Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej is looking at the pool inside Sofitel hotel in Warsaw

9 Best Hotels with Pools in Warsaw | 2023 Edition

When one imagines taking a nice vacation, one might imagine staying at hotels with pools. However, compared to where I am from in the US, Europe does not have nearly as many. But there are still enough to leave you with options. Warsaw has a number of hotels with pools. These hotels range from upscale 5-star stays in the city center, to a few found farther away from the city that are cheaper. Overall, if you want to stay at a hotel with a pool in Warsaw, be prepared to spend appropriately.

In this list, you will find the 9 best hotels with pools in Warsaw. They are ordered based on approximately how close they are to the city center. The first hotel on this list I had to chance to stay in courtesy of Poland Insiders founder and photographer Andrzej Tokarski, and it was a 5-star experience. And overall, you will find lots of 4 and 5-star hotels on this list.

Additionally, the last hotel on this list is quite far from the city center, but it is one of the few more budget-friendly options available in Warsaw. Additionally, hotel #8 is probably the best hotel with a pool for budget spenders, so make sure to book right away! All pools in these hotels are indoors and included in the price of the stay. The price is based on a one-night stay for 2 adults on a weekend in August, so prices may be lower or higher depending on when you choose to stay, or how many people you stay with!

Finally, there are some good hotels that I have decided not to include on the list. If you do your own research, you will find some hotels with pools directly near the airport. While the airport is not a super far distance from the city center, for the price of these 5-star airport hotels, it is not worth staying there when you could stay close to the center for the same price. With all the caveats out of the way, I hope you find the perfect hotel for you in this article!

Best Hotels with Pools in Warsaw

1. Hilton Warsaw City

+48 22 356 55 55 | Booking.com | Google Maps  

The Hilton in Warsaw
Outside of the Hilton in Warsaw. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

Recently, I had the privilege to stay in this hotel for a night for the purpose of reviewing it for this very blog you are reading now. It was paid by us, PolandInsiders, and was not sponsored by the hotel. This hotel was picked based on its location, amenities, and relatively affordable price. And overall, I have almost no critiques. While a longer stay may have revealed some shortcomings, I am confident that anyone can enjoy the professional staff, comfortable amenities, and convenience of location when staying at the Hilton Warsaw City.

I stayed in the classic king room. The hotel placed me in a room on the 16th story (there were 10 more stories above me), with a window facing some of the tallest buildings in Warsaw, such as the Warsaw Spire and the Warsaw Trade Center. The window was facing west, so there was also a stunning sunset to be watched. But, if you are concerned about the light from the big buildings, the curtains over the windows are top-notch, and did a solid job of blocking out light from the outside. The whole room is also air-conditioned for your comfort.

A room inside the Hilton in Warsaw, Poland
The room of Poland Insiders writer Jeremy while staying at the Hilton

The room itself is very spacious, there is a good amount of space to walk around. For perspective, it would be easy for 3 people to do push-ups between the bed and the cabinet with the TV on it. The bed was comfy with good quality pillows and sheets, and two side-tables with individual reading lamps and an alarm clock as well. Additionally, there was a small red sofa perfect for two people, and a glass desk with a comfortable ergonomic desk chair to conduct any business you might have on. Perhaps my only complaint is there are not any plug sockets by the bed!

Additionally, there is a large wardrobe with a motion-sensor light, with sufficient hangers for your belongings. There is also an ironing board and hair dryer in the closet. You will also find two fluffy and very comfortable bathrobes for relaxing in. As someone who had never worn a bathrobe in a hotel before, I was very impressed. Next to the wardrobe is a coffee nook, with a kettle, and tea and coffee available, and below this nook is a small refrigerator.

This bathrobe can be used in the luxurious bathroom. There is only one sink, but it is sufficiently large and has ample counter space. Behind the sink is a decent-sized tub with the ability to also shower in it if you choose. But there is also a separate shower stall with body gel, shampoo, and conditioner available. Overall, the bathroom is large, comfortable, and very nice.

I of course did not spend my entire time in the room, although with how nice it was, that would have been easy to do. I first went to explore the fitness facilities. They are on the lower floors of the hotel but run by a private company called Holmes Place. However, with your room key, you can go to the desk receptionist, and get in for free. Of course, this takes away from some of the privacy of the facilities, as the public uses them daily, and there were swimming lessons and training sessions going on.

