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10 Best Budget Hotels in Wrocław | 2024 Edition

Wrocław is one of the rising stars of Polish cities and is very affordable! This list will tell you the best budget hotels in Wrocław to make your budget stretch even further. While there are also many nice luxury hotels, whether with pools or not, throughout the city, not everyone can afford such luxuries. If you are like me, a student, or have a larger family and need to save your money for plane or train tickets some delicious Polish food or other cuisine, or some of the best sights and museums in Wrocław, the hotels on this list should have you covered. 

My criterion for this list was hotels, and often hostels, that would cost no more than 300 PLN per night. However, during the busy season, even some of these budget hotels can get quite expensive in comparison to regular prices, as Wrocław can get quite expensive around Christmas due to the amazing Wrocław Christmas market. Still with that in mind, there were dozens of options to choose from. I selected it based first on location, as there is no point in staying far away from the center if you can stay near it for the same price. Also, the quality of the hotels based on reviews and pictures, and the surroundings came into play.  

I had the chance to stay in two of the best budget hotels in Wrocław, and one of them even has a pool! Read on to learn about my experiences in these hotels and about some other hotels I did dedicated research on.  

Things to Note About Google Reviews of Hotels in Poland

Before I get started, I must mention a few things about my decision process for hotels on this list. Polish people are much harsher critics of restaurants, hotels, and attractions, than people from other countries, and this is reflected in some of the average Google ratings of these locations. Even if one small thing is wrong, the rating is at once 4 stars and a second might mean a 3-star rating. Additionally, issues with money (especially refunds) will at once mean a 1-star review. So, understanding how Poles rate hotels is important to judging a hotel before you choose.  

Regarding the money issues, this is often related to people who assume that if they cancel the hotel, they are automatically entitled to all their money back. However, do be warned that if a hotel has a refund policy, they will not make exceptions! If you cancel at the last minute, you will not see your money back.

And, if there is no refund policy mentioned, that means that there is no ability to collect a refund. This then leads to 1-star reviews. While I can certainly sympathize with the loss of money, in my experience, hotels in Poland are not trying to hide their refund policy any more than anywhere else. So, just be careful, and temper your expectations a bit! 

1-star reviews can also appear for Polish hotels where someone had one bad experience with a staff member of people in the hotel. The review will read something like, “This person at the hotel bothered me, but everything else was 100% perfect and lovely, 1 star.” Of course, bad experiences with hotel staff can and will happen. However, do not let such reviews dissuade you from choosing a hotel to stay at, these experiences are not guaranteed to happen, and the reviews themselves still say that the hotel itself is lovely.  

But I truly believe the 10 hotels on this list are safe. I read a lot of reviews for a lot of hotels to make sure that these hotels lived up to what they claimed to have. And I was still able to keep the average rating for each hotel at a minimum above 4 stars on Google. By Polish standards, that is an almost perfect hotel experience! 

The Best Budget Hotels in Wrocław

Let’s get to the best budget hotels in Wrocław.

1. Hostel Wratislavia: Great for Price and Privacy

Location | Website 

Description: Hostel Wratislavia is a no-frills budget hostel. However, I found it to be a very pleasant stay, in a great neighborhood of Wrocław, and at a great price. Hostel Wratislavia is located southeast of the Old Town of Wrocław, within walking distance of the many walking trails along the main canals of Wrocław. It is in an older block concrete building, amidst a bunch of residential buildings and small businesses. The street location is quiet, but still well-connected to major streets of the city.  

Outside the Wratislavia Hotel in Wroclaw
Outside the Wratislavia Hotel in Wroclaw. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

I stayed in the nicest room in the hostel, the deluxe two-person apartment. Located on the top floor of the building (in this case the 5th floor), I was treated to a quiet view of the inner courtyard and a stunning view of the sunset over the city. The room is equipped with two decently comfortable single beds placed next to each other, with a nightstand in between. The room comes equipped with all the linens and towels you need. This room also comes with a full-sized kitchen, although nothing was useable then, as well as a TV with a full set of Polish cable channels. The bathroom is also very nice and very large! 

