also the best location for immediate access to the many great restaurants of Wrocław.  

Transport: Given that the Qubus Hotel is located right in the center of everything, you should not have to worry about using public transport. Both, there are major tram lines in every direction nearby, including with direct access to the train and bus station, and other attractions in the city not in the center. 

6. Platinum Palace Boutique Hotel & Spa

Location | Website 

Description: After a short break from the 5-star hotels, we return to another stellar 5-star hotel in Wrocław, this one that markets itself as a hotel for solo travelers and business guests. Located away from the tourist part of the city, the Platinum Palace is a place for weary travelers to rest and relax. While the hotel offers both “comfort” and “luxurious” rooms, both are very stylish! The comfort room includes a comfortable bed, a large TV, and some comfortable armchairs. The luxurious room includes a slightly larger bed, with a floating TV, and more furniture and space.  

The pool, rather than being a full-sized pool, is a small pool that is romantically lit, a perfect place for a relaxing dip. Also attached is a large jacuzzi, available for free for all guests, with a lovely view of the outside. As soon as you step out of both, a large sauna is right next door, waiting for every guest. All in all, the pool area is smaller than others on this list, but the amenities themselves are still top-notch. 

Overall, for a luxurious stay a little bit farther from the action (with the benefit of a slightly lower price), the Platinum Palace should have everything you want! 

Amenities: The most unique feature of the hotel is access to a billiards room if that is your thing. Beyond that, there is also a small wellness area, and you can also book a massage (this can also be bought in a special package with your stay). The hotel also offers bikes to explore the city for a fee. Beyond that, the hotel offers both a restaurant and a bar. The restaurant offers typical fancy restaurant fare, and if that is your thing, it should be good. There is also the Insomnia bar, which has an especially large wine menu, but also offers a large selection of spirits and cocktails, as well as some tapas to eat. 

Pricing: The most basic room can cost as little as 350 PLN per night, which in my opinion is a steal! This offer includes access to everything in the hotel, as well as free cancellation! However, prices can also range from 500-600 PLN on a typical night. Extra costs include breakfast, which costs a whopping 80 PLN per person, and parking your car at the hotel will cost 80 PLN per night.  

Location: As mentioned, the Platinum Palace Boutique is in Wrocław but a bit further away from the city center. The closest thing to do is the lovely green space of Park Południowy. Otherwise, not much else is close, other than some local restaurants and shopping. Luckily, the tram network is good and quick and will get you where you want to go in the city with no trouble.  

Transport: Having a car could be very useful when staying at this hotel, as it is a straight shot up to the center of the city by car. However, you can also take either Tram 6 or Tram 17 for a direct shot to the Old Town, or Tram 2 to Centennial Hall. All of these trams leave from across the street at the Krzyki tram stop.  

7. Zamek Topacz

Location | Website 

Description: The name of this hotel translates to “Topacz Castle,” and this hotel is indeed housed in an old castle. The castle has been around in various forms since the 13th century. But today’s version has been modernized to serve as a hotel. The rooms are in multiple buildings throughout the property, including the main castle. Rooms are a mix of rustic and super modern, depending on which building you choose. You can choose from staying in the Estate Manager’s Residence, the Granary, the Gardener’s Cottage, the Guest House, the Stable, or the Castle itself. 

The pool is in a well-lit room with a great view of the outside. The pool is large and is open for children until 7 PM. Also attached is a top-notch spa, with the ability to get a massage. There are also some of the nicest saunas in Wrocław. All in all, while the hotel is a bit far from everything going on in Wrocław, the opportunity to stay in a castle is well worth it, so do not skip out on this if you want to stay in a castle for a much cheaper cost than Disneyland! 

Amenities: Given that this is a castle, one of the benefits of staying here is that you can take advantage of the beautiful grounds around the castle, which include well-manicured gardens and flowers, and a small lake with a walking trail. You can also explore the other buildings on the campus, including the 12th-century guard tower, or work your way to the tennis courts, and even a small golf course! Within the castle building, there is also an extremely fancy restaurant that will certainly set you back a bit. For a cheaper choice, get a sausage and some French fries, as well as a drink, at the Polana Bar. 

Pricing: Room pricing depends on which building you want to stay in. The cheapest building is the Estate Manager’s Residence, with rooms starting at 450 PLN. If you want to stay in the castle, rooms start from 720 PLN, with the more expensive rooms going over 1000 PLN per night.  