Despite this, the facilities are very nice! The pool is shallow and dedicated for lap swimming through most of the day, with enough room for 4 separate lanes. I did not go into the pool as I did not want to swim laps. Instead, I used the large hot tub and jacuzzi. Both are at a comfortable temperature, not boiling hot, and are very relaxing, and overall were very quiet. Most people there were using the big pool to swim laps. Also of note is that during the weekends, kids can swim in the facilities, so keep that in mind depending on when you stay.

The exercise room has everything you would need in an exercise room. There are many cardio machines overlooking the pool and the outside view, and every other type of machine you need from free weights, benches for lifting, and more. As a pricey public facility, the equipment is top notch. Overall, the facilities are very good, the staff is friendly and helpful, and you should use the pool when you choose to stay!

Also important is the food. And let me tell you, the food was an amazing experience. I got my room with the complimentary continental breakfast buffet, served daily in the in-hotel restaurant. As you enter, the host offers you a glass of Prosecco to start your meal. Then there was a large selection of cheeses, cold cuts, vegetables, fruits, and bread that you could cut yourself.

There is also a hot food area with some of the best bacon and sausages I have ever had, eggs, fancy mushrooms, and more. You can also have a customizable dish made at the chef’s booth next to the hot foods. Coffee, tea, and juice are everywhere. There is also a kids’ section with pancakes and candy! Overall, this breakfast was superb.

The restaurant also offers room service and dinner service during the afternoon and evening. The prices are typical of a luxury hotel, and the offerings many. Some of the unique offerings were must-have Polish dishes such as gołąbki and pierogi. But you can also get classic food, such as pizza, pasta, liquor, and more. Overall, the service in this hotel was 5-star level, and I could not have been happier with my stay.

The location is also convenient. You are not far from two major tram lines, and the M2 Metro line, all of which take you to either the city center or the Old Town. The closest attraction, a must-see in Warsaw, is the Warsaw Uprising Museum. So, dining, shopping, and entertainment are all very close. Because of all the transit nearby, getting to the museum is easy too. From Chopin Airport, take Bus 175 to Plac Zawiszy and switch to Tram 1 north to Warsaw Uprising tram station, and walk 3 minutes. From the center, take Tram 22 to the same tram stop. From Dworzec Gdanski, take Tram 1 to the same stop.

Overall, considering location, amenities, and comfort, the price was worth it. The cost of a one-night stay on a Friday was 660 PLN, which when compared to other similar quality hotels in Warsaw, is practically a bargain! This price was achieved by joining the free Hilton Honors club, which gives you discounts on every stay, and points to be used on future stays. I would recommend joining; a few emails are worth the discount. So, if you want a hotel with a pool in Warsaw, I highly recommend the Hilton Warsaw City!

2. Sofitel Warsaw Victoria

+48 22 657 80 11 | https://goo.gl/maps/qmP7Jwt6nmaxDixb6  

The Sofitel hotel in Warsaw
The Sofitel hotel in Warsaw. Taken by Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej

Poland Insider’s founder and photographer Andrzej Tokarski got the chance to stay here and had overall good impressions of this hotel. Additionally, I walk by Sofitel Warsaw Victoria almost every day on the way to classes. And my impressions of it have always been that it is a fancy business hotel. However, that does not mean you should not stay here. It offers top-notch accommodation, as per Andrzej who complimented the service, in a top-notch location. 

Sofitel’s modern design sticks out amongst the rebuilt, red-roofed Royal Route buildings surrounding it. It also sits prominently at the south end of Piłsudski Square, which houses one of the best views of the Warsaw skyline. You can be treated to these views from the hotel as well. Sofitel offers a ridiculous variety of rooms, and extremely fancy suites to choose from. Classic rooms come with a comfy bed, a small duvet, and an elegant marble-topped bathroom.  

Room of Sofitel hotel in Warsaw
Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej is relaxing and editing photos inside his room at Sofitel hotel in Warsaw

The superior room offers the same amenities, including cosmetics, coffee, tea, and water, but space on a higher floor. For the ultimate experience, choose a luxury room, which offers more furniture, a dedicated working space, a complimentary Nescafe coffee machine, and a mini bar. Andrzej’s impressions were positive, complimenting the pretty rooms, the big bathroom, and big comfortable bed. Overall, all rooms are a good choice depending on how much money you can spend. 