Beyond the room, the staff at the hostel were very kind, doing their work quickly and conveniently. Additionally, the staff even quizzed me to make sure I was prepared to say the proper words in Polish for my breakfast the next day (as the kitchen staff does not speak English). Speaking of the breakfast, it was not super worth the cost. Although it only costs 20 PLN per person, this includes either scrambled egg and sausages, but only one serving of each, as well as much bread, cheese, jam, butter, and drinks you want. I would recommend instead eating at a breakfast place nearby, as for a similar price you can get a bit more.  

Poland Insiders writer Jeremy inside Wratislavia Hotel in Wroclaw.

Overall, my stay was very quiet and peaceful. As far as the price point goes, it is one of the better price points in the city for a private two-person room with apartment features, although it is important to note that there is only one room of this kind in this hostel! Otherwise, there are many nice smaller apartments and typical shared rooms throughout the hostel. It was not the most social hostel, with mostly families staying while I was there, so I would recommend looking elsewhere if you would like to socialize. But I was very happy with my stay and recommend it to you.  

Amenities: If you are staying in a room without a kitchen, there is a kitchen. However, it does cost money to use (around 5 PLN), for keeping the kitchen clean. However, this, combined with whatever food you choose to buy, can still save you money compared to eating out every meal. Additionally, beyond breakfast, there is a tea and coffee machine in the reception room, but this also costs money. Finally, you can rent a towel for 5 PLN per person. Beyond these services, there is a quiet social room in the front for studying or working remotely, or just relaxing. Every other amenity is what is provided in the room.  

Beds and roomkey in the Wratislavia Hotel in Wroclaw
Beds and roomkey in the Wratislavia Hotel in Wroclaw. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

Pricing: I paid around 200 PLN to stay in the deluxe suite, which can sleep two people comfortably. While this hostel might not be great for a large family with kids (although you can book an entire bunk room if you want), the prices are overall great for solo travelers or couples. You can book an entire bunk bedroom for around 180-250 PLN depending on the season, or just an individual bunk bed in a 4-person room for as low as 40 PLN per night. Additionally, there are a variety of apartments that can sleep families at an affordable price, between 150-200 PLN per night. Breakfast costs 20 PLN per person if paid in advance.   

Location: Hostel Wratislavia is in a quiet neighborhood just east of the city center and the Old Town. The closest attractions are the stunning National Museum in Wrocław, as well as the intriguing and child-friendly Hydropolis Museum. There are also a few restaurants and corner shops nearby. But, overall, most of the activity in the city will not be found in this neighborhood, but rather when you leave to explore the city.  

Transport: Hostel Wratislavia is firstly close to the tram stop Komuny Paryskiej, which has tram service both to the central train station, and up north to where you can either transfer to the center of the city or continue onwards to the outstanding Centennial Hall area of the city. Otherwise, there is a bus service just to the west, but you are only about 20 minutes from the Old Town on foot, and it is a pleasant walk.  

2. Hostel Mleczarnia: Great for Amenities and Location

Location | Website 

Description: Hostel Mleczarnia is another budget hostel. Where Hostel Wratislavia was a bit more modern, Hostel Mleczarnia feels like a step into the past. Hostel Mleczarnia offers a variety of dormitories, all equipped with wooden bunk beds, some coming with large wooden dressers and a table and chair in the center. Thus, this hostel is not the quietest experience, especially when busy, due to the wooden floors. The rooms can be quite small, with little privacy. The bathrooms are nothing to write home about but do the job and do have privacy. 

Outside Hostel Mleczarnia in Wroclaw
Outside Hostel Mleczarnia in Wroclaw. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

If you do not want to stay in a dorm, the hostel also offers private rooms, which are typically small but have the privacy you might be looking for. Some of the rooms also offer some wooden furniture, and some even have a small couch. Some of them also come with a private bathroom, for even more privacy. Finally, for the nicest experience, you can also book a large apartment, which comes with a large double bed, a fully usable kitchen, and a nice private bathroom, with a bathtub included (although use it at your own risk).  

Overall, the hostel seems like a nice place to stay, especially given the short distance from the hostel to the main part of the city. It may be a bit old, and may not be quiet, especially during the summer, but at the price point, you cannot do much better than at this hostel.  