Location: Zamek Topacz’s location is very remote, and technically not within the city limits itself, but still very close to the city. As far as things to do within the immediate vicinity, the hotel itself has an automobile museum on the premises, and there is a lake to walk around, but otherwise, you will need to make the journey into the city each day to have more things to do.  

Transport: Of any place on this list so far, Zamek Topacz is the number one place to have a car. The disadvantage of the peace found in this location is the distance from the city, so having a car will alleviate these issues. Otherwise, Zamek Topacz is about a 20-minute walk from the Bielany Wrocławskie train station, which has multiple trains per hour into the city center.  

8. Hotel Orient Palace

Location | Website 

Description: Not to be left out, Hotel Orient Palace, close to Zamek Topacz, is also located in a historic building, this being an 18th-century mansion. While the facade supports the appearance of that 18th-century manor, the indoors have been redone to have a mix of modern and classic looks. This hotel is also very intimate, only offering 32 rooms on 2 floors, meaning you may make some new friends easily staying here! All rooms are standardized, with every room having a large double bed, an Indian marble shower with amenities, a satellite TV, and a working desk.  

The pool is a non-chlorinated pool, found on the bottom floor, with comfortable lounge chairs surrounding it. The pool is a good size for swimming, or just chilling in the warm waters. There is also a steam bath next door, and a dry sauna. There is also, as with most of the hotels on this list, the ability to pay for a massage with essential oils and a candle-lit mood. As with Zamek Topacz, this is a nice hotel in a historic building, but at a price point that is more palatable for the average family, and if you do not mind the commute, it is certainly worth a stay! 

Amenities: Outside of the pool area, the only special amenity offered by the hotel is the in-hotel restaurant, where breakfast is served if you choose to buy it. There is both a traditional Polish menu and an Oriental menu, specifically focusing on Indian cuisine, which is certainly a unique experience for a Polish hotel. The breakfast offered was critiqued as a bit bland and without too much variety, so if this concerns you, there are many stores nearby to buy your own breakfast and other food! 

Pricing: Room prices start as low as 180 PLN, one of the best deals on this list! The trade-off is that you will have to spend more time each day commuting into the city, but if you are looking for a deal, this is a great option! Typical prices will be between 250-400 PLN per night. Making your reservation refundable will add 30 PLN to the price, and breakfast costs 40 PLN per night per person. 

Location: The hotel is found within the small town of Bielany Wrocławskie, which borders Wrocław to the south, and is for all purposes still a part of Wrocław. The city itself does not have a lot to do beyond relaxing and eating at a restaurant, but there is an Ikea and a large indoor children’s playground. Otherwise, you will need to make it into the city for entertainment, which should be your goal anyway.  

Transport: As with Zamek Topacz, a car would be more useful for getting into the city. However, the Bielany Wrocławskie train station is only a short walk from the hotel, providing easy access into the city, to use the city’s public transport network from there.  

Where to Book Hotels with Pools in Wrocław

What is the best place to book a hotel in Wrocław? This depends on your preferences. I used Google review results as well as Booking results to decide which hotels would fit best on this list. Admittedly, there are not that many hotels with pools in Wrocław, and this list covers almost every choice that is not terrible. So, I would recommend a stay in Hotel GEM if you were a family, but if you are coming individually or as a couple, any of the other hotels are well suited. For a quieter and more secluded environment, choose any of the last 3 entries on this list. 

When you are ready to book, I would recommend booking directly with the hotel for the best price. Each hotel on this list has a website linked underneath the name of the hotel, and here you can book for the best deals. Many of these hotels also offer free loyalty programs, which sometimes offer welcome bonuses, but at the very least, get you a discount in exchange for an influx of emails that you can ignore. If language is a concern, all these hotels have English webpages, and the staff at each will speak English if you choose to call instead.   

Conclusions about Best Hotels with Pools in Wrocław

Overall, I hope you find a good variety of choices on this list. While there are not many hotels with pools in Wrocław, there are enough options where you can choose from some cheaper (but still not as cheap as it could be) options, and from more luxurious options. The Hotel GEM, based on my experience, is a great option for every type of traveler, with reasonable room prices, and the pool is there for a small fee if you want it. Overall, you have lots of good choices, and I hope you find the right hotel with a pool in Wrocław! 

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