The wellness center houses the pool. The pool is housed in a sleek room, with year-round heated waters. Discreet lighting makes spending time at this pool a relaxing and private experience. Andrzej comments that later in the day and especially during holidays, it is full of kids, so it is perfect for traveling with kids, but not great if you want to swim as a sport. There is also a sauna within the same facilities. If you want to work out before taking a dip in the waters of the pool, the gym is open 24/7 and offers every machine you could want. Andrzej says the gym is just a typical hotel gym, nothing special, but it does the trick. 

Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej is swimming in a pool at Sofitel in Warsaw
Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej is swimming in a pool at Sofitel in Warsaw

Dining wise, the restaurant that tourists will see visitors eating at is certainly an expensive experience. Delicacies such as lobster ravioli, beef tartare, lax, and caviar are just the appetizers, and cost more than the average meal in Poland. A main dish will set you back from 100 PLN upwards, and a tasting menu 180 PLN. You can sit inside the lounge, or during the summer on the outdoor patio. If you want breakfast, the Kitchen Gallery offers a buffet every morning with a wide variety of dishes from all over the world. 

As was mentioned, Sofitel is in a prominent location, steps from the city center, Royal Route, Saxon Gardens, Old Town, University of Warsaw, Presidential Palace, and many other top attractions of Warsaw. It is also easy to get to. From the airport or center, take Bus 175 to Zachęta 01 and walk 2 minutes. From Dworzec Gdanski, take either Bus 116 or 158 to Zachęta 02, and walk 2 minutes (the bus stop is the same from both locations). 

The bathroom of a room inside Sofitel hotel in Warsaw
The bathroom of a room inside Sofitel hotel in Warsaw. Taken by Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej.

Due to its 5-star status and business-focus, Sofitel Warsaw Victoria is certainly pricy. The relatively bare-bones classic room starts at around 540 PLN, but if you join the free membership club, you can pay as little as 485 PLN, non-refundable. Adding breakfast adds around 200 PLN per day. Moving up to higher floors or getting a luxury room will add significantly to the price. You can also bring your pets with you, as Andrzej mentioned meeting lots of dogs during his stay. But its location is not to be beat, and overall, its price is not too bad. You could do much worse.

3. InterContinental Warsaw

+48 22 328 88 88 | https://goo.gl/maps/uKW3pQwgpBRdERCm8  

The city center of Warsaw during sunset.
The InterContinental hotel among the skyline of Warsaw. Taken during sunset from the Palace of Culture and Science by Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej Tokarski.

This hotel’s prime location makes it one of the best stays in all of Poland. In fact, this is often the hotel that famous dignitaries and politicians stay at when visiting Warsaw for business. However, this hotel’s price tag does not make it out of reach compared to similar hotels of its caliber. Starting as low as 524 PLN, you can have a fantastic stay at the InterContinental!

The InterContinental is in the heart of the city, amongst the many skyscrapers of Warsaw’s impressive downtown business area. You will be treated to fantastic views of all of Warsaw’s tallest buildings, as the hotel itself counts itself as one of the tallest buildings in Warsaw. You will be steps away from the Palace of Culture and Science and from fine dining and shopping.

The rooms are of the highest quality. You will get top-notch beds, showers, bathtubs, views, and everything you could imagine. The luxury touches even in the smallest rooms make you feel like you are living like a king. And, you have devoted staff, full of professionals in various areas of expertise, at your beckon and call. If you need dry cleaning, a personal trainer, a secretary, a notary, a doctor, or a nanny, the hotel can provide this for you.

Of course, you could spend all day in your room, but the pool is perhaps the best in all of Warsaw.  Located on the 43rd floor, you are treated to a stunning view of the Palace of Culture and Science as you swim in leisure. Of course, you have hot tubs, saunas, and every ultramodern fitness machine you can imagine. I sure would be motivated to work out if I could have that view every day. What is also special about this pool is that it is very child friendly! The pool is open for children until 7 PM Monday to Thursday, and until 9 PM Friday to Sunday and holidays.

The InterContinental also has several fine dining opportunities. In fact, there are three different restaurants to choose from. Platter by Karol Okrasa offers Polish food with an international twist. The DownTown restaurant is where you will have your hotel breakfast buffet, or a juicy steak, while enjoying a view of Warsaw. Sliska, a lounge, offers coffee, drinks, and pastries.

As mentioned before, its location is as prime as can get, with easy access to almost every major attraction in Warsaw, and any number of restaurants, bars, and stores. It is also to get to. From the Airport, take Bus 175 to the center and if you are arriving by train, walk about 5 minutes north along the main square. From Dworzec Gdanski, take the M1 to Świętokrzyska and switch to the M2 for one stop to Rondo ONZ. Or just walk about 10 minutes to the hotel directly.