Amenities: Beyond the rooms, this hostel offers only a few other services. There is free Wi-Fi, as well as free coffee and tea. There is also a kitchenette that you can use if you are staying in a dorm. Here also you can enjoy the hostel’s breakfast every day from 8 AM to 1 PM. Otherwise, what the hostel has is what you will find in your room. Unlike some hostels, you can also stay with children or pets if you book a private room.  

Pricing: You can book a bed in a 12-person, 8-person, 8-person female-only, and 6-person dorm. The standard rate is between 65-70 PLN per bed. An ensuite room is a bit pricier than other places, at between 250-400 PLN per night, although if you have a large family, you can make your wallet stretch much farther than at other places at a 400 PLN per night price point. In general, the rate quoted on their website is the same price no matter the season, which is great for a stay in the summer, but might make this hostel a bit expensive in the winter.  

Beyond this, breakfast is for an extra fee that is not listed anywhere on any website I could find. Also, if you book a private room, you can have a pet with you, for which I assume you would also have to pay a fee.  

Location: Hostel Mleczarnia is found in the lively Four Temples District, home to churches of 4 different faiths, but also to a variety of bustling and trendy restaurants and bars and is a great nightlife spot. You are also only a short distance from the ever-popular Galeria Neon Side, one of the most popular photo spots in the city. The Old Town itself is only about 15 minutes away. Overall, the location of this hostel could not be much better.  

Transport: Tram 11 stops steps away from Hostel Mleczarnia at Narodowe Forum Muzyki, with direct service to the Old Town, the main shopping centers of Wrocław, as well as Ostrow Tumski. You can also walk a bit further north to either the Rynek or Zamkowa tram stops for transfer to the central train station and the eastern parts of the city. Here you will also find a bus service anywhere in the city. But, your most powerful transit mode will be by foot, as you are a short distance from the Old Town and everything it entails.  

3. Vanilla Hostel Wrocław: Great for Larger Groups and Families

Location | Website 

Description: Vanilla Hostel is another cheap hostel choice if you are looking to save some money. The rooms will be very small, with basic amenities. Pictures of the rooms reveal very narrow rooms, with four single beds shoved as close together as possible. However, the average room is a little bit bigger, with bunk beds to maximize space, a small table with chairs for socializing or doing work, and may also include a TV.  All rooms include an attached bathroom, which is a nice convenient touch for dormitory living. There are also small apartments available if you are traveling with family. 

Overall, the rooms at the hostel, well small, could be a great chance to make some new friends. Additionally, the staff is professional and rated well, and the hostel amenities are pretty good for a hostel of this size. They also offer discounts if you are someone who comes regularly to Wrocław and wants to book the same place every time. In general, you can do much worse than Vanilla Hostel.  

Vanilla Hostel in Wroclaw
Vanilla Hostel in Wroclaw. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

One VERY IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE about this hostel is that you cannot book a single bed. So, this hostel is not for solo travelers, unless you want to book the entire apartment for yourself. But, given the prices for the larger rooms, if you are traveling with a large family, this hostel is extremely affordable! 

Amenities: The extra amenity of the hostel is certainly the TV access in every room. There is also free Wi-Fi access. Another special free amenity of the hostel is free parking, with 22 first-come first-serve parking spots behind the building. You can also rent towels for a small fee, and there is free luggage storage as well. Additionally, the hostel is currently (as of January 2024) building a separate cafe spot that offers coffee and sandwiches for a fee, which will add to the convenience of the location.  

Pricing: Vanilla Hostel offers a set price list based on the number of people and the size of the room you are staying in. Larger rooms (with rooms of up to 10 people available) will cost between 50-55 PLN per person per night, so in sum around 300-500 PLN per night. However, if you are traveling with a large group of friends or have a large family, this price is certainly a deal! Otherwise, the apartment costs around 240 PLN per night, and the smaller rooms for 2-5 people cost between 180 and 300 PLN per night. Check the website for full details. Towel rental costs 2 PLN per towel per stay, and as mentioned, everything else is free. 