The estimated base price when I checked for a Friday night is around 524 PLN for a classic king room or 2 classic twin room. For a higher floor, you will pay 655 PLN. These are member prices, so make sure to join the free IHG membership club, or else add 20 PLN to every price. Breakfast, the ability to cancel, and a view facing the east will add even more to your price, with the latter option being 742 PLN per night. But, depending on your flexibility, you can have a semi-affordable night here, and I recommend it!

4. Hotel Warszawa

+48 22 470 03 00 | https://goo.gl/maps/YZW7q64TXY6qaCf4A 

Hotel Warszawa in Warsaw, Poland
Hotel Warszawa in Warsaw, Poland. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

Hotel Warszawa is another luxury hotel right in the heart of everything going on in Warsaw. You will be steps from the city center, the bustling nightlife and restaurants of Nowy Świat, and not far from the Royal Route and Old Town. Because of this hotel’s relative prestige and the fact that it is not run by a major corporation, it is slightly more expensive. But, for the price of 720 PLN at a minimum, you will get what you are paying for.

Every room in Hotel Warszawa will have the best amenities, and there are many rooms to choose from for every budget, if you are not a budget traveler. There are small king rooms, twin rooms, deluxe king rooms, various suites, and more to choose from. But all rooms will come with large TVs, air-conditioning, desks, and free cosmetics. You are guaranteed to stay in comfort, with top notch furniture and bedding.

As is a requirement for this list, the hotel also has a stellar wellness and spa center. The fitness center comes with treadmills, bikes, cross trainers, and equipment. In the spa, you can get body and face treatments, and more. You will find the pool below ground, in a shallow cove with comfortable chairs to lounge around on. There is also a wet and dry sauna, and a salt cave for medicinal benefits.

Other than that, there are two restaurants housing fine dining if you choose not to eat at the fabulous restaurants all around you. The restaurants are designed to look like the hotel used to before the war. Additionally, there is a large outdoor terrace along the street so that you can admire the skyscrapers of Warsaw.

As said, its location is central, and thus is easy to get to. It is not far from the Świętokrzyska metro stop at the intersection of the M1 and M2 metro lines. Thus, it is easy to get there from the city center. From the airport, take Bus 175 to the center, and take any tram north at centrum to Świętokrzyska and walk 5 minutes. From Dworzec Gdanski, take the M1 to Świętokrzyska and walk about 5 minutes.

As mentioned, a room starts at around 720 PLN. Add 90 PLN to have free cancellation, and 180 PLN for breakfast. This is the rate for a double standard or twin standard rooms. Upgrading to suites will add from 180 PLN to 450 PLN. If you want a view or balcony, expect to double the prices mentioned, or even almost triple them for the best rooms. But, for a hotel with history and class, in a prime location, Hotel Warszawa is a great choice.

5. Radisson Collection Hotel Warsaw

+48 22 321 88 88 | https://goo.gl/maps/KBZDLUpGcZzEAwr5A 

For a low-key, but elegant stay near the center of town, the Radisson Collection Hotel may be a good choice. This hotel is geared toward business and leisure travelers, with luxurious rooms, a beautiful pool, delicious food, and more. With modern touches and beautiful views of the city center, a stay should be a pleasant one. And, because it is slightly removed from the center, this 5-star hotel can be had for as low as 500 PLN.

 Every room comes with a comfortable bed and ottoman, and a desk and TV. There are also touches of marble and wood on the walls, and a nice cabinet built into the wall. Out your window, if you get a good room, you are treated to views of the Palace of Culture and Science, and other Warsaw skyscrapers. The bathrooms have a large sink and mirror, with a separate shower and bathtub for comfort. As the rooms get larger you get artwork, bookshelves, comfortable armchairs and more. Overall, the style of this hotel is an artsy experience.

The same goes for the pool. The reflection off the pool makes it look eternal, with a black starlight roof, and comfortable lounge chairs surrounding it for a comfortable, private experience. There is also a Jacuzzi, hot tub, and sunbeds available. The exercise room comes with modern equipment, treadmills, weight racks, many mirrors to help you get the best form, and more. The fitness and wellness center are open every day from 6 AM to 10 PM.

Within the hotel are also two modernly designed restaurants, with delicious-looking food. One is meant for the leisurely breakfast you can have paid for with your stay, and the other for dinners with delicious Polish and international fare. With chic chairs, wooden tables, and a nice view, it is a good place to relax. The bar is open until midnight as well if you want a nice drink, while the breakfast restaurant is geared towards kids too.

If you want food outside the hotel, the Radisson Collection Hotel is in a great location, as you are steps from Hala Mirowska, home to colorful flower markets, fresh fruits and vegetables, and meat markets, as well as a few food stalls. You are also not far from the city center and its luxury dining experiences. Additionally, you are only a short bus ride from the Royal Route and Old Town.

Getting to the hotel is easy. From the airport, take Bus 175 to Dworzec Centralny. From Dworzec Centralny, whether arriving by train or bus, take Tram 17 or 33 to the Hala Mirowska tram stop, and walk for about 5 minutes. From Dworzec Gdanski, take Tram 15 to Krolewska near the Saxon Gardens, and walk about 7 minutes from there.

As mentioned, a stay can start as low as 500 PLN per night. However, this price, as with other hotels on this list, is achieved by joining the free Radisson Rewards club. Otherwise, the price is 540 PLN. Because the restaurants are super nice, adding breakfast makes the stay quite a bit pricier, at 800 PLN, but if you want to skip breakfast, Hala Mirowska is a good bet. I recommend staying at this hotel to save a little money, or if you like modern architecture, and still want to stay close to the city center.

6. Hotel Bristol

+48 22 551 10 00 | https://goo.gl/maps/HnsmmyYwgqZUhG9KA  

Hotel Bristol in Warsaw
Hotel Bristol in Warsaw. Taken by Poland Insiders photographer Andrzej

In all of Warsaw, there might not be a more opulent hotel than the Hotel Bristol. Appearances can be deceiving though, as the building is a chameleon amongst similar buildings on the Royal Route. Perhaps the only sign of its status is the two fancily dressed doormen that patrol the entrance to the hotel as thousands of tourists daily walk past. Due to its location and history, a stay at this fancy 5-star hotel will start no lower than 700 PLN.

From the outside, you will see the Art Nouveau columns from a distance, and as you walk inside, you will be treated to an Art-Deco inspired interior. Overall, the building appears more French than Polish. All rooms are extremely luxurious, with large soft beds and ottomans. Large windows allow in lots of natural light during the sunny season, with wooden frames surrounding them. The bathroom is marble, with a shower, bidet, robes, slippers, and a large amount of shower amenities.

If you want a possibly outrageous experience, and have the money to afford it (I, the broke university student can only dream about it), staying in the Paderewski Suite is a top-class experience for any hotel in Poland, or Europe. The suite holds a collection of antiques from the 20th century, including a white grand piano. You will also have multiple rooms, a poster bed, a massive bedroom, and pretty much unlimited amenities.

The pool is a highlight, as part of the Bristol Spa. There are private massage rooms surrounding the pool if you want a relaxing break. But the pool is a gem, with romantic lighting, being heated year-round, and open from 8 AM to 9 PM every day. And while you are relaxing in the pool, why not have the hotel’s genealogy expert do some research on any Polish roots you might have!

There are many dining opportunities in the hotel. The pricy and popular Marconi Restaurant, with two dining rooms and an outdoor patio, is certainly a hit. But you can also have a pricy, but delicious drink at Gin Bar Lane’s or the Column Bar. If you want an expensive experience, figure out how to book a reservation at the Belle Epoque Champagne Bar on the rooftop for an amazing view of the Warsaw skyline. Or, have a simple cup of coffee in Café Bristol.

As mentioned, Hotel Bristol is on the Royal Route, and is in fact right next to the Presidential Palace and the University of Warsaw. You are just a short walk away from the Old Town and Nowy Świat. It is also easy to get there. From the airport or center, take Bus 175 directly to the end of its run, and walk about 3 minutes. From Dworzec Gdanski, take Bus 116 or 158 directly to the Hotel Bristol stop.

As mentioned, you can stay for around 700 PLN on a less busy day, but only if you join the Marriot Bonvoy club, as they manage this hotel. Being a member also allows you to package in the delicious breakfast for 900 PLN total. If you want to stay at the infamous suite, one night will set you back 5600 PLN if you are a member, and an exorbitant 7400 PLN if you are not. So, for the most outrageous and luxurious stay at a hotel with a pool in Warsaw, Hotel Bristol should be your choice.