Do note that during the summer, PRICES CHANGE SIGNIFICANTLY. From May to August, the per person charge for large rooms changes to around 65 PLN per person, so from 390-650 PLN per night per room, the apartment rises in price to 350 PLN per night, and the other small rooms range between 260 and 375 PLN per night. But, for larger groups, the per-person price is still a budget steal.  

Location: Vanilla Hostel is found right along a major arterial road in Wrocław. Thus, it can be loud at times, but it also means you are only a short distance from many of the best things to do in Wrocław. The closest attraction is the National Museum. For dining and shopping, the best choice is Galeria Dominikansa, a large shopping mall with everything you could want. Otherwise, the location is mostly residential, but the Old Town is only a short walk away! 

Transport: The closest tram service is at pl. Wroblewskiego, where you can get trams to the city center, to near Centennial Hall, and the central train station. Otherwise, just walk about 10-15 minutes, and you will be in the city center.  

4. Grampa’s Hostel: Great for Solo Travelers

Location | Website 

Description: This is the first hostel on the list that gears itself more to the younger hostile crowd. So, if you are a solo traveler, this is a stellar choice! You will be greeted by a young, English-speaking staff who should be very knowledgeable about the city. The hostel is also family-run by a former backpacking lover, so the hostel has been built to cater to backpackers. For this reason, every amenity at the hostel is included in the price, which makes it better than every hostel or hotel in the entirety of Poland. And they are even open to outside visitors to improve the atmosphere and to have a good time. 

The rooms are simple, basic, hostel rooms. The private rooms come with large comfortable beds with fluffy comforters and plenty of pillows. The dorm rooms come with bunk beds, tables, and chairs, although the rooms with 12 bunks can get a little bit crowded and noisy. But the 1 and 2-person private rooms are great options as well. But in general, if you are looking for a social atmosphere and a price you cannot beat, Grampa’s Hostel is a great choice.  

Amenities: Beyond the rooms, the hostel offers paid laundry services (the only paid extra beyond towels), lockers (but bring your own locks, or reserve one for a 15 PLN refundable deposit), air conditioning, and free tea and coffee. There is also a fully equipped kitchen for everyone to share, as well as a computer station. Finally, a great amenity the hostel offers for free is limited free parking on the streets surrounding the hostel.   

Pricing: I had a hard time finding the prices on their website. However, they also list on Booking, so I would recommend using that website to book your stay instead. The prices for a single bed per night will cost between 60-66 PLN, depending on which size dorm you stay in, although staying in the 8-person dorm for 6 PLN more is worth it. Private rooms cost between 145 to 300 PLN per night, depending on the size of the room and the number of beds.   

Children and pets are also allowed in private rooms. A pet fee will cost between 30-80 PLN per night, which is negotiated ahead of time, based on the size and nature of the pet.  

Location: Grampa’s Hostel is found in the much less popular northern part of Wrocław, along St. Matthias Square. Here you should find a quieter, more local experience, as there are no big tourist attractions in this neighborhood. However, you are only a short walk from the Oder River, as well as Ostrow Tumski. There are also plenty of restaurants, cafes, and corner stores in the bottom parts of the many apartment blocks found in this area.  

Transport: Tram 7 will take you to the western part of the Old Town, where you can transfer to other trams to other parts of the city. You can catch Tram 7 at either the Paulinska stop, or the Dubois stop. Or you can get to the Old Town with a longer 20–25-minute walk.  

5. Bemma Apart: Best Location on this List

Location | Website 

Description: Bemma Apart is the only apartment-style hotel on this list. As mentioned later in this article, I am usually hesitant to recommend apartment-style hotels in Poland, as the experience becomes more like living permanently in Poland and renting an apartment, which means that the service and the cleanliness of the location can be quite bad, and the photos are quite misleading. However, from what I can tell you about this place, everything seems accurately portrayed, and Bemma Apart does have staff on-site for part of the day.  