7. Mamaison Hotel Le Regina

+48 22 531 60 00 | https://goo.gl/maps/CkATYfQvijB6L1JE7 

This hotel is more of a boutique. Located in a colorful building resplendent with arches, and found north of the old town, staying here means a convenient location with elegance and style, a true 5-star hotel in name and look. In fact, this might be the perfect romantic hotel if you are looking for a place to honeymoon or have a weekend away.

The minimalist classic room of the hotel simply offers a bed and luxurious bathroom if you do not want to spend a ton. But, for this hotel, adding more is better. Spending a bit more on a superior room adds working space and more space in general. You can also pay extra to have a beautiful view of the terrace and garden in the center of the hotel, amidst the columns and arches that make up the hotel’s structure. You can shoot even higher and get some very luxurious rooms. But every room is great, and you will feel fancy.

The pool is a major plus of La Regina. It is in a Roman-style hotel spa, that fits the vibes of the entire building. Given that the Old Town of Warsaw was once built in an Italian style, you get brought back to the past while swimming in the heated waters of the pool. The pool gives off complete fancy and relaxing vibes. You can also enjoy the sauna, and massage services available within the spa.

For food, you are not far from the Old Town, so you can choose to eat there and enjoy some Polish delicacies. But, if you want to stay in, the hotel’s restaurant, called La Rotisserie, is open from 12 PM-10 PM every day. La Rotisserie offers a variety of Polish dishes to try from, ensuring you get to experience an important part of visiting Poland, eating pierogi! In the morning, the restaurant also serves a very fancy breakfast during a short window before lunchtime.

As mentioned, you will be a short walk from the Old Town, and some nice museums including POLIN and the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum (which is free on Tuesdays if you need to save a bit of money to spend on the hotel breakfast). But its location on a side street not served by public transportation makes it tricky to get to, so use an Uber for the best effect. But, if you do not want to, simply arrive at Muranówska tram station, accessible by tram from both the city center and Dworzec Gdanski, and walk about 7 minutes.

Price wise, this hotel gets expensive quick as a 5-star boutique-style hotel. For a Friday night in August, a room without breakfast will start from 680 PLN. And, most shockingly, breakfast for two will cost an exorbitant 350 PLN in sum, which is more expensive than one night’s stay in the next hotel on this list. So, maybe skip breakfast here if you are staying, and go for a room upgrade, and eat in the Old Town instead. So, this boutique is very pricy, but the elegance might make it perfect if you are looking for a romantic experience with a pool included.

**Budget Hotels with Pools**

8. OSiR Polna Hotel

+48 22 825 06 13 | https://goo.gl/maps/mavQ4UxodMLf4BSUA  

Osir Polna
Outside of Osir Polna. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

This hotel is both the strangest and cheapest on this list. This is not a hotel, but rather rooms available to stay at a recreation facility. Thus, OSir Polna Hotel also features in our best budget hotels in Warsaw article. This recreation facility has a pool, basketball court, conference room, and 49 different rooms. While this may mean during conferences staying may be tricky, if you can snag a spot here, you will certainly save money!

The hotel offers various rooms, including singles, doubles, triples, quads, and dormitory-style rooms with shared bathrooms. Thus, for those on a budget or with a family, you will want to stay here. Every room will include the beds you want, as well as a simple bathroom with a shower, a television, telephone, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, and a kettle. The rooms are overall very simple, and certainly nothing fancy, but they are large enough and with this location and price combo, with the pool, cannot be beat.

The pool is of course a part of the recreational facility that is the main purpose of OSiR Polna. Thus, compared to others on this list, it takes a more recreational tone, and is more kid friendly. It will also host other visitors from the community, so it may be a bit busy. But, with each night’s stay, you are granted 90 free minutes in the pool each day. So, while you might not be able to stay all day, if you or your kids need a break, 90 minutes should hopefully be sufficient!

The hotel also offers a continental breakfast every morning for an extra fee. While there are also some great restaurants nearby, such as Mr. Pancake for breakfast (highly recommend, your kids will love it!), the breakfast is certainly nothing to sniff at, and not super expensive. You will get a collection of meats, vegetables, eggs, bread, and juices to try. The price is based on how many beds are in your room.

OSiR’s location is also superb. You are a short walk from Politechnika Metro station, meaning you are only a short ride from the city center and the Old Town. There are also many great restaurants nearby. Getting there is simple from the airport, just take Bus 188 to the Politechnika stop and walk from there. From either the city center or Dworzec Gdanski, take the M1 to Politechnika.