The rooms are modern, and well-lit, with comfortable beds, carpeted floors, and usually a small table and chair. Some units additionally have a mini kitchenette, with a kettle, microwave, and a full set of kitchen utensils. Some also have a TV with channel access. Overall, the rooms are bare bones by hotel standards, but the amenities are modern and nice, and the price is usually decent. And the location is easily the best one on this list. If you want to stay in an apartment-style hotel in Wrocław, I can fully vouch for this one.  

Amenities: Beyond the rooms, the hotel does not provide any amenities. Do note that some rooms come with ensuite bathrooms, but not all do.  

Pricing: One disadvantage of staying in a place like this is that the price can change at any time, as they follow the Airbnb supply and demand model to maximize the price depending on demand for the owner. The hostel’s website itself does not provide prices, but instead, you can send them an email asking for a quote. If you are worried about price discrimination, I would recommend using Booking to make the reservation

Based on Booking, the pricing for a double room, either with a private or shared bathroom, costs between 138-162 PLN, with this value also depending on the number of people staying in the room. Triple and quadruple rooms cost between 144-228 PLN, again depending on the number of people staying in the room. Finally, single rooms cost between 95-114 PLN. Prices may change depending on the season, so keep an eye out, and if you see the prices in the range I specified above, I recommend booking right away! 

Location: Bemma Apart is found in the northern part of the Old Town, a short distance from the Oder River, as well as the sights of the University of Wrocław. By staying here, you will have easy access to all the many attractions, bars, and restaurants of the Old Town.  

Transport: While the Ossolineum tram stop is only steps away, this is only useful if you want to head north of the river. Instead, use the useful Hala Targowa tram station, about 5 minutes away by foot, with the ability to get to the east of the city, or to the center to transfer to trams for the central train station and other attractions of Wrocław. Of course, with this prime location, your feet will get you everywhere the most conveniently.  

6. Five Stars Bed & Breakfast: Classic and Comfortable Polish Hotel

Location | Website 

Description: Found in a tenement house in the heart of Wrocław, this hotel falls under the more typical hotel experience in Poland. It offers 1 to 4-person rooms, as well as a few apartments. All rooms come with a bathroom, there is no hostel environment here. The rooms also all come with a Smart TV, so you can watch your own Netflix and YouTube, as well as quality Wi-Fi speeds. Each room comes with a comfortable bed, nice-looking furniture, and some sort of dresser to store your clothes, as well as plenty of blankets and pillows.  

Outside Five Stars Bed & Breakfast
Outside Five Stars Bed & Breakfast in Wroclaw. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

For a larger group of family friends, the apartment is a great choice, which comes with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a separate living area with a small kitchenette, and a great view. For those without a kitchen, the hotel also offers breakfast, which is a full continental style in an elegant setting. Beyond that, the hotel is simple but at a good price and location. If it is available, I recommend booking it.  

Amenities: The hotel does offer breakfast. This includes coffee, bread, cold cuts, cheeses, fruit, pancakes and waffles on request, and eggs cooked in various forms. There is also paid parking available at a guarded lot open 24/7. It is just down the street from the hotel. Finally, there is also an option to get a Thai massage on-site, with a 10% discount! Just ask ahead if you are interested in this service.  

Pricing: A single room costs around 150-175 PLN per night. Double rooms will cost between 180-200 PLN per night. Triple rooms, including the studio, will cost between 250-275 PLN per night. A quadruple room will cost around 290 PLN. Finally, adding breakfast will cost 35 PLN per person per night to any stay, a good price for what you get.  

Location: This B&B is in the previously mentioned Four Temples District, and thus is also close to many great restaurants and bars, as well as the Galeria Neon Side. It is also only a short walk from the Old Town and the Oder River. All in all, the location is one of the better ones in all of Wrocław.  

Transport: The Rynek tram stop is only about 3 minutes away on foot, and from here, you can get almost anywhere in the city. Otherwise, take advantage of the prime location to walk to the Market Square, which is only about 10 minutes away from this point 

7. B&B Hotel Wrocław Centrum: A Typical Budget Hotel Chain Experience

Location | Website 

Description: B&B is the first hotel chain on this list, offering budget hotels throughout Poland. This one is in a great location in the city center, offering 140 different-sized rooms to choose from. All rooms come with comfortable beds, a TV, a small desk, a closet, and a bathroom with typical hotel functions. In general, the rooms should meet the needs of any family, in the same way a Motel 6 does in the US. In this regard, there are rooms available for solo travelers, couples, and families, with a suitable number of beds in each room for every need. 