Prices are set and depend on the room. A single room costs 260 PLN, or 298 PLN with breakfast. A double room costs 315 PLN or 391 PLN with breakfast. Trible and quad rooms increase in price from there. If you want to save even more money, a single room with shared bathroom costs 180 PLN or 218 PLN with breakfast, and a double with shared bathroom costs 235 PLN, or 311 PLN with breakfast. So, for an affordable stay with some pool access, OSiR Polna is certainly the best bet. A final note that you must call the number listed here or email them to make the reservation at noci@osir-polna.pl.

9. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Warsaw

+48 22 278 00 00 | https://goo.gl/maps/pjjG1JzFTj2nM7jK8  

Because budget-oriented hotels are not on this list, I included this 9th hotel as a bonus hotel. It is more cost effective than many of the hotels on the list and has a private pool. However, that privacy extends to the location, as while still in the city limits, you are 14 km (9 miles) from the city center. Thus, having a car might be necessary to make this work, although if you really want to you can take the limited public transportation options available.

Why is this hotel still worth it? It is certainly quiet, and as a conference-oriented hotel it will have good service. The hotel is also surrounded by park and pond scenery (again, code for being in the middle of nowhere while still being in Warsaw). Rooms have large beds, a chair, desk, wall-mounted TV, and an elegant bathroom with robes and slippers.

While there is a pool, it is not super big, but big enough for the kids or you to enjoy. I imagine it would not be too popular during the day as people at the hotel focus on whatever conference proceedings are going on that day. If the kids get tired of the pool, there is also an outdoor playground. If you get tired of the pool, there is an exercise room available, mostly stocked with bikes and ellipticals.

Because there is so little dining in the immediate area, the dining experience at this hotel is important. And there are multiple options. The Garden Restaurant offers local specialties, and international classics for the kids. The Lobby Bar serves beer, wine, spirits, and coffee during the day if you need to take the edge off. The SPA Loungeoffers a cocktail menu for you as you get massaged. Overall, the restaurants are rated well, which is essential given the location.

Because of the location, the easiest way to get to the hotel is by Uber or Taxi if you do not have a car. If you have a car, you will have an easier time getting to the key parts of Warsaw. With a car you can park at Warszawa Międzylesie station and commute using the regional trains to the city center.

If you want to use public transportation to get there without a car, from the airport, take Bus 188 all the way across the river to the first stop on the east side, switch there to Bus 147 after a short 5-minute walk, take that to Skalnicowa, and walk about 8 minutes. From the center take Tram 7 or 22 to Rondo Waszyngtona, and switch to Bus 146. From Dworzec Gdanski take the Tram 6 to Lubelska and switch there to Bus 146.

Price wise, you can book a fair price even on the day you arrive, as low as 425 PLN. But in advance, you can get a king guest room for as low as 323 PLN per night, and a twin room for 288 PLN. You will probably have to book two rooms if you have kids, as you are not allowed to sleep extra people in the double rooms. Or you could rent the King Deluxe for 420 PLN, which allows an extra small bed for kids. So, while the location is not ideal, you can get a nice private pool for a lower price if OSiR Polna’s small capacity is already booked up.


Staying at a hotel with a pool in Warsaw, in most cases, means staying in a luxury 4 or 5-star hotel with top notch amenities. However, with Warsaw’s lower relative cost compared to other European countries, you will be staying in these hotels for a much lower cost than elsewhere. These pools will be luxurious, private, and with hot tubs usually. Be aware that some hotels on this list do limit hours for children’s use, so make sure to call the hotel ahead of time to make sure!

There are also a few budget options listed towards the end that might be best if you have kids or are working with a budget. But the tough reality is that staying at a hotel with a pool is more expensive than anywhere in the world, and you will have to pay a little extra for the luxury. If you are even more flexible, there are hotels not featured on this list even farther out of Warsaw, but still close enough to travel, that are cheaper. But the money you save might not make up for the time you spend, hence why I do not recommend them.

Overall, I hope you find a hotel that works for your budget. Having got to stay in the Hilton Warsaw City independent of their influence on my opinions (it was not a sponsored stay), I can say that I highly recommend staying there for a top-notch experience. But all the 8 other hotels on this list should do the job more than sufficiently. Finally, for more information on hotels in Warsaw, read here.

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