B&B Hotel Wrocław Centrum
Outside B&B Hotel Wrocław Centrum. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

Beyond that, the hotel is professionally staffed with English-speaking workers and offers breakfast and parking services. You will not find much else in this no-frills budget hotel, but at the price offered, you will get a comfortable room, peace, and a great location. So, if you prefer the comforts of a more typical hotel, but want to save money, I recommend staying here.  

Amenities: There is an affordable all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet offered at B&B. It includes bread, hot and cold drinks, and a variety of typical breakfast dishes to go with the bread, such as cereals, jams, cheeses, and meats. There is also parking available for a fee, below and above ground.  

Pricing: Depending on the season, a room will cost between 125-250 PLN per room. Yes, the prices can get that low! But they will only be that low during off-season sales, or if you book at the last minute. The family room costs somewhere between 250-400 PLN for the entire room, which is also a pretty good deal for a family of four, as it comes with 3 beds. Breakfast costs 40 PLN per person, and sometimes more. If you want to pass on the breakfast, you save quite a bit on the hotel.  

Location: B&B Hotel Wrocław Centrum is found just south of the major road through the center of the city, and steps away from the previously mentioned Galeria Dominikanska. There are also many high-rated restaurants on the street, as well as some corner stores. For bars, head into the Old Town. Other nearby attractions include the Panorama Racławicka and the National Museum.  

Transport: As far as transport goes, B&B Hotel Wrocław Centrum is in a very convenient location. East-west tram lines leave from the Galeria Dominikanska tram stops, with some trams also heading south from this stop to the central train station, via the Wzgorze Partyzantow stop. Beyond that, you are also only about 10 minutes from the Market Square.  

8. WenderEDU Business Center: A Business Hotel with Nice Rooms for All

Location | Website 

Description: WenderEDU is a business center located in the heart of Wrocław, just north of the river. While it is mostly a business center, with conference rooms and training rooms meant for big businesses to come to have corporate events, it is also open for any traveler who wants to visit! And, from my experience, business hotels supply great prices, especially for families! The hotel part of the center offers single, double, triple, and family rooms, and a two-room apartment. Do note that because this is a business center, rooms may fill up on weekends during conferences, so booking in advance is recommended! 

The rooms are small but come with a comfortable bed, a small TV, a set of coffee and tea with a kettle, full shower amenities, and a small working desk. You can book rooms with a single twin bed, or a double bed to share, or the family room comes with two twin beds meant for kids, and one shared bed for the parents. If you want the apartment, you get a two-room setup, with a bedroom with TV, desk, and wardrobe, as well as a living room with an elegant dining table, and even a grandfather clock! 

All in all, this hotel provides simple amenities geared toward business travelers, which also makes it a great hotel for budget travelers! Give it a try if you can get a spot! 

Amenities: Beyond the rooms, there is 24/7 service at the reception counter. Additionally, there is paid parking available, but you will need to inquire with the hotel for exact details. Other than that, there is the potential to buy food, but it is mostly geared towards large business groups.  

Pricing: Prices for a single room start from 200 PLN per night. Double rooms start from 235 PLN per night. Triple rooms start from 270 PLN per night. The family room starts from 305 PLN, a great deal for a family. Finally, you can rent the 2-room apartment starting as low as 315 PLN per night.  

Location: WenderEDU is located along the northern bank of the Oder River, right across the river from the National Museum via the simple Most Pokoju, with views of the more stunning Most Grunwaldski. You will also only be a few minutes away from the historic Ostrow Tumski district, which has both museums and a lot of restaurants to try.  

Transport: The Katedra tram stop is not too far from the hotel, with direct transport to the city center. You can also get the Centennial Hall via Tram 2 or 10. For transport to the main train station, a transfer from the city center will be necessary. You can also walk to the Market Square about 25 minutes from here.  

9. Traffic Hotel Wrocław: A Modern Typical Hotel Experience

Location | Website 

Description: If you are looking for another typical hotel experience in a great location, the Traffic Hotel would be a great choice. This small hotel offers single, double, and triple rooms, making it a great choice for all sorts of travelers! You can also get an extra cot for the larger rooms if you have more children coming with you. The most basic rooms all include a comfortable single or double bed, with a large TV, a working desk with an armchair, and an ensuite bathroom. These rooms also come with free Wi-Fi.  

Traffic Hotel Wrocław
Outside Traffic Hotel Wrocław. Taken by Poland Insiders writer Jeremy.

If you are looking for a more luxurious experience, you can book the same size room, but in the deluxe version. Staying in the deluxe room will add a safe, an extra set of furniture for rest, a minibar, and, most importantly, air conditioning. It is worth spending the extra money in the warm summer months to have AC. Overall though, this hotel has something for everyone, without breaking the bank.  

Amenities: There is a breakfast-style buffet available every day from 7-10 in the morning. It includes eggs, sausages, cold cuts, cheeses, lots of fruits and vegetables, coffee, tea, juice, cereal, bread and butter, and yogurts. There is also parking available at a hotel rate for guests at a nearby parking lot. Visit the hotel website for more details. Finally, there is a small bar and shop in the hotel, as well as computers for guest use in the lobby.  

Pricing: A 2-person room will cost between 250-300 PLN per room without breakfast. A single room will cost between 200-250 PLN per room. Finally, a 3-person room costs around 300-350 PLN. Breakfast costs an added 50 PLN per person, but based on the pictures, it looks like it is more than worth it. Parking at their reserved parking facility costs 45 PLN per 24 hours. So, this hotel is a bit more expensive than others on this list, but still within an acceptable budget range.  

Location: Traffic Hotel is found at the very beginning of the Świdnica Pedestrian Promenade, from where it takes you only about 5 minutes to get there from the Market Square on foot. There are also many great restaurants in the area, including Woosabi Świdnica right below you (which has great Asian fusion food). You are also close to great bars in the center, and shopping at Galeria Dominikanska.  

Transport: From the tram stop at Opera, you can head north through the heart of the Old Town and onwards to the Oder River, either via Tram 6 or 7. Tram 17 from here allows you to head towards the National Museum, where you can transfer to Centennial Hall. Finally, Tram 18 leaves from the nearby Świdnica (Dom Europy) tram stop, with direct access to the central train station. Otherwise, you are about 5 minutes from the center of Wrocław on foot.  

10. Hotel GEM: Budget Option with a Pool

Location | Website 

Description: I spent one night at Hotel GEM on my trip to Wrocław this past December. Hotel GEM is a low-key business hotel, with an attached conference center and recreation sector. My stay was very satisfactory. It was nothing extra special, but as far as a budget choice goes, it was comfortable, with many optional services to choose from. Ignoring all the optional services, you can stay at an affordable rate for a hotel of this caliber.  

Firstly, you are greeted by a very pleasant staff, that is fluent in English. The check-in process is quick and easy, and you should be off to your room in no time. You can also very easily get an invoice for your trip if you are on a business trip, as they ask you as you pay. The basic twin room included two comfortable twin beds that were nothing special but were cozily set amongst a small set of wooden furniture and leather armchairs. There is also a TV with mostly Polish channels, but also a few English-language channels and some music channels. The bathrooms were also clean and enjoyable to use. 

One cool aspect of this budget hotel is that you have access to a pool! While it is not included in the price, there is a special discount rate for hotel guests. The price depends on the season you visit, but in the off-season, it was somewhere in the range of 15-25 PLN per person for an hour. This pool is not necessarily a play pool, it is more geared towards lap swimming and relaxing, but if you are by yourself, this can be a great amenity to access. Do note you need to have both goggles and a swimming cap to swim in the pool, or else you will need to buy them at the pool. 

A final great amenity at this hotel is the breakfast. While the breakfast is not cheap, at 55 PLN for kids and adults over 10, as far as the price goes, it is a pretty good deal. You have unlimited food, with a mix of hot classic dishes like scrambled eggs and sausages, as much coffee and tea as you want, cold fruit, cheese, meat plates, and much more. If you have a few cups of coffee and two plates of food, you will more than make the cost of it worth it. I highly recommend booking breakfast if you are staying here. 

Overall, my experience at Hotel GEM was relaxing and peaceful, with great service and amenities available. If you are looking for great amenities, but do not want to spend a lot of money to obtain such niceties of life, consider staying here, as the price is one of the best for a hotel of its caliber in all of Wrocław. 

Amenities: Beyond the pool and the buffet, you can use the features of the onsite recreational center for a small fee, which includes a football pitch and an indoor tennis court, as well as a full-sized fitness room. With the room, you also have free Wi-Fi, although depending on where you stay it is not that fast. But, if you want some guaranteed fast Wi-Fi, there are free computers in the front lobby to use, with internet access. Additionally, each room comes with a fully stocked Mini-Bar, and the prices were reasonable. Finally, there is also access to both a laundry and dry-cleaning service, both at reasonable rates listed on sheets in the room.  

Pricing: For the night I stayed in the hotel, with breakfast included, I paid 376 PLN. However, the price can certainly be cheaper, as I stayed around Christmas. You can also save 55 PLN by removing the breakfast and can save a further 25 PLN by booking without free cancellation. I think during the off-season you might be able to pay as low as 200 PLN per night. However, if you are looking for a hotel with a pool, this is by far the most reasonable budget choice in Wrocław. 

Added fees include parking, which costs 30 PLN per day. If you have a pet, this will cost you 70 PLN per night.   

Location: Hotel GEM is in a quiet residential neighborhood called Zacisze, which is about 15 minutes north of the center of the city, and amidst the many canals and passages of the Oder River. Because of this, there are not any restaurants, bars, or shopping opportunities in the area. There are abundant walking and cycling trails in the area for exercise beyond what the hotel’s exercise facilities provide. Otherwise, you will need to head to the city center or other parts of Wrocław to take advantage of the city.  

Transport: This is the only hotel on this list where renting a car might make things easier for you to get around, as there is a paid parking lot available on-site. However, you can also use the constant bus service from the Zacisze bus stop, about 10 minutes on foot from the hotel. From here, you can either take a bus to Plac Grunwaldzki, where you can transfer to another bus, or a tram, to anywhere in the city. Or you can take Bus D directly to the city center.  

Where to Book Best Budget Hotels in Wrocław

There are many services I like using for finding hotels. I typically use Google, as there are usually more honest reviews on Google than anywhere else for Polish hotels (although, as mentioned, you need to understand how to read these reviews!). A great source for the hostels on this list is Hostelworld, which has all the best-accredited hostels for anywhere in Europe, and I have used to find some great and highly social stays. Booking also works, or any other similar website. 

One warning for when you book is to watch out for places that have the word “Apartments” or “Apart” or something similar. These are often simply Airbnb’s rather than hotels, so they have more ability to automatically cancel you whenever they want. From my experience, they are also more likely to post misleading photos (like many Airbnb owners tend to do), and overcharge for a small room. Yes, on this list, you will find one such example, but I made sure to vouch for its authenticity before including it.  

One last VERY important point is that, especially in June, it can be hard to find a bed in a budget hostel if you book in May or sometimes in April. In fact, as I was researching for this article at the end of January, many hostels in June were already COMPLETELY BOOKED out. I presume this is because many high schools in Poland take overnight field trips to cities around Poland, and Wrocław is an especially popular destination. Schools typically book the cheapest choice and will take up an entire hostel by themselves. So, make sure to book early! 

Conclusions about Best Budget Hotels in Wrocław 

In conclusion, I hope you find the best budget hotel for you on this list! There are lots of great options, from super low-cost, no-frills hostels where you share a room with strangers, to business hotels that even have pool access. There are plenty of options for families on this list as well. All should cost no more than 400 PLN per night at maximum, and most should cost less (this is no more than around 100 euros per night). Saving some money on your stay in Wrocław should open the opportunity to try some of the amazing attractions and restaurants in Wrocław without having to worry about going over your budget! Safe travels as you explore Wrocław! 